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Xerox Docucolor 5000Xerox DocuColor 5000 Complete Toner Cartridge Set
Color: B - 6R1250Category: Refill Toner (1 Bottle each color)No. of pages: Up to 11,250 pages (BK) / 18,500 pages (CMY) at 7.5% area coverageXerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press

Brand: Xerox
Part Number: DC5000_SET

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ClickClick 6:39pm on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
This is an excellent high-capacity printer. I...  inexpensive to run. Xerox always has good products Networking optional, but can bypass that with a few tricks
ACCENTMUSIC.US 12:10pm on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
there is a new model out there that is even faster that this I think it went from 36ppm to 50ppm and its costs just as much.

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Xerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press

Amaze your customers.

And yourself. The Xerox DocuColor 5000 puts advanced performance and technology within your reach.
The Xerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press
Performance thats in a class by itself.
Are you ready to get more done? Take on a new world of high-value applications, including variable data printing and mixed-media jobs? Are you looking for image quality that will amaze even your most demanding customers? Because it employs the Right Technology, uses the Right Workflow, and offers the Right Business Model for your business, the Xerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press enables you to meet new challengesand handle high-revenue applications in stride. In addition to outstanding image quality, it excels in media latitude, including heavyweight media, coated stocks, and specialty medialabels, tabs, synthetics, DocuCards, and custom media. And when you consider its price point, it has everything you need to amaze your customerswhether theyre in-house or in the graphic arts industry.
The right workflow for your business.
The Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection provides a roadmap to success in digital printing and helps you manage jobs from creation through final output in the quickest, smoothest, most efficient way possible. Built on an open architecture and standards that allow integration into your existing workflow, the FreeFlow collection enables easy, affordable, and highly efficient solutions for profitable short-run and Variable Information (VI) jobs. One application, FreeFlow Web Services, simplifies the ordering process, making it easy for your customers to submit and reorder documents, static or variable, over the Web. This application provides a simple and familiar shopping cart method for uploading and ordering documents, including job-ticketing instructions. For the print shop, it provides a streamlined mechanism for managing and tracking jobs. Another application, FreeFlow Process Manager, reduces prepress bottlenecks, enabling your prepress department to process more jobs by automating prepress steps such as preflight, imposition, and communication and by providing consistent quality and shorter turnaround times for the high-volume requirements of Printing-On-Demand (POD). Finally, the FreeFlow Variable Information suite lets you capitalize on the business opportunity of personalization. It offers powerful, efficient tools to add personalization to marketing materials. Combined with powerful VI composition software from several FreeFlow partners, you can create the kind of attention-grabbing, targeted communications your customers demand.
The state-of-the-art technology in the DocuColor 5000 Digital Press lets you handle more applications in stride, across a wider range of media. Its especially productive when using heavyweight and coated media and specialty substrates. Wide media variety, outstanding performance. The DocuColor 5000 delivers excellent speeds with a wide media latitude. And theres no slow down in page-per-minute performance for coated or heavyweight paper up to 220 g/m2/80 lb. cover. Bottom line, you can be more productive when handling higher-value jobs requiring specialty media, such as coated or heavyweight. Graphic arts image quality. The DocuColor 5000 sets a high standard for image quality in its class. Its exceptional print resolution is 2400 x 2400 dpi. It employs the latest 32-beam laser technology for faster data writing at higher resolutions. Advanced technology improves color sweeps, high-res photos, and provides outstanding text quality. Youll also benefit from exceptional color consistency and tight front-to-back registration for two-sided printing. A true package performance. Team that up with a choice of color servers, feeding and finishing modules, and other options, and its easy to see why the DocuColor 5000 can not only grow your digital print business right now, but also grow with your business over the years to come.

