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mib 3:35am on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 
After thorough research of professional reviews and specs, I had settled into three TVs for my needs. This TV has the clearest and most realistic picture I have ever seen.
astrogirl 11:42am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
almost perfect We got this TV about 6 months ago as a replacement to our 6 year old SONY big screen TV (It was state of the art at that time). Excellent picture, terrible audio I absolutely love this television. It has, by far, the best picture of any television I have ever owned. Problem I can not solve Overall we like our new TV. It is bright and very clear and its so darn thin. However.
lonoak 7:09am on Sunday, June 13th, 2010 
This is definitely the best TV I have ever had. The colors are so deep, and picture is crisp. The brightness is outstanding. Stop your waiting. This TV is excellent.
jpserre 6:05am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
After years of looking for a good quality LCD TV to replace a CRT and finding that the TV we wanted, at $2,300. Just got this TV and I am very impressed so far. Very easy to set up. I have played with the picture adjustments and am still fine tuning the set. I purchased a UN-46B8000 samsung recently from Vanns and the price was very competitive, the shipment was prompt,.
tonio 12:41am on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 
Excellent TV, Everyone who comes over to my house is asking me how did I get picture like that! Its expansive but HEY~! you get what you pay for! After owning the TV for the last six month I ...  good picture six month later TV got problems. read below. save your money do not buy
caingregory 7:03am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
First, let me say that the picture on this television is, simply put: AMAZING. crisp clear images. bright and much better than lcd or plasma. best money i have ever spent on (besided my bmw 328) :). I PURCHASED THE SAMSUNG UN55C6300 ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO AND I AM MORE THAN THRILLED! THIS PICTURE AND SOUND QUALITY ARE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS!
mshibler 3:52am on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
Ok i visited a friends house not so long ago and he had just bought this Brand New Samsung, here is the low down on what i think of it. This is the latest generation of energy saving televisions, we have had it a fortnight after waiting 2 months for them to come into the country.

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WP10-10 Amps GT


11:35 am

Page 104



6 x 92W (DIN); Dolby Digital EX; DTS ES; Dolby Pro-Logic II; DTS Neo:6; AM/FM RDS tuner CONNECTIONS 5.1 SACD/DVD-A in; coaxial digital in; optical digital in x2; analogue audio in x5; S-video in x2; composite video in x3; S-video out; composite video out; springclip speaker connections; AM/FM antenna inputs CONTACT
The AVR-800s surround sound just doesnt have the spaciousness to compete with its peers

Eltax AVR-800

I 200 I 6 x 92W I DIMENSIONS
W: 435 H: 165 D: 350 (mm) I DOLBY EX I DTS ES I DTS NEO:6 I PRO-LOGIC II
he AVR-800 is Danish brand Eltaxs latest home cinema amplifier, and at 200 its the one of the most affordable in this group test in fact, its an incredible price. The AVR-800 looks solid and claims to produce an impressive 92W from each its six surround sound channels, which is surprising given the price. Eltax is mainly known for its speakers, so perhaps it wants you to give its tweeters a serious work-out! Certainly 92W sounds like a lot at the price. The Eltaxs front panel is covered with buttons and controls, and this combines with an exposed set of audio/video connections (for hook-up to occasional equipment like a camcorder), to make it one of the more unattractive amplifiers in this test. But it is only 200, so perhaps we can forgive its ugly duckling looks we shall see.
Connections on the rear of this amp are thin on the ground. The most notable cost-cutting measure is the inclusion of cheap spring clip speaker terminals rather than our favoured screw terminals not great if you have half-decent cables. There are just five audio inputs for connecting external analogue sources, and three digital inputs, but this should still be enough for most of us. The lack of a component video connection for routing high-quality video sources through the amp is a shame, but we dont recommend routing anyway.

