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Sharp YO-520 Operation Manual

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Chris Snow 8:03am on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
loved the stalwart keyboard, ample memory, compact clamshell size, excellent battery life screen cannot take exposure to prolonged humidity ..........
sarahovies 12:34am on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
Sharp YO-520P Organizer I had one of the organizers before and mine went dead, so I was looking for another one. Interesting but... I have another Sharp organizer and it is the EL-6990. That one is a little more easier to use.

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ELECTRONIC ORGANIZER OPERATION MANUAL Instrucciones abreviadas en espaol


Using the Organizer for the First Time.. 1 When Abnormal Conditions Cause a Malfunction.. 1 Auto Power Off Function... 1 Backlight.... 1 Adjusting the LCD Contrast... 2 Turning the beep On and Off.. 2 Selecting the Guidance Language.. 2 Part Names.... 3 Display Symbols.... 4 Entering Characters... 4 Note on the Description of the MENU Key Operations.. 5 Notes for the Built-in Calendar and the Time... 5 Clock Mode... 6 Telephone Mode.... 8 Calendar Mode... 9
Schedule Mode... 9 To Do Mode.... 12 Memo Mode... 12 Expense Mode... 13 Anniversary Mode... 14 Checking the Memory Storage... 15 Freeing Up Memory.... 15 Recalling the Listings... 15 Editing the Listings... 17 Deleting the Listings... 17 Calculator Mode.... 18 Conversion Mode... 19 Secret Function... 21 Battery Replacement... 23 Specifications... 24
Using the included Software CD-ROM. 26
Instrucciones abreviadas en espaol.. S-1

YO-520 Hyoshi,E.E65

5/31/2000, 11:43 AM

YO-520 (E0365E)

SHARP strongly recommends that separate permanent written records be kept of all important data. Data may be lost or altered in virtually any electronic memory product under certain circumstances. Therefore, SHARP assumes no responsibility for data lost or otherwise rendered unusable whether as a result of improper use, repairs, defects, battery replacement, use after the specified battery life has expired, or any other cause. SHARP assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for financial losses or claims from third persons resulting from the use of this product and any of its functions, such as stolen credit card numbers, the loss of or alteration of stored data, etc. This Organizer is not designed to transfer/receive e-mails by using the E-mail addresses you will store. The information provided in this manual is subject to change without notice. All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


Do not carry the Organizer in the back pocket of slacks or trousers. Do not drop the Organizer or apply excessive force to it. Do not subject the Organizer to extreme temperatures. Since this product is not waterproof, do not use it or store it where fluids can splash onto it. Raindrops, water spray, juice, coffee, steam, perspiration, etc. will also cause malfunction. Clean only with a soft, dry cloth. Use only a SHARP approved service facility.

Included in this Package

SHARP Electronic Organizer YO-520 Alkaline batteries LR03 x 2 Operation manual (This book) Software CD-ROM PC Link cable Please contact your dealer if any of the above items are not included in the package or if they are broken.
Using the Organizer for the First Time
Be sure to perform the following operations before using the Organizer for the first time. (1) Installing the batteries 1. Set the battery replacement switch on the bottom of the Organizer to REPLACE BATTERIES. 2. Slide off the operating batteries cover. 3. Insert the two batteries on the top of the ribbon tab, as shown in the diagram. 4. Replace the operating batteries cover. 5. Set the battery replacement switch to NORMAL OPERATION.

2. Press

to initialize the memory of the Organizer.
3. Select the desired language. Press NEXT to move to the next language screen, then press PREV to move to the previous language screen. For example, press 2 to select English.
Then the Home Clock is displayed. Proceed to set the date and time of the clock. (Refer to page 6.)
When Abnormal Conditions Cause a Malfunction
If the Organizer is subjected to strong, extraneous electrical noises or shocks during use, an abnormal condition may occur in which no keys (including ON and OFF ) will respond. If this happens, press the RESET switch. Noises or shocks may erase some or all of the Organizers memory.

