Alpine PDX-1 1000

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KILLING Type-R w/ Alpine PDX 1.1000 - Blowing 12" Subwoofer Tinsel Leads Clipping & Ported Box Build

Someone interested in looking at in the Orion Subs! - He came on over, and was so excited to show me his stereo bass system ...

Sony 12" vs. Alpine PDX1.1000 (@1246WRMS)

Got bored and decided to put an old 12" Sony sub (300WRMS Handling 4ohm) on a PDX 1.1000 (1246WRMS at test @ 4ohm) ...

alpine type x 12" pdx 1000

alpine type x, alpine pdx 1.1000, alpine 9853 2/3 gain, 1 farad cap : ( need bigger cap and rebuilt alternator.. but sounds nice.