Missing in action

The AVR-800 disappoints further when you fire it up. Its all about bass and treble, which might please some people but not us! Theres nothing in-between the so-called mid-range frequencies making the Eltax an unsubtle and somewhat brutish performer. The treble and bass controls on the front panel go someway to achieving a more even balance, but a neutral sound is difficult to achieve. Theres even a bass boost setting, should you feel the need to increase the Eltaxs bass level still further, so its obvious what Eltax thinks qualifies as a decent surround amplifier. More pleasingly, however, surround effects are well handled, and expertly placed around the room. It is just that the AVR-800s surround sound doesnt have the spaciousness to compete with its
peers or the basic sound quality. Collateral sounded okay, but okay isnt good enough, even at this price. Oh, and when it comes to that 92W rating, we werent convinced. The B&W speakers that we used to test the Eltax might well have been coerced into going that high, but the bass-heavy effects would probably had resulted in serious damage, so we stayed on the right side of cautious. The AVR-800 is similarly under par with stereo sources, and Doves Some Cities album lacked its usual widescape of sound. Despite our criticisms, however, this is still a remarkable product for the money. Its just that, with amps like the Denon only costing 50 more, the Eltax falls some way short of expectations in this test. If it cost 50 less, then we might be prepared to look at its shortcomings in a different light. WP

Knocked for six

The home cinema credentials are certainly very impressive. The Eltax boasts both Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES decoding, making it the most affordable home cinema amplifier weve seen thats capable of handling the 6.1 surround sound formats no mean feat. Of course, regular 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks are also catered for, as well as Dolby Pro-Logic II and DTS Neo:6 for making the best of two-channel inputs.


SOUND.###$$ BUILD.###$$ LOOKS.###$$ FEATURES.####$ EASE OF USE.###$$ VALUE.####$ Decent for the price, but youll get a much better performance for a little more cash




WP10 Amps outro

11:38 am

Page 108
Claimed power: Number of channels: Dolbyprocessing: DTS processing: Pro-Logic processing: Price: Tel: Web:
6 x 92W 7 Dolby Digital EX DTS ES/Neo:6 Pro-Logic II 860789

Pioneer VSX-D814

6 x 100W 7 Dolby Digital EX DTS ES Pro-Logic IIx 789789

Yamaha RX-V350

5 x 90W 6 Dolby Digital 6.1 DTS ES Pro-Logic II 233166

Onkyo TX-SR502E
6 x 90W 7 Dolby Digital EX DTS ES Pro-Logic IIx 681515

Cambridge Azur 540R

6 x 80W 7 Dolby Digital EX DTS ES Pro-Logic II 7940 2240

Denon AVR-1705

6 x 75W 7 Dolby Digital EX DTS ES/NEO:6 Pro-Logic IIx 741200
RDS tuner: Auto setup Multi-channel audio in: Video up-converting: Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No


Coaxial/optical in: Analogue audio in: Componentin/out: S-video in: x3 x5 No x2 x4 x6 Yes x3 x3 x6 No No x4 x4 x2 x3 x5 x6 Yes x3 x3 x6 Yes x3


Sound: Build: Looks: Features: Ease of use: Value:
###$$ ###$$ ###$$ ####$ ###$$ ####$ ###$$
##### ##### ##### ##### ##### ####$ #####
####$ ####$ ###$$ ###$$ ###$$ ##### ####$
##### ##### ##### ###$$ ##### ##### ####$
####$ ##### ##### ###$$ ##### ##### ####$
##### ##### ####$ ##### ####$ ##### #####


Best in Test. Denon AVR-1705
hen it comes to big-screen viewing, there really is no substitute for a widescreen plasma or LCD TV. However, very few on the market today do their pictures justice with audio. The speakers on a flatscreen are sleek, but are for low-key TV viewing only watching a movie or top television event with them is tantamount to sacrilege! No, theres really only one way to go with big screens, and thats surround sound. Home cinema amps like the budget models tested here represent the starting point for home cinema separates. Add a DVD player and surround speakers and you have something that does justice to your TV. And its the Denon that wins our Best Buy in this group. Why? Fabulous value for money for one thing, plus the fact that it has the most comprehensive features on any amp at the price. In addition, the Denon is a

great hi-fi performer, so you can base your whole home entertainment system around your screen exactly how it should be. Coming a close second in our roundup, and winning an Editors Choice badge, is the awesome Pioneer VSX-D814. Its more expensive than the other amps in this test, but justifies this additional poundage with fabulous features and an incredible performance. If you can afford the extra 50 or so quid, youll be hard-pushed to choose between this and the Denon. And choices are what lifes all about. WP



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