Auto Power Off Function

(2) Initializing the Organizer 1. Press the RESET switch while holding down ON. Release the RESET switch and then release ON. CLEAR ALL DATA OK(Y/N)? is displayed. Press the RESET switch with a ball-point pen or similar object. Do not use an object with a breakable or sharp tip. Under certain conditions the message may appear as Data has been impaired! Press [Y] to CLEAR ALL memory. Proceed to the next step in either case. When none of the keys has been pressed for approximately 7 minutes, the Organizer automatically turns the power off to save the batteries. (The actual time may vary depending upon the condition of use.) Press ON to resume operation.


The Organizer is provided a built-in Backlight, which allows you to view the display and use the Organizer even in low-light conditions. Pressing BackLight once illuminates the display for as long as you continue to use the Organizer, until you have not typed any key for 15 seconds. To turn the Backlight off, press


YO-520 p01~09,E.E5/31/2000, 11:56 AM
The Backlight may remain on for less than 15 seconds or it may not function if the battery level is very low. # The backlight turns off automatically if you carry out the following operations with the Organizer. Storing any listings in the Organizer Deleting any listings from the Organizer Marking any completed TO DO listings as done with Freeing up memory Exchanging data with a personal computer # Do not use the Backlight unnecessarily. Since the Backlight drains power from the operating batteries, excessive use of the Backlight will significantly reduce the life of your batteries. Do not continue using the Organizer after it has automatically turned itself off while the backlight was being used. Even if it can be turned on again, the clock time will be incorrect and other functions may not work properly until the batteries are replaced.
Turning the beep On and Off
While is displayed, a beep will sound when a key is pressed. To turn the beep on and off, press 2nd ( 2nd ). The beep will not sound when is turned off.
Selecting the Guidance Language

The Organizer can give messages and guidance during operation in seven different languages.
<Example> Change the guidance language from English to Italian.

1. Press

to select 3 LANGUAGES.

2. Press NEXT

to to select 1 ITALIANO.
All messages and guidance will now appear in Italian. In this manual explanations are based on a guidance language set to English.
Adjusting the LCD Contrast
to select 2 CONTRAST. to darken or lighten

2. Press or the display.

The amount of contrast changes continuously while either or is held down. 3. Press CCE after adjusting the contrast.

Part Names

q Display w MENU key e Power ON/OFF key
r PC-LINK key (PC SYNC) t RESET switch y Clear/Clear entry key u MODE keys i Cursor movement keys o SEARCH keys !0 Option port (COMPUTER LINK)
In this manual the keys are represented by symbols, for example:

& 7

: Indicates the & key. : Indicates the numeric 7 key. : Mode key with only one function. : These keys are used to select capital (uppercase) or small (lowercase) letters or to access the symbols above the number key and : and ;. While holding down , press the desired key to be entered.


Numbers, letters and space for operation are shown in italic and bold.

Display Symbols

: A beep will sound when a key is pressed. : The schedule alarm will sound.

Entering Characters

1.Moving the Cursor
The cursor ( _ , or , , , or. ) can be moved by pressing (or holding down)
: Capital (uppercase) letters will be entered. To enter small (lowercase) letters, turn CAPS off by pressing CAPS. : The listing on the display can be edited. : Indicates that

2.Entering Characters

.).) (1) Entering letters and numbers The cursor ( _ , or ) indicates the position to enter a character or number. After initializing the Organizer, the default setting for entering letters will be capital (uppercase) letters. To enter small (lowercase) letters, turn CAPS off by pressing CAPS. (2) Entering graphic symbols and special characters Press SMBL to display the symbol entry mode, allowing a total of 140 symbols and characters to be selected. To select the symbol display containing the desired symbol/special character, press NEXT (or ) or PREV (or ), then press the corresponding number. The first display is determined by your previous choice. The 10 most recently used symbols/special characters are stored and displayed on this display. Press SMBL to exit the symbol entry mode. You can also enter the following symbols/special characters by pressing and an appropriate key (q) or directly from the numeric keys (w) located next to the LCD display: q &, , (, $, /, ^ , !, @, #, ) w , , , +, =, , % You cannot enter symbol.

NYC MON JAN 1,2001

4. Press

Zone No.

to set the Home city.

Zone No. 24

Zone numbers 0, 14, and 15 have no city name on the display.

World clock


( + 5:00 )



Time Day of the week/ Month/Day/Year World city


Time Day of the week/ Month/Day/Year
(+ 5:00) indicates the time difference from the Home city.

