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m 3:31pm on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 
The ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 graphics cards deliver up to 2x the performance per watt of the previous generation.
arboc 5:20pm on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 
This is a great card for the cost. It plays WoW on all the highest settings with a solid 60 fps. Even in Oggrimmar with all the players.
BananaFish 11:07pm on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
Ok performance, does not quite fit Dell Optiplex 980 SFF I bought this to fit into a Dell Optiplex 980 Small-Form-Factor unit. is it ok Not Using the card for games at all, but for streaming video from card to high definition television.
alexsoft 2:53am on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
I just purchased one of these for a pc I built for a friend. In years past I was pretty much anti-ati.
maurizio 4:21am on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 
Featuring a closed-loop liquid cooled system, the Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X2 Atomic ST-6026 brings workstation class cooling to the PC.

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Gebrauchsanweisung Projektor Bolex 18-5 automatic

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Beginner or expert? The dual personality of the


ment and the scene you wish to film is accurately framed. The famous Pan-Cinor built-in zoom performs the triple function of a wide angle, standard and telephoto lens.

One simple move-

Turn a ring and the lens is set for focus. The rangefinder systems in the P1 and P3 models enable focussing to be carried out accurately. Above: the split image rangefinder of the P1 model.
Move a lever which centres a needle in the viewfinder, and the camera is set for flawless exposures.
These three easy movements make the' BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX simplicity itself. No special knowledge or filming experience is necessary. The camera is set entirely with the left hand and all the necessary adjustments are checked in the large reflex viewfinder. Within seconds, you're ready to shoot, confident of accurately centred, beautifully sharp and perfectly exposed pictures. The supervised automatic action of the BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX has proved outstandingly successful in practice.
The new P3 model has a new optical feature: a
"coincident image" rangefinder. Focussing is
extremely easy and precise due to this remarkable
The camera's second personality: versatility and subtlety!
The right side reveals the camera's other personality -
comprehensive enough for the most experienced cameraman. Beginners rapidly gain expertise
as they discover the numerous special features of the
innovation bySOM-Berthiot. When the focussing ring is not set correctly, especially with the lens set at the telephoto position, two images of the subject are received in the viewfinder and it has a "blurred" appearance.


When your films are shown on a Bolex 185 the delight of the. audience will complete your satisfaction. This is the world's first 8 mm projector with slow motion; it projects at 18 or 5 f. p. s. and is complete with reverse. A choice of 3 first class lenses of exceptional brilliance is available. 2 with fixed focal lengths 15 mm and 20 mm and a3rd,a zoom lens with a focal length from 12.5 to 25 mm. With this lens the picture is readily adjustable to suit the screen.
High-quality PanCinor zoom lens with f/1.9 aperture gives faithful, well contrasted pictures of sharp edge to edge definition at all focal lengths and diaphragm settings.

A The wide range of

Vfocal lengths available
with the Pan-Cinor lens gives spectaculartravelling effects, which can be achieved either by means of the zoom lever or the power zoom motor (2a). Without moving the camera, you can approach the subject, move away from it or, as shown above, follow alongside.
The large Ireflex viewfinder shows the picture exactly as i't will appear on the screen. Its clarity is unaffected by variations in diaphragm setting. Without ta ing your eye from the viywfinder, you check picture framing, focus and exposure.
The famous Bolex system measuring only the light that passes through the lens results in perfect exposures. As the photo resistance and the film are situated in corresponding positions extreme exposure accuracy is obtained at all focal lengths, and compensation for filters is automatic.
The highly sensitive photo resistance (10 ~ to 400 ASA) covers a wide range of emulsion speeds. single knob sets the Ightmeter for the filming. ~ peed and the rating of the film you are using. The photo resistance is very sensitive and even reacts to the light of an ordinary Candle!
Another invaluable feature of the BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX is its variable shutter with which even the least experienced movie maker can add original and pleasing touches to his films. Here, for instance, is a "fadein", an effect frequently used at the beginning of a sequence.
And here is the reverse effect: a "fade-o ut", Perfect fade-ins and fadeouts are achieved simply by pressing a control lever on the shutter release while filming.
When the variable shutter is half closed, exposure time is reduced and the picture sharpness of rapidly moving subjects improved. Half-closing the variable shutter is also useful in particularly strong lighting conditions.
The variable shutter is also useful in achieving artistlc effects. By reducing exposure time and increasing the diaphragm ppening, backgrounds can be blurred out and the main subject made more prominent.
A The backwind W system with acoustic
frame counter, used with the variable shutter, makes a professional lap dissolve easy to achieve. This is a pleasing way of linking two sequences.

W effects will make your

films spectacular. With the Bolex Zoom Reflex, your choice of filming speeds ranges from 12 to 64 f. p. s.

Fast and slow motion

A The single frame V release gives extra
fast motion and all kinds of amusing trick effects. For example:.moving titles, animation, appearance and disappearance of people or objects, cartoons, etc.

Optical attach ments

The Hyper-Pan O.8x - an ingenious optical accessory specially built for the PanCinor lens - converts the zoom range from 8--40mm to 6.4-32 mm (7.2-24 mm for the P 2 camera). This gives an amazingly wide choice of focal lenqths and an extreme focussing range from 2'4" to infinity. Also available is a lens attachment which reduces the filming distance to as little as 2 ft., for impressive close-ups.
The viewfinder eyesight. The detachable fortable viewing.

can rubber

be adjusted eyepiece

to your ensures

own com-
The built-in automatic footage counter shows the length of film that has been exposed.
No other 8 mm camera is so brilliantly designed, so versatile and so easy to use as the BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX
BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX P 1 High quality Pan-Cinor lens f/1.9 aperture. Zoom range 8--40 mm. Splitimage rangefinding system incorporated in the reflex viewfinder.
BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX P 2 High quality Pan-Cinor lens f/1.9 aperture. Zoom range 9----30 mm. This very reasonably priced camera offers the movie maker features and performance similar to the P 1.
BOLEX ZOOM REFLEX P 3 High quality Pan-Cinor lens f/1.9 aperture. Zoom range -6-40 mm. New "coincident image" rangefinder incorporated in the reflex viewfinder.


Accessories A very practical pistol grip, available as an extra, improves the stability of your camera. Smartly styled cases have been specially designed for carrying the camera fitted with its pistol grip.
International Service _ Bolex is backed by a world-wide orgsnization offering service in more than 130 Bolex Centres throughout the world - staffed by factory trained experts. The Bolex dealer is always willing and able to give advice. Wherever you are you can be sure of specialized service.
Paillard S.A., Sainte-Croix (Switzerland)

P 128-30/36 Anglals

PailJard reserves the right to modify '-he design and features of the models described in this booklet without notice.

Printed in Switzerland



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