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Packard Bell Easynote B3605Packard Bell EASYNOTE B3 Laptop LCD Screen 15.4" WXGA CCFL Single (SUBSTITUTE Replacement LCD Screen ONLY. Not A Laptop ) B3-13338-LCD
and RESOLUTION before you purchase this item - because some laptop models come with more than one type of screens

Part Number: B3-13338-LCD
UPC: 022099228851
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zipho 1:14pm on Thursday, September 16th, 2010 
Replacement Laptop / notebook AC / DC Adaptor Ordered this item late on Sunday evening and received it Tuesday morning! Review Very good service. The device did not work on my laptop so i sent it back and the company gave me a refund straight away.

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Bp-8050 Bp-8050i 40006487 Battery For Packard-bell Easynote R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Series
By Dated: Aug 12, 2010
We provide PACKARD_BELL BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 laptop battery. It is replacement for your PACKARD_BELL BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery with high quality. Battery type: li-ion Capacity: 4400mah Volt: 11.1v All our discount packard_bell bp-8050 bp-8050i 40006487 laptop batteries are brand new, high capacity, li-ion, rechargeable and made with high quality cells. The best packard_bell packard-bell easynote r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 series laptop batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed oem (original) specifications backed by 1 year warranty,30 days money back guarantee and fast shipping 3-5 days arrive. Description: Replace battery part number: 441685710002 bp-8050 Bp-8050(p) bp-8050(p) Bp-8050(s) bp-8050(s) Bp-8050i This battery is also compatible with the following models : Packard bell easynote r0 / r1 / r2 / r3 / r4 / r5 / r6 / r7 / r8 / r9 series Packard bell easynote r0 series Packard bell easynote r0901 Packard bell easynote r1 serie Packard bell easynote r1000 Packard bell easynote r1004 Packard bell easynote r1005 Packard bell easynote r1800 Packard bell easynote r1978 Packard bell easynote r1908 Packard bell easynote r1980 Packard bell easynote r1984(1) Packard bell easynote r2 serie Packard bell easynote r2000 Packard bell easynote r3 serie Packard bell easynote r3320

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Packard bell easynote r3400 Packard bell easynote r4 serie Packard bell easynote r4250 Packard bell easynote r4340 Packard bell easynote r4355 Packard bell easynote r4360 Packard bell easynote r4510 Packard bell easynote r4622 Packard bell easynote r4650 Packard bell easynote r5 serie Packard bell easynote r5155 Packard bell easynote r5175 Packard bell easynote r6 serie Packard bell easynote r6110 Packard bell easynote r6510 Packard-bell easynote r6512 Packard-bell easynote r7 serie Packard-bell easynote r7710 Packard bell easynote r7717 Packard-bell easynote r7720 Packard bell easynote r7723 Packard-bell easynote r7725 Packard-bell easynote r7745 Packard-bell easynote r8 serie Packard-bell easynote r8720 Packard-bell easynote r8740 Packard-bell easynote r8770 Packard-bell easynote r9 serie Packard-bell easynote r9200 Packard-bell easynote r9252 Packard-bell easynote r9500 Packard-bell easynote b3 series Packard-bell easynote b3225 Packard-bell easynote b3340 Packard-bell easynote b3350 Packard bell easynote b3410 Packard bell easynote b3510 Packard bell easynote b3529 Packard bell easynote b3600 Packard bell easynote b3600(1) Packard-bell easynote b3605 Packard bell easynote b3620 Packard-bell easynote b3800 Medion Medion md95300 (bp-8050) Medion mam2080 mim2120 mim2130 Medion md42462 md95300 md41424 Medion mim2030 Medion md95300

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Medion md42462s Medion md42462 Mim2170 mim2180 mim2220 Medion md41424, md42200 Mim2030mp mim2080, Md95322, md95323, md95325, Md95353, md95391, md95408, Md97300, md95766 Medion md41363 Medion mim2020
Winbook Winbook w300 winbook w360 Winbook w340 winbook w320 series Winbook computer w300 (8050d) Winbook computer w320 Winbook computer w320 w322 Winbook computer w340 Winbook computer w360 Winbook computer w360 w362 Winbook computer w364 Advent Advent 8050 Mitac Mitac minote 8050 8050d 8050dc Mitac minote 8050dc Mitac minote 8050d Mitac minote 8050 Mitac 8050dc Mitac 8050d Mitac 8050 Amitech (bp-8050) Fujitsu-siemens amilo l / m (bp-8050) Fujitsu-siemens amilo m1420 Fujitsu-siemens amilo l1300 Fujitsu-siemens amilo c1300gc Fujitsu amilo m1420 Fujitsu amilo m-1420 Fujitsu amilo l1310g Fujitsu amilo l1310 Fujitsu amilo l1300 Fujitsu amilo l 1310g Fujitsu amilo l 1310 Fujitsu amilo l 1300 Fujitsu amilo d1420 Fujitsu amilo d-1420