1.Setting the Home Clock

(1) Setting and changing the Home city Set your local city as the Home city by selecting its zone number. Zone numbers are based on the distance of the zones from the international date line (zone number zero). For example, there is a 13-hour difference between the date line and London (London is 13 hours behind), so the zone number for London is 13. Honolulu is 23 hours behind the date line, so its zone number is 23. The names and zone numbers of 27 cities are stored in the Organizer's memory. (See the following table.) 1. Press 2. Press
(2) Setting the Clock <Example> Set the date and time to April 12, 2001, 10:05 PM (or 22:05). 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display the Home clock. 2. Press


[ 18.0 ] 1,2001
The cursor will flash. 3. Press to select the 12-hour or 24-hour clock.
once or twice to display the Home clock.
The zone number is displayed on the right side. 3. Press NEXT or PREV to display the desired city which corresponds to your local zone from the cities stored in the Organizer.
The display switches between the two clocks each time is pressed. AM or PM is displayed for the 12-hour clock (default). (Note: 12:00PM: noon, 12:00AM: midnight) 4. Enter the hour and minutes.
(For the 24-hour clock, press 2205)
(Enter 2 digits each for both hour and minutes.)
5. Enter the month, day, and year.
4.Setting Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time
If DST (daylight saving time/summer time) is used, the local time is advanced one hour during the summer. Both the Home clock and World clock can be set for DST as follows: (1) Home clock 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display the Home clock. 2. Press 2nd EDIT. 3. Enter the correct daylight saving time/summer time. 4. Press 2nd


Use to skip entering a number that needs no change. 6. Press ENTER. The clock starts from 0 second.

2.Using the World Clock

Changing the city for the World clock 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display the World clock. 2. Press

to set the time as DST.

3. Press NEXT or desired zone. 4. Press
to display the city which corresponds to the
appears on the display and DST is now set.
(2) World clock 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display the World clock. 2. Press
2nd EDIT. 3. Press 2nd ENTER.
3.Registering a City Name not Found in the List
If you want to set the city for the World clock to Rome, for example (Rome belongs to zone number 12, but is not included in the city list): 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display the World clock. 2. Press 3. Press
A appears on the display and DST is now set. Setting DST in the World clock automatically sets the time one hour ahead. When DST is set for one World city, it is used for all cities displayed in the World clock. DST can be set independently in either the Home or the World clock. (3) Clearing DST To clear DST, follow steps 1 to 4 for Home clock, or follow steps 1 through 3 for World clock. The disappears.
. (or PREV ) to set the zone number to 12.
(Initially the city is PAR (PARIS).) 4. Enter the city name (up to 8 characters).
5. Press ENTER to store the new name. To register a city name for the Home clock, first display the Home clock to move the cursor to the city then press 2nd EDIT and press name line. Only one changed city name can be stored in each of the Home and World clocks. Each changed name is stored until you next change the zone number.
YO-520 p01~09,E.E5/31/2000, 11:57 AM
5. Selecting the Date Format
The date format can be switched between MONTH/DAY/YEAR and DAY.MONTH.YEAR. 1. Press
2.Storing the Telephone Listings
1. Press TEL to display the TEL1 entry prompt.


to select 5 DATE FORMAT.
2. Press 1 or 2 to select MONTH/ DAY/YEAR or DAY.MONTH.YEAR. A mark moves to your selection and you return to the mode in which you were before pressing MENU.
2. Enter the name. For example,

Johns, Pat

Johns, Pat
3. Press ENTER. The number entry prompt is displayed.

: displays the following or previous month.
Recalling the Listings. 15
Hold down either of these keys for rapid recall. : moves the cursor or scrolls the calendar up or down one week. 1. Press CALENDAR to display the Calendar mode. indicates the 5th or 6th week of the month is hidden below. To display the 5th or 6th week, press until the cursor scrolls into the next screen. 2. Press NEXT (or previous) month.

Year Month

2001 APR

Day of the week

Schedule Mode
A schedule listing consists of 3 entries: date, time, and detail. In the date entry, 4 digits can be entered for the year and 2 digits each for the month, day, hour, and minute.


