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Peavey Valveking 100 Tube Amplifier Head and Cab


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marc013 5:32pm on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
I am really not fond of Bluetooth headset simply because I travel a lot on mobike and I am sure any body who has the experience in a windy conditions ... I purchased one of these over 2 years ago now and have been happy ever since!

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Full Equipment List Control Room
THON Power Conditioner KRK V8 Monitors Argosy 90-NC24 RRC Behringer DCX-2496 Digidesign 192 io Digidesign 96i io Digidesign Sync HD Motu 2408 MK3 Core DAV BG8 Peavey AddVerb II T.C. M350 Digidesign C24 TL Audio 5051 Behringer PX-3000 ART Pro VLA II RME Hammerfall 96/52 Behringer HA-4700 Apple Mac Pro 2 x 2.8GHz Quad Core Lenovo Desktop PC Pro Tools HD 2 Accel Apple iMac 27" Arcam Alpha 9 Amp Mitsubishi WD500U-ST Projector Aten VGA Switch 150" Electronic Projector Screen Logitech Wireless Desktop Cubase 4 Logic Pro 8 M-Audio Oxygen 61 Midi Controller BBE Sonic Maximiser SPL Vitalizer Stereo TL Audio 5013 Stereo Valve EQ Yamaha NS10 Monitors Alesis Masterlink Lexicon Alpha Interface Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor
We have loads of Pro Tools Plugins here at Rock Hard Studios and are running the latest version of Pro Tools HD 8
Full Equipment List Live Room
Boss OD-3 Boss BD-2 Boss DF-2 Boss DS-1 Boss LMB-3 Boss GT-3 Boss TR-2 Korg Tuner ART Z-Direct DI Behringer BDI 21 Hartke VXL Tone-Shaper Pre Amp Behringer HA400 Behringer BEQ700 Behringer BLE100 Marshall Footswitch Shure SM57 Shure SM58 Shure Beta 91 Shure Beta 52a Shure Beta 98D/S Shure Beta 58A Beyerdynamic Opus 87 AKG D112 AKG D300 AKG C1000s Neumann TLM103 AKG SE300B AKG CK91 AKG CK93 AKG CK98 Bayerdynamic MC834 Shure Uniron 330 Vintage Ribbon Mics Sennheiser MKH40 MTR DI Boxes 32" TV/Monitor TAMA 14" Snare DW 14" Snare Zildjian Z Custom 16" Crash Zildjian Z Custom 17" Crash Zildjian Z Custom 18" Crash Paiste 18" Colorsound China Zildjian Avedis 14" Hats Zildjian A Custom 13" Mastersound Hats Zildjian Platinium 21" Ride DW, TAMA, Sonor, Yamaha, Gibraltar Hardware Yamaha 8000 Series Shells Drum World Maple Shells Roland TD3 Electronic Kit Ashdown Mag 300 II 4x10 Fender 212R 2x12 Guitar Amp Behringer Xenyx 1222 FX Marshall JMP Fender Deluxe 90 1x12 Marshall JCM800 Marshall MG100 DFX Line Six Spider II 150 USA Peavey Bandit Dean Cadillac Brunswick Acoustic Westfield Acoustic Takamine Acoustic Ibanez RG Farfisa Concerto 1970's Classic organ Yamaha Electone 80's Organ Boom Blaster 2000 Custon Celestion Microphone T.Bone 6" Referance Monitors Beyerdynamic DT100 Adam Hall Mic Stands Cabling & Multicore Systems
The Following Equipment Is Installed For Rehearsals in the Live Room
Peavey PV215 PA Cabinets Intimidation Audio Sin Bin 15 Bass Bins Behringer EP4000 Amp Xenyx Channel Desk Behringer MDX2600 Compressor Behringer FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer
Full Equipment List Rehearsal Rooms
Each of our four professional rehearsal rooms at Rock Hard Studios contain the following equipment
Sonor 505 Drum Kit Ashdown Five Fifteen Bass Combo Fender 212r 2x12" Guitar Amp Peavey PV215 PA Cabinets Samson Vocal Microphones Behringer EP4000 Amp Xenyx Channel Desk Behringer MDX2600 Compressor Behringer FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer
The Following Equipment Is Also Available To Hire At Extra Cost
Peavey Monitor Wedges Crown Xti 4000 Power Amplifier KAM KXR2000 Power Amp T.Amp E800 Power Amp Behringer MDX1400 Digitech DSP256 FX Unit g Panasonic Sub Bass Enhancer Rack Cases & Accessories Behringer MX3282A FOH PA Speakers 16/4 Multicore System Soundcraft LX7 II 24 Channel Desk Behringer EP4000 Power Amp HHB CDR800 Tascam CDRW900 We can also hire in equipment from our hire associates FX Rentals London. Please see their website for a full list of available equipment.
Rock Hard Studios now also has a brand new Chill Out Lounge with 7 Foot Pool Table 150" Projection TV and 2.1 HiFi System free to use for all customers!
We are constantly changing and upgrading equipment at Rock Hard Studios so this list may change without notice T&C s T&C's Apply



80947 Sp-urcl-1870 VGN-SZ110 - 2003 Inspiron 9400 10 07 Evolved Mediasat FS-E11 50PQ3000 MH040fxea2C DVP3254K 55 4 2 PS42A411c2 Schematic Aspire 5540 4581AB Server 21LF-90C Dynax 2XI F250-2003 PC 15 CDE-9802RB Array Prism D3450 RX-V496RDS Audio VMS4 Airmap 600C 4 1 HCD-T1 Garmin 260 X XS FAX3150 Leader IMX644 Manual Nuendo CDX-CA650V FBX-901 SR7001 Nuvi 200 X2695 HT-TQ85 SC-D371 G5 Purs F1403FDS6 Aspire 5680 PCG-Z600ne-K Journe F810 DNX7260BT - 2000 CW2079CWN LSC26945TT Minolta XG-M 29PT656A-78R MHC-RXD6AV SG-9500 WGR614 V5 LS-K2464HL ACP DSC-W370 Bassman 400 AN-M2HD M-4100SH LA40B750 DEH-P825R YZF-R1-2003 Pagepro 1390 MS1944JL Radio PSK75 EVO N110 PAA 990 ETX-105EC HP-7700 FE-X41 G2736N Vito XL HI535 Digitech VHM5 Samson C01U Quattro Supertooth II XG-PH50X DX900 4 1 Mount Manual Version 2 FJ1200 KAC-729S CDX-L400X Digital Tough-6000 City Life Vivicam 4000 BGR200XL MAC 5-18 FW-1884 XRS 950


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