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DLS Svenska AB 01-06-05

DLS Svenska AB
Box 13029, Artillerigatan 51 Gteborg Tel. 031 - 840060 Fax 031 - 844021 E-post:
Mount the speakers in the door or in the dashboard of your car. Normally they will fit in the cars original mounting hole. If possible reinforce with a baffle of MDF-board or similar. An installation high up on the door side is to be prefered. An alternative installation is in so called kick panels down on each side of the floor with the speakers facing up- and inwards towards the listener. An installation of the tweeter close to the bass/mid element is to be prefered. The tweeter can be installed on the dash-board, or recessed in the door with the accessories in the kit. It is important to fasten the speakers properly in order to avoid bad sound and rattling. The filters included with the speakers must also be fastened properly to avoid rattling. Dont place them close to the internal wiring of the car, this can cause interference. Make sure the cables dont get jammed causing a short circuit to ground. This can damage the amplifier circuits. The speaker grilles are mounted in the plastic speaker frame by the use of the rubber coumpound included in the packing. Spread the compound even in the frame. The sealing strip coming with the kit can be used for improved sealing between the bass element and the mounting surface. The tweeter installation is described in the instruction sheet coming with the tweeters.


Thank you for buying DLS REFERENCE 2-way system. This instruction will help you to do a correct installation. If you want to get the best sound from your speakers we advice you to read and follow this instruction. If possible mount the speakers in a baffle of MDF-board or similar to avoid rattling. For best result use high quality speaker cables, minimum 1,5 mm2. For example the DLS SC 2 x 1,5.


2 pcs bass/mid elements with grilles 2 pcs tweeter with mounting accessories Mounting accessories and cables 2 pcs filter boxes.

Speaker connection:

The filters in this system should be connected with the respective speaker element as in the drawing.
NOTE! The filters must be used. If the tweeters are connected without filter they will be damaged and the sound reproduction becomes bad.


Jumper J1 is used for lowering the x-over frequency to the tweeter. J1 position IN: When the tweeter is mounted apart from the bass element (for example on the dashboard), use this position. J1 position OUT: When both tweeter and bass elements are mounted close together (for example in the door side), use this position.

A 2-way system connected to one channel. channel must be connected in the same way.

The other

+ Tweeter + Bass/mid Speaker impedance is 4 + -
Select tweeter level by moving the small jumpers (J2 and J3) inside the filter box. High level: J2: IN J3: IN Mid level: J2: IN J3: OUT Low level: J2: OUT J3: OUT

Car Stereo / amplifier

Size Nom. power (RMS) Freq. range Sensitivity X-over frequency Magnet diameter Mounting depth Mounting hole Fs / Qts / Vas 4" (10 cm) 50 Watts 50 Hz-20 kHz 94 dB 4 kHz 80 mm / 3,15" 58 mm / 2,28" 102 mm / 4" 96Hz/0,81/1 l Vas 0,035 ft 3
5,25" (13 cm) 80 Watts 40 Hz-20 kHz 94 dB 4 kHz 90 mm / 3,54" 60 mm / 2,36" 120 mm / 4,72" 72Hz/0,95/6,9 l Vas 0,244 ft 3
6,5" (16 cm) 80 Watts 35 Hz-20 kHz 94 dB 4 kHz 100 mm / 3,94" 76 mm / 3" 140 mm / 5,51" 61,5Hz/0,64/15,3 l Vas 0,54 ft 3
If you have any questions about this product, contact your local dealer or DLS customer support center.


To be sure to have the correct speaker polarity (phase) you can check this by using a 1,5 Volt battery. Connect a cable from the battery plus-pole to the speaker plus, and a cable from the battery minus to the speaker minus. If the speakers are correctly connected the speaker cone should move outwards on both right and left channel. This check must be made on the cables going from the speakers, to the output terminals of your car stereo or amplifier.

DLS Svenska AB 02-03-04

P.O. Box 13029 S- Gteborg, Sweden Tel. +840060 Fax +844021 E-mail:



DLS Svenska AB - Sweden


Dimensions: Outer diameter Magnet diameter Mounting depth Mounting hole Nominal power handling Maximum power Nominal impedance, Z Sensitivity, 1 W / 1m Frequency response Fs, resonant frequency Voice coil diameter Voice coil height Voice coil type / former Voice coil wire Number of layers 130 mm 80 mm 60 mm 102 mm 50 W 80 W 4 ohms 82 dB 65-5000 Hz 96.4 Hz 26 mm 13 mm Kapton Copper 2 Specifications valid from -99. DC resistance Voice coil inductance, 1 kHz Magnet system BL product, BXL Suspension compliance, CMS Mechanical Q factor, QMS Electrical Q factor, QES Total Q factor, QTS Mechanical resistance, RMS Moving mass, MMS Equivalent Cas Air load, VAS Cone / Dome material Cone suspension SD - Effective piston area 3,43 ohm 0,26 mH Ferrite 4,7,61 0,91 0,81 0,76 7,23 gr. 1,03 liters Aluminium Butyl rubber 44,13 cm2
20 mm tweeter element T20:
Dimensions: Outer diameter For recessed mounting: Mounting depth Mounting hole Nominal power handling Maximum power Nominal impedance, Z Sensitivity, 1 W / 1m Frequency response Fs, resonant frequency 36 mm 22 mm 48 mm 50 W 80 W 4 ohms 92 dB 2,5 - 20 kHz 1500 Hz Voice coil diameter Voice coil height Voice coil wire Magnet system Dome material 20 mm 2 mm Copper Neodymium Silk

Filter box drawing: 9-49034

Signal input


+ + + -

8,2 F 0,15 mH

4,7 F 1,5

Tweeter Tweeter level select

0,25 mH

54321 54321



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