1.Storing the Schedule Listings
There are 3 ways to enter the desired date: (1) Enter the desired date in Calendar mode (2) Enter the desired date with NEXT (or PREV ) (3) Enter the desired date directly After the date has been entered, the entry of time and detail is the same for all 3 ways.
) to display the calendar for the next (or
When you reset the Organizer, the calendar defaults to Jan. 1, 2001.
(1) Enter the desired date in Calendar mode <Example> Enter the following data. Lunch with Tom from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM on June 24, 2001. 1. Press 2nd CALENDAR in Calendar mode to display the calendar for the current date (For example, April 12, 2001). 2. Press 24, 2001.
5. Enter the schedule detail.
Lunch with Tom 6. Press ENTER to store the listing.
7. Now, press CALENDAR to check if the listing is stored in the memory.
SUN JUN 24,2001 11:30AM~ 1:00PM Lunch with Tom

2001 JUN

to move the cursor to June

SUN JUN 24,2001 TIME?

3. Press SCHEDULE to change to the Schedule mode. Time entry prompt for June 24, 2001 is displayed. 4. Enter the starting and ending time.
Notice the tag ( that date:
) on the right of 24. It indicates a scheduled item for Schedule items beginning in the morning or schedule items without a specified time Anniversary items Schedule items beginning in the afternoon
(For the 24-hour clock, press 1130 DESCRIPTION? is displayed. :00 will be entered automatically.
.) (2) Enter the desired date with NEXT (or PREV ) This is a convenient way of entering a nearby date. Press NEXT (or PREV ) and change the display day by day until the desired date appears.
You can enter schedule details without the ending time. Press ENTER (or ) after entering the starting time to display the DESCRIPTION? prompt. You can also enter schedule details without a specified time, except details starting with a number. Skip entering time and start to enter letters for the details as described in step 5. The hour and minute should each consist of 2 digits. The time can be set using either the 12-hour or 24-hour format. When you move the cursor to the next entry field, the time is displayed in the format selected in the Clock mode. If an attempt is made to store an invalid time, you cannot move the cursor to the next entry field. Enter the correct time and follow the next procedure.

The month and the day must be entered using 2 digits and the year using 4 digits. For single digit months or days, enter 0 before the single digit. The date can be changed by pressing either 2. Enter the expense date and press ENTER. or.
3. Press 1 to select 1 DAILY. The current date will be displayed. 4. Enter the desired date.

04052001 1200

3. Enter the expense amount and press ENTER.

04052001 5. Press ENTER.

Press ENTER to return to the date entry prompt, when you wish to check another daily report. (2) Summarizing a report for a certain period <Example> Starting date: April 1, 2001 Ending date: April 30, 2001


Numerical values can be input in up to 10 digits including 2 decimal places. 4. Enter the memo.


Flight tickets for inspection abroad
5,2001 1,200.00 Flight tickets for i nspection abroad


Press CCE once or twice to return to the date entry prompt. The description field can be skipped by pressing ENTER.
1. Press EXPENSE to enter the Expense mode. 2. Press 3. Press


to enter the Expense report mode.

to select 2 PERIOD.

4. Enter the starting and ending time.

04012001 04302001

5. Press ENTER. Press ENTER to return to the date entry prompt. If the integer section in the calculation result exceeds 12 digits, , , displayed.
PERIOD FROM :APR 1,2001 TO :APR 30,2001
3. Enter the date and press ENTER (or ).


If an attempt is made to store an invalid date, you cannot move to the description entry prompt. Enter the correct date and follow the next procedure. 4. Enter the description of the anniversary.
FEB 12 ANN Nancy's Birthday

Nancys Birthday

5. Press
to store it in the memory.

Anniversary Mode

In Anniversary mode, you can specify the month and date (such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays), or month, week, and day of the week (such as Mothers Day (second Sunday in May)). Once a date is stored as an anniversary, the date will be an anniversary for every year from 1901 to 2099. Anniversaries are marked with a tag ( page 10) in the monthly calendar. ) in the center right of the date (See

<Example 2> Register Mother's Day (second Sunday in May).
1. Press ANN to enter the Anniversary mode. 2. Press 2 to select 2 MONTH/WEEK to display the date entry mode. 3. Enter the month, week, and day of the week.
M/W/D=05/2/0 ANN M=MONTH W=WEEK D=DAY 0:S 1:M 2:T 3:W 4:T 5:F 6:S MAY WEEK 2 SUN ANN Mother's Day
4. Press ENTER , and then enter the description of the anniversary.
1.Storing the Anniversary Listings
<Example 1> Enter the following data. Nancys Birthday on February 12th.
1. Press ANN to enter the Anniversary mode. 2. Press 1 to select 1 MONTH/DAY to enter the date entry prompt.


