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Samsung YP-T8Samsung YP-T8 Battery - 800mAh
Capacity: 800 mAh Voltage: 3.7V Battery type: Li-ion Compatible part numbers: YP-T8 Compatible models: Samsung YP-T8

Brand: Samsung
Part Number: CS-SMT8SL-72106839
EAN: 4894128001171

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Gebriel 9:24pm on Friday, October 29th, 2010 
I fit way more than i anticipated with 512mb, mine came with a rubber casing which is excellent for running with. If you are looking for the BEST MP3 PLAYER right now, this is it.
cboese 3:28pm on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 
NO... mp3 player on the market deserves a 5 beacuse there is no perfect one. A good value for the price. It can entertain you for hours. This thing is awesome! I was suprised of all the functions and how easy navagation is.
czsmith 5:34pm on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 
I love this MP3 Player! It offers superb sound and it looks so cool! Great sound, great looks None that I can think of lots of features none
eleven_o_nine 9:48pm on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 
So many features This mp3 player/FM radio is an older version and small in the memory department but none the less a great player with so many feature...
XShocK 11:50am on Monday, May 31st, 2010 
Make your commute more bearable! My husband commutes on the train each day for 1/2 hour each way. He loves this MP3 player.
helmsman 10:19pm on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
Samsung YP-T8Z is a Great Digital Media Player. This is a Handy great Player Compare with iPod, YP-T8Z gives twice fun Size, speed, sound, backlit tricky Navi menus
demf 12:30am on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 
This gear is really great and adorable. The flashy screen is sure to turn heads... You can burn cd to you YP-T8Z directly from your walkman....
bkankuzi 5:49pm on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 
Samsung YP-T8X is a wonderful MP4 player you can take anywhere you go. With 512mb, 1gb and 2gb memory available.

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Daehyoun Kim Phone: 82-31-200-0431 Mobile: 82-11-303-2023 E-mail: Samsung Electronics Marketing Communication Group SungIn Cho Phone: 82-2-727-7848 Mobile: 82-10-2713-2051 E-mail:
Slip into the hip color and soothing sounds of Samsungs Slim Multimedia Sensation, the YP-T8
Making music more mobile, clear and fun while adding the sensation of true-to-life sight to the Multimedia revolution of the YP-T8
Samsung Invests Itself in Sound
Making the move from MP3 to Multimedia sensation
Samsungs multi-functional personal entertainment devices will transform your mobile lifestyle with the sights and sounds to stimulate your senses.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, and digital convergence technology. Samsung Electronics employs approximately 70,000 people in 47 countries spanning the globe. The company is the world's largest producer of memory chips, TFT-LCDs, CDMA mobile phones, monitors and VCRs. And as the world's largest flash-memory maker, Samsung is poised to launch a new line-up of MP3 players in a bid to secure the top global market position in the segment by 2007. Emphasizing style in technology, Samsung is launching a series of high-tech digital audio players that suit your personal style and enhance your lifestyle. Compact, technologically advanced and fashionable, these new MP3 players boast superior mobility, hip designs, enhanced memory and outstanding performance. Samsung, the global digital technology leader, is dedicated to expanding the possibilities of music mobility with technology that anticipates your every desire and puts it in the palm of your hand. The YP-T8 does just that with all-in-one entertainment to share your digital content and bring digital convergence to your life. Samsung Electronics introduces the total digital experience of its most recent innovation, the YP-T8 multifunction player. For a flash of entertainment in an otherwise hectic world, the T8s built-in flash memory lets you play games, watch videos, view pictures, peruse text and, of course, play lots and lots of music. Taking trend setting to the power of 8 the slim, stylish handset-like design will let you manage your digital media playback in tasteful comfort. From flash audio to images, voice to video, a vast collection of colors to speedy USB connections, the YP-T8 will make a moving impression on your entertainment.
Samsung will launch the YP-T8 in the second quarter of 2005.

Press Release -1

The Shape of Your Lifestyle
Perfect the form and figure of your digital experience with the incredible innovations of the YP-T8
With a flair for the esthetic and a slim fit, the YP-T8 transports you in open-eared, wide-eyed wonder to the advancing edge of the digital revolution.
Samsungs YP-T8 is your digital solution, providing you with a variety of entertainment options and quality features that will reshape your mobile lifestyle without slowing you down. Incredibly light and much slimmer than youd expect, the T8 takes the mobile in mobile entertainment seriously. Even while including the incredible depth of its 262,144 color TFT display, Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe) technology, USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer, a real-time equalizer, MPEG4, picture and text viewing, G-sensor motion gaming and up to 2GB of built-in flash memory, its form factor matches its fun factor. The slim 44.5 x 83 x 15.5mm dimensions and incredibly light 55g offer shirt pocket comfort and heretofore only dreamed of entertainment portability. Coming in four fashionable colors: Night Black, Snow white, Evening Blue, and Carmin Red (red is available in Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong only), theres always a T8 to suit your taste and coordinate with your fashion sense. The slim, tapered look and soft rounded edges make the ergonomics as pleasing as the avant-garde mobile phone-like design. The T8 is viewer friendly and easy-to-use with ergonomic keys comfortably placed around the large viewing area of the 1.8 screen. Going beyond the norms of design and technological innovation, the T8 flash multimedia player demonstrates Samsung's absolute commitment to bringing our customers the complete digital experience.