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Siemens amilo m1420 Siemens amilo m-1420 Siemens amilo l1310g Siemens amilo l1310 Siemens amilo l1300 Siemens amilo l 1310g Siemens amilo l 1310 Siemens amilo l 1300 Siemens amilo d1420 Siemens amilo d-1420 Issam smartbook i-8050d Issam smartbook i-8050 Lion sarasota 8050d Lion sarasota 8050 Bluedisk artworker 8050d Bluedisk artworker 8050 Bullman a-klasse 6 cen Qdi millennium 8050d slimline widescreen Qdi m-8050d Systemax neotach 3300 Yakumo 8050 Yakumo q7m mobilium wide ii yw Yakumo q7m mobilium wide yw Nec Nec versa m540 Benq Benq mam2080 benq mim2120 benq mim2130 Benq a32e ### All our discount laptop batteries are brand new, high capacity, li-ion, rechargeable and made with high quality cells.
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BP-8050X 441804900014 battery replacement for Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 in UK
By Dated: Oct 07, 2010
cheap PACKARD_BELL BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries for Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 MV51 MV61, Li-ion, 11.1V, 4400mAh,UK batteries, Russia batteries, France batteris,Italia batteries, Germany AKKU, Ukraine batteries, New Zealand you are in >packard_bell laptop battery > BP-8050X 441804900014 packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop battery relpacement for Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 Items : EPPB020 DETAIL: Type : Li-ion Voltage : 11.1V Capacity : 4400mAh Color : Dimension : Price : 37.99 Description : May be your laptop need a external have one of the largest inventories of replacement. This best quality packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries compatible with Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46, with Li-ion, 11.1V,4400mAh. If you have any question or suggestion about packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries compatible with Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46, please contact us so we can offer you the most convenient service. High capacity, Brand new, Never refurbished, Full One Year warranty. 100% OEM compatible. 30 days money back. PartNO : BP-8050X BP-8050

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BP-8050(P) BP-8050(P) BP-8050(S) BP-8050(S) BP-8050i Model Fits : Packard BELL EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 MV51 MV61 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0/R1/R2/R3/R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9 Series PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0 Series PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0901 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1000 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1004 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1005 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1800 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1978 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1908 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1980 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1984(1) PACKARD BELL EasyNote R2 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R2000 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3320 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3400 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4250 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4340 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4355 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4360 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4510 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4622 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4650 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5155 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5175 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6110 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6510 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R6512 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7 Serie PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7710 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R7717 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7720 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R7723 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7725

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PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7745 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8 Serie PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8720 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8740 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8770 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R9 Serie PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R9200 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R9252 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R9500 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3 Series PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3225 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3340 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3350 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3410 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3510 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3529 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3600 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3600(1) PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3605 PACKARD BELL EasyNote B3620 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote B3800 Medio Medion MD95300 (BP-8050) Medion MAM2080 MIM2120 MIM2130 Medion MD42462 MD95300 MD41424 Medion MIM2030 Medion MD95300 Medion MD42462s Medion MD42462 MIM2170 MIM2180 MIM2220 Medion MD41424, MD42200 MIM2030MP MIM2080, MD95322, MD95323, MD95325, MD95353, MD95391, MD95408, MD97300, MD95766 Medion MD41363 Medion MIM2020 Winbook Winbook W300 Winbook W360 Winbook W340 winbook W320 Series Winbook COMPUTER W300 (8050D) Winbook COMPUTER W320

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Winbook COMPUTER W320 W322 Winbook COMPUTER W340 Winbook COMPUTER W360 Winbook COMPUTER W360 W362 Winbook COMPUTER W364 Advent Advent 8050 Mitac Mitac MiNote 8050 8050D 8050DC Mitac MiNote 8050DC Mitac MiNote 8050D Mitac MiNote 8050 Mitac 8050DC Mitac 8050D Mitac 8050 Amitech (BP-8050) Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L / M (BP-8050) Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1420 Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1300 Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo C1300GC Fujitsu Amilo M1420 Fujitsu Amilo M-1420 Fujitsu Amilo L1310G Fujitsu Amilo L1310 Fujitsu Amilo L1300 Fujitsu Amilo L1310G Fujitsu Amilo L1310 Fujitsu Amilo L1300 Fujitsu Amilo D1420 Fujitsu Amilo D-1420 SIEMENS Amilo M1420 SIEMENS Amilo M-1420 SIEMENS Amilo L1310G SIEMENS Amilo L1310 SIEMENS Amilo L1300 SIEMENS Amilo L1310G SIEMENS Amilo L1310 SIEMENS Amilo L1300 SIEMENS Amilo D1420 SIEMENS Amilo D-1420 ISSAM SmartBook i-8050D ISSAM SmartBook i-8050

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LION Sarasota 8050D LION Sarasota 8050 BLUEDISK Artworker 8050D BLUEDISK Artworker 8050 BULLMAN A-Klasse 6 CEN QDI Millennium 8050D Slimline Widescreen QDI M-8050D SYSTEMAX Neotach 3300 YAKUMO 8050 YAKUMO Q7M Mobilium Wide II YW YAKUMO Q7M Mobilium Wide YW NEC NEC Versa M540 BENQ BENQ MAM2080 BENQ MIM2120 BENQ MIM2130 BENQ A32E packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries Tips 1. Please read the manufacturer's manual about packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries compatible with Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 battery carefully. 2. Do remember to charge your battery fully after receiving it because batteries may discharge during storing and shipping. 3. Do keep laptop battery clean by a clean soft cloth ,pencil eraser,or rubbing alcohol. 4. Do not try to modify or disassemble the packard_bell BP-8050X 441804900014 laptop batteries compatible with Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 MV45 MV46 batteries pack. 5. Do not incinerate or expose battery to excessive heat. 6. Do not place BP-8050X 441804900014 battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used. 7. Do not short circuit thepackard_bell batteries pack terminals or store your packard_bell battery pack with metal objects. Similar laptop battery at Battery : packard_bell BP-8050X fit model Packard Bell EasyNote MV35, with Li-ion, 11.1V, 4400mAh, ; Battery : fujitsu 441804900014 fit model Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L/ M/ D, with Li-ion, 14.4V(compatible 14.8V), 2000mAh, silver; Link:

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