Mother's Day
Checking the Memory Storage


Recalling the Listings
0% TEL 1 TEL 2 TEL 3 : : : 100% 6

to select 1 CHECK

1.Notes for Recalling the Listings
Perform searching the listings in each mode other than Clock, Calculator, and Conversion modes. The direct, keyword, and index searches are not case sensitive. When the symbol or is displayed, more information exists. Pressing or scrolls up or down one line. When there are no more (or relevant) listings to be recalled or to be searched, NOT FOUND! is displayed briefly and the display returns to the entry prompt.
The number of listings stored in TEL1, TEL2 and TEL3 files is displayed.
2. Press NEXT again to display the number of listings stored in SCHEDULE, ANN1, and ANN2 files. 3. Press NEXT again to display the number of listings stored in MEMO, EXPENSE, and TO DO files. 4. Press CCE to return to the mode in which you were before pressing MENU. When the amount of memory used approaches 100%, delete unnecessary data to make enough space to store new listings. Since the same memory is used for all the modes other than the Calculator and Conversion modes, the number of listings that can be stored in each of these modes will vary depending on the situation of each mode.

2.Sequential Search

Recalls the listings in order in each mode. To begin searching in Anniversary mode, press ANN to enter the Anniversary mode and then press 1 (or 2 ) to select the searching type. Press NEXT (or PREV ) to recall the listings in forward (or reverse) order. Hold down either of these keys for rapid recall. Schedule listings When nothing has been entered for that day, only the time entry prompt is displayed. Press 2nd SCHEDULE in Schedule mode to recall the scheduled listings for the current day. Then press NEXT repeatedly to check if any other listings are scheduled for the current day. Press 2nd NEXT (or 2nd PREV ) in Schedule mode repeatedly to recall the listings skipping empty dates. Press CCE CCE , then press 2nd NEXT (or 2nd PREV ) to display the first (or last) listing in chronological order. After the last (or first) listing in chronological order has been found, NOT FOUND! is displayed briefly.

Operation = 4 8

Display 4.

Conversion Mode

Each time you press CALC/CONV , the display switches between Calculator and Conversion modes. This mode has 2 types of conversions; currency conversions and unit conversions. The number on the top right of the conversion display indicates the selected conversion type.


4,096. 0.125 -M-M-M-M125. 28. 85. 182.

CM M+ M 68 + 17 M+

Conversion display number


E 17.9012344192 17.9012344192
No. inch feet yard mile acre acre Conversion pattern Unit A $ $ Unit B DM $ cm m m km m2 ha No. 9 Conversion pattern Unit A gal fl.oz I.fl.oz oz lb F cal hp PS Unit B l l ml ml g kg C J W W

(17.= 17901234419200) *

(minus) can only be used when entering a negative number as the first number. Use +/ for following negative numbers during calculation.
<Example> 5 (10) = 50
1.Changing the Conversion Display
CALC/CONV once or twice to select the Conversion mode. 2. Press NEXT and PREV until the desired conversion type is displayed.

2.Setting the Rate

<Example> Set the following rate: $1 = 0.6
1. Press CALC/CONV once or twice to select the Conversion mode. 2. Press
3. Press to convert it. The conversion result is displayed. Once you have set each rate, you can perform a consecutive conversion such as from to $, and then from $ to DM.
(or PREV ) to select the conversion display number 1.
3. Press 2nd EDIT. The result display disappears and the rate display flashes. 4. Enter the rate (up to 10 digits).