The YP-T8 brings you the immensity of entertainment without immensitys mass.

Press Release -2

Visualize the Entertainment
Experience multimedia excitement on-the-go with the YP-T8s everywhere entertainment
Make the time flash by with Motion games and video for an in-hand theater experience.
An MP3 player, by definition plays and stores music files, but the YP-T8 reaches for new levels of entertainment with both stunning video and game functionality. Displayed on a 1.8 262,144 color TFT LCD that'll make your eyes pop, it plays MPEG4 in quality QCIF form at 15 frames per second while transferring large media video files in a flash with the USB 2.0 host connection racing at about 75 Mbs. And with up to 2GB of embedded flash memory and up to 7hrs of video watching battery life youll be free to watch music videos, movie shorts, recorded TV and even full-length movies in comfort on the subway, the airplane or anywhere you want to get away. But the fun doesnt end there A flash multimedia player with game functionality, the stylish YP-T8 has the technology to make every moment more enjoyable. Extraordinary motion detecting games using advanced technology, called G-Sensor, to detect the speed and direction of your hand movement and direct the action of the game. Engaging and even compelling, G-Sensor adopts this principle with games that let you test your dart throwing accuracy or hurdle to the gold. So incredible, it actually senses your skill. Along with traditional games, the compact and stylish YP-T8 takes you into the action for a moment or hours at a time.
Samsung puts digital technology in your palm to take TV, movies and games on-the-go.

Press Release -3

The Sound Takes Center Stage
And puts you in the front row, in the studio or even on stage for an ear-full
Samsungs YP-T8 multimedia MP3 player lets you sample the sound.
Simply providing an MP3 solution is never enough for our customersor for Samsung, so we took the YP-T8s music mobility to a new level of sophistication with a Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe), a real-time equalizer, an FM tuner with direct recording capabilities and much more. The T8 provides a musical solution for your movement with the shockproof flash memory to play your tracks no matter how you jump and jive. Line-in encoding and a USB 2.0 interface make downloading MP3, WMA, OGG or WAV music files or compiling your songs a snap. At 75 Mbs, it takes only 0.4 second to download an average (4M) music file. Users can even tap into the sounds of the built-in radio to record from the airwaves or use the voice recorder to keep thoughts close. DNSe provides rich, more natural effects, and a true-to-life surround sound experience using only two speakers. The YP-T8s equalizer has 21 bands, and displays real-time dynamic visuals, which respond to the frequency of the selected equalizer setting while playing music to assure the best sound quality. Combined with the DNSe sound engine to optimize sound quality, the T8 guarantees more accurate and natural sound in any environment to present musics purity on the move. Samsung takes the concept of 'music-mobility to heart with innovations that deliver uninterrupted, digital quality sound that lasts with up to 20 hours of listening on one charge and lets you listen to music as you play games, view videos or scan pictures so youll never be without the tunes. The T8 provides a broad register and ample volume with the music thats as diverse and active as the users who love it.

Samsung delivers the sound that moves you and moves with you.

Press Release -4

The Pleasure of Pictures
And words art are set to astound and delight your eyes
Save and share the memories with text and photo viewing on the go.
Keep the photos of your trip near as you travel to reminisce or share at a moments notice. The small form factor of the YP-T8 keeps you mobile and continues to astound with all that it can do. The T8s trendy technology goes beyond movies and music in hand, but it also lets users download and display JPEG files on its bright 262,144 color TFT LCD for a convenient slideshow. And if that isnt enough entertainment, you can play your music while you watch. The T8 carries your mobile memories with you wherever you go in a digital album and with USB 2.0 connection speeds and up to 2GB of storage loading lots of images is still a breeze. Never be at a loss for words with the T8 multimedia sensation in hand. The YP-T8 supports text viewing to keep your thoughts clear in a speech, or just to peruse or study. Attractive, capable and compact, its also the perfect companion for language study. With a multi-language menu and MP3s on hand, the text can teach you a thing or two as you ease on down the road.
Recreate your mobile image as you display the images of your experiences with Samsungs stylish innovation, the YP-T8.