The previous conversion result remains on the display, when you switch from one conversion type to another. Press CCE to clean the result and start another conversion.
3.Changing the Currency or Unit
If there is no conversion pattern you want to use, you can change the currency or unit in the conversion patterns No. 1 to No. 3. 1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 of the above section, Setting the Rate. 2. Press , and to move the cursor to the currency to be changed and enter the new currency or unit. Up to 7 letters can be entered each for unit A and unit B. 3. Press to move the cursor to the rate field and enter the rate.
<Example 2> Convert 25C to F.
1. Press NEXT (or PREV ) to select the unit. (In this example, select the conversion display number 16, which does not display the rate.) 2. Enter the value to be converted.

3. Press to convert it.

The conversion result may have a slight calculation error as a result of rounding off the number. Use the conversion result for reference.

2.Replacing the operating batteries
The Organizer detects two low battery levels which are warning and fatal. When the batteries is in warning level, the BATT symbol appears at the display. In fatal level, the organizer will turn off automatically without indication. If the BATT symbol still appears or nothing is shown, replace both of the operating batteries immediately. 1. Press OFF to turn off the Organizer. 2. Set the battery replacement switch on the bottom of the Organizer to REPLACE BATTERIES. 6. Replace the cover. 7. Set the battery replacement switch to NORMAL OPERATION. 8. Press the RESET switch with a ball-point pen or similar object. If nothing appears on the display, repeat the above battery replacement procedure step by step. 9. Set the clock to the correct time.
# The following are the settings and contents that may change after replacing the batteries. The alarm sound on and off The key touch tone on and off The DST The LCD contrast The CAPS on and off The memory of the calculator The first display contents when you press SMBL


Model: Display: Applications: YO-40 dot matrix liquid crystal display Calendar, Schedule, To Do, Anniversary, Telephone, Memo, Expense, Expense Report, Clock, Calculation, Conversion 1MB Flash memory User area approx. 896 KB

Memory capacity:

Application capacity: 10,000 entries (Schedule 2,500, TEL 2,500, Memo 2,500, To Do 1,500, Expense 1,000) in total These capacities assume the following average entry sizes. Schedule: 22 characters/entry Tel: 8 characters/entry in the name field 10 characters/entry in number field Memo: 12 characters/entry in title field 18 characters/entry in description field To Do: 30 characters/entry in description field Expense: 6 characters/entry in amount field 11 characters/entry in memo field * Maximum storage in each application: 5,000 entries Maximum data size per entry: Approx. 2,000 bytes Calculator digits: 12
Clock mode: Accuracy: Display: Clock system:
Weight: 30 seconds/month (at 25C/77F) Year, month, day, day of the week, hour, minute, AM/ PM, city name, time zone 12-hour/24-hour format (switchable) World clock function, daylight saving time/summer time display function, schedule alarm function Dimensions: Open: Closed: Accessories:
Approx. 175 g (0.39 lb.) (including batteries) 139 mm (W) 145.5 mm (D) 11.8 mm (H) 5-15/32" (W) 5-23/32" (D) 15/32" (H) 139 mm (W) 80 mm (D) 21 mm (H) 5-15/32" (W) 3-5/32" (D) 13/16" (H) Alkaline batteries LR03 x 2, Operation manual, Software CD-ROM, PC Link cable
Peripherals and Data transfer interface: Cable jack: 3-pin connector Power consumption: 0.5W Operating temperature: 0C 40C (32F 104F) Power supply: Battery: 3V. (DC) (Alkaline batteries LR03 2)
Battery life: Battery life may vary depending on usage. Approx. 1200 hours When data is continuously displayed without Backlight (at 25C/77F). Approx. 300 hours When data is continuously displayed with Backlight, for 2 minutes per hourly use (at 25C/77F). Approx. 270 hours When data is searched for 5 minutes, and displayed for 55 minutes per hourly use and Backlight is on for 2 minutes per hourly use (at 25C/77F).

Using the included Software CD-ROM
The CD-ROM supplied in this package includes the following software. With these applications, you can link your Organizer to your PC and increase the functionality of your Organizer.
Microsoft Mouse or compatible Pointing Device An Internet Service Provider is required for Internet and Web access on your PC.

2.Installing PC Software

To install PC software, make sure Windows is running on your PC and you have the CD-ROM from your SHARP Organizer package. 1. Insert the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive to automatically start the installation program. 2. Click the [Install] button. 3. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen.

PC Software

This software enables you to synchronize data on your PC with that in your Organizer.
Downloader for SHARP Electronic Organizer
This software lets you download a variety of contents for use with your Organizer. These helpful software are easy to install. Place the CD-ROM in the CDROM drive on your PC, and the SHARP Electronic Organizer Menu window will appear. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. If the SHARP Electronic Organizer Menu does not appear, double click the My Computer icon on your PC, click your CDROM drive then proceed to install the software. Before installing the software, read the software requirements.
3.To setup your Organizer for use with PC Software
1. First turn off your PC and Organizer before connecting the supplied cable. 2. Connect the standard 9-pin connector of the supplied cable to one of the COM ports on your PC. You will need to purchase an adaptor in order to use a COM port with a 25-pin connector. 3. Connect the supplied cable to the option port (COMPUTER LINK) of your Organizer.

Your PC

1.PC Software Requirements
Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98 or Windows MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU (Windows 2000 Professional), 75 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU (Windows 98 or 95) 64MB RAM (Windows 2000 Professional), 24MB RAM (Windows 98 or 95) 16MB free hard disk space VGA monitor or better CD-ROM drive double speed or higher One available serial port with D-sub 9-pin connector
Connected to the option port (COMPUTER LINK) of an Organizer
PC Interface Cable (supplied)
4. Turn on your PC and Organizer. 5. Press PC SYNC on your Organizer. Your Organizer is now ready to exchange data. Press ON at any time to exit the PC-Link mode.


If you have read the ORGANIZER operation manual, but you still require product support, you can: Call a Sharp Customer Assistance Center 630-378-3590 (7am to 7pm CST MF) Visit our Web Site Send an E-mail Write to our Customer Assistance Center Sharp Electronics Corp. Customer Assistance Center Att: WIZARD HELP 1300 Naperville Drive Romeoville, IL 60446

YO-520 p01~08,Sp.E65

5/31/2000, 11:54 AM


SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION warrants to the first consumer purchaser that this Sharp brand product (the Product), when shipped in its original container, will be free from defective workmanship and materials, and agrees that it will, at its option, either repair the defect or replace the defective Product or part thereof with a new or remanufactured equivalent at no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor for the period(s) set forth below. This warranty does not apply to any appearance items of the Product nor to the additional excluded item(s) set forth below nor to any Product the exterior of which has been damaged or defaced, which has been subjected to improper voltage or other misuse, abnormal service or handling, or which has been altered or modified in design or construction. In order to enforce the rights under this limited warranty, the purchaser should follow the steps set forth below and provide proof of purchase to the servicer. The limited warranty described herein is in addition to whatever implied warranties may be granted to purchasers by law. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR USE ARE LIMITED TO THE PERIOD(S) FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE SET FORTH BELOW. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Neither the sales personnel of the seller nor any other person is authorized to make any warranties other than those described herein, or to extend the duration of any warranties beyond the time period described herein on behalf of Sharp. The warranties described herein shall be the sole and exclusive warranties granted by Sharp and shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to the purchaser. Correction of defects, in the manner and for the period of time described herein, shall constitute complete fulfillment of all liabilities and responsibilities of Sharp to the purchaser with respect to the Product, and shall constitute full satisfaction of all claims, whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise. In no event shall Sharp be liable, or in any way responsible, for any damages or defects in the Product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized servicer. Nor shall Sharp be liable or in any way responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. Your Product : Warranty Period for this Product : Additional Items Excluded from Warranty Coverage : Electronic Organizer One (1) year parts and labor from date of purchase. Any consumable items such as paper, maintenance cartridge, ink cartridges supplied with the Product or to any equipment or any hardware, software, firmware, fluorescent lamp, power cords, covers, rubber parts, or peripherals other than the Product. At a Sharp Authorized Servicer located in the United States. To find out the location of the nearest Sharp Authorized Servicer, call Sharp toll free at 1-800-BESHARP.

Where to Obtain Service :
What to do to Obtain Service : Ship (prepaid) or carry in your Product to a Sharp Authorized Servicer. Be sure to have proof of purchase available. If you ship or mail the Product, be sure it is packaged carefully.
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430-2135



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