Press Release -5

YP-T8 Features
- 1.8 TFT LCD (262,000 Color) - MPEG4 Video File Playback - Motion Detecting & Button Gaming - DNSe Portable 3D Surround Sound - USB 2.0 High Speed Data Transfer - Ogg / MP3 / ASF / WMA / Secure WMA File Playback - Photo & Text Viewer - FM Radio / Voice Recording / Line in Encoding - Over 20 Hours Playback Time (Li-ion Battery)

Press Release -6


Imagine the

Actual size

changing color


Built-in Memory capacity Voltage Playing time Dimensions/Weight Case Noise Ratio Earphones Jack Output Power Output Frequency Range Operating Temperature Range FM Frequency FM Signal to Noise Ratio FM T.H.D FM Useable Sensitiivity File Support 256MB(YP-F1 V), 512MB(YP-F1 X), 1GB(YP-F1 Z) 3.7V (Li-polymer) lasts up to 10hours(On the basis of measurement by the company) 1.14" X 2.5" X 0.59" / 1.13 oz Plastic/Steel 92dB with 20KHz LPF 14mW (16 ) 20Hz~20KHz -5 ~ +35C(23~95F) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz 58dB 1% 10dB MPEG1/2/2.5 Layer3(8Kbps ~ 320Kbps, 8KHz ~ 48KHz) WMA, ASF (48Kbps ~ 192Kbps, 8KHz ~ 48KHz), Ogg
Samsungs Fashion Creation

of musics


Interchangeable shells

Whats in a color the foundation of style. The F1 comes equipped with color options. Choose from three color shells that add a light panache or a chic touch to your digital fashion sense.
FM radio A built-in radio lets you listen to the tunes and record your favorite shows easily with auto search and station memory functions. Voice recording A high quality voice recorder makes the F1 a thoughtful friend with handy recall of your notes or feelings. SRS WOW 3D sound Creating a third dimension with only two speakers, SRS WOW adds spaciousness to the sound. Multi-codec MP3, WMA, Audio ASF and Ogg (Ogg Vorbis) are all on the menu with the F1s multi-codec support. USB 2.0 support Transfer in a flash at 24Mbs with the USB 2.0 interface to download of music file in seconds. 10 hours of playback Recharge your built-in Li-polymer battery from a PC to deliver up to 10 hours of music playback.
stylish necklace earphones
The hanging necklace lets you bob and jive while the earphones remain steadfast.

SRS wow

clip-on or hang-out style watch screen saver
Options abound with the style choice of the F1. A handy clip to adorn your collar, belt or pocket is included along with a necklace alternative to hang loose.

2.0 USB

What, a watch too? Sure, with the F1 you can opt for a watch setting or one of two other screen savers for when the LCD light is off to keep you on time as youre entertained.


Samsungs Slim Multimedia Sensation
Built-in Memory capacity Built-in Rechargeable Battery Capacity Voltage Dimensions/Weight Case Maximum File Transfer Data Rate Noise Ratio Earphones Jack Output Power Output Frequency Range Operating Temperature Range FM Frequency FM Signal to Noise Ratio FM T.H.D FM Useable Sensitiivity File Support 256MB(YP-T8 V), 512MB(YP-T8 X), YP-T8 Z(1GB), 2GB(YP-T8Q) 850mAh 3.7V (Li-polymer) 44.5 X 83 X 15.5mm / 55g Plastic 120Mbps 90dB with 20kHz LPF (based on 1kHz 0dB) 20mW (16 ) 20Hz~20kHz -5~ +35C(23~95F) 87.5~108.0MHz 45dB 1% 10dB Audio : MP3(MPEG1/2/2.5 Layer3), WMA, Ogg(Q0~Q10) Video : JPEG, BMP, MPEG4(GCIF 10~15 Frame)

Mobile Music and

make it
DNSe surround sound in-hand theater
Ogg and more The T8 supports MP3, WMA, Audio ASF and Ogg playback for a variety of download options. FM radio Tap into the sounds of the built-in radio to listen or record direct from the airwaves.
The sound takes center stage to present musics purity on the move. The T8s DNSe sound engine optimizes sound quality providing richer, more natural effects for a true-to-life surround sound experience.
Voice recording Use the T8s voice recorder to keep thoughts close at hand. Real-time equalizer The T8s equalizer has 21 bands and displays real-time dynamic visuals to assure the best sound quality. Line-in encoding The T8 lets you manage your digital media recording with encoding direct from CDs cassettes and radio into MP3 files. USB 2.0 support The USB 2.0 interface makes downloading music files a snap. At 120 Mbs, it takes only 0.4 seconds to download an average (4M) music file. USB Host Connect your digital devices to transfer sound and image data without a PC. JPEG and text viewer View JPEG images or text files and playback pictures in slideshow format.

Make it fun with the all-in-one multimedia entertainment of the YP-T8. Download your favorite MPEG4 video clips to playback on the eye-popping 1.color TFT LCD and enjoy the show.

G-sensor motion games

It moves with your moves. All-in-one entertainment means that the T8 is tricked out with the most advanced game functionality to take you into the action with extraordinary motion detecting games using G-Sensor technology.

high-speed data transfer

Load and share your digital content in a flash. The T8 let you transfer large media video files or music in a flash with the USB 2.0 host connection racing at about 120 Mbs.
20 hours of playback The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery delivers sound that lasts for up to 20 hours of listening or 6 hours of video playback on one charge.



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