Features that astonish, with performance and value.
The DocuColor 5000 Digital Press is the latest in a long list of advanced digital color printing solutions from Xerox. Built on advances that span over a dozen years, the new DocuColor 5000 Digital Press delivers an amazing combination of productivity, image quality, paper-handling versatility, print speed, and affordability.
The new User Interface is easier to use, offering greater flexibility, while providing more operator information. It lets you create and store unique paper profiles for repeated use.
Feeder. Amazing paper-tray flexibility lets you feed all media from all trays. With optional Secondary Feeder Module (SFM) you can feed up to 8,000 sheets without reloading.
Delivers 2400 x 2400 resolution, with options for different line screens. The self-cleaning Corotron Assembly means Paper path, including the improved productivity and stainless-steel inversion and image quality. duplex paths, plays a critical role in image quality, reliability, and speed. Handles a wide range of paper weights and sizes. Customeradjustable settings allow fine-tuning of image position.
Decurlers, especially important for heavierweight papers to ensure flat output for finishing.
Accelerating sales. Making it easy.
Load-While-Run Toner. Because you dont have to stop the DocuColor 5000 when loading toner, productivity stays high. With two black toner cartridges youll enjoy longer print runs and greater productivity.
Optional Stacker/Stapler. Stacks up to 2000 sheets* from g/m2 in all sizes. Staples 11 in. x 17 in., up to 220 g/m2 in multiple locations: front corner, rear corner, or dual.
ProfitAccelerator is todays most robust set of volume-building tools and resources designed to grow your business and maximize return on investment with the DocuColor 5000 Digital Press. It brings together Xeroxs unparalleled digital-printing experience and expertise, world-class resources, and industry-leading support to significantly boost your digital-print business and your profitability. The ProfitAccelerator portfolio consists of seven key resource elements, each focusing on a particular aspect of the digital-printing business: financial, sales and marketing, creative and design, application and development, paper and media, training, and business development support. The ProfitAccelerator DocuColor Business Development Kit for the DocuColor family of products has been specially created to help you build and maintain strong relationships with your customers and prospects as you increase your productivity.
Optional High-Capacity Stacker. With easy-to-roll cart for convenient offline finishing. Capacity: 3,500, 250* in top tray, all weights and sizes.

Added flexibility. You can have up to two High-Capacity Stackers inline with auto-output stacking for greater productivity and longer unattended print jobs. Put two stackers side by side; or have one High-Capacity Stacker and one Stacker/Stapler.
*Based on 90 g/m2/24 lb. bond.
Amazingly flexible color servers.

Take your pick.

If you want superb digital color and a workflow that integrates smoothly into your printing environment, then you want The DocuColor 5000 Digital Press. With this productive machine, you can choose from three of the most popular networked color servers. Each gives you outstanding color-management tools along with a remarkably user-friendly interface.
The Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP Color Server is fast, powerful, and easy to use. Features include exception-page programming, job forwarding, and color and print management. This server handles all kinds of Variable Information data effortlessly.
The EFI Fiery Color Server may be your easiest way to get great color. Powerful tools efficiently process even the most complex jobs, producing Variable Information jobs quickly and easily.
The Creo Spire Color Server combines color-management tools that yield superb digital color with Variable Information solutions that provide all the programming and processing power you need.

Stand is optional

Paper and specialty media products. Quality meets innovation.
When you team up the high quality of Xerox Digitally Optimized Papers and Specialty Media with the capabilities of the DocuColor 5000 Digital Press, some amazing things happen. By working together as they were intended, youll be able to give your customers an unbeatable combination of image quality, robust color, and increased printing performance.
Xerox offers you the industrys widest portfolio of Digitally Optimized Papers and Specialty Media, perfectly paired with the DocuColor 5000s advanced technology. Whether you need to print a brochure, promotional signage, or direct-mail piece, our paper and specialty media open the door to new applications and revenue opportunities.
The productivity keeps humming along.
With the DocuColor 5000 Digital Press, you have the kind of feeding and finishing flexibility that can make a real difference in growing your business. Most significantly, you can feed all media from all trays. You can automatically print two-sided up to 80 lb. cover/220 g/m2. And, by adding a Secondary Feeder Module (SFM), you can tackle long production runswith a paper capacity of 8,000 sheets. With the High-Capacity Stacker (HCS) option you can easily move organized output for offline finishing solutions. The Stacker/Stapler provides multiple location stapling. It also provides stacking capabilities for all paper sizes and weights. These are great ways to increase your printing and finishing flexibility.

High-Capacity Stacker

FreeFlow Scanner 665E: your essential scanning solution.
This highly reliable and productive scanner, a key component of our DocuColor 5000 solution, promises great image quality at high production speeds. Youll get 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution and 60 color images per minute at 400 dpi; 40 images per minute at 600 dpi. This FreeFlow scanning solution delivers sophisticated image processing for even the most complex documents, with minimal operator intervention. It also makes save-to-file and scan tickets fast and easy.
For more information on the Xerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press, call 1-800 ASK XEROX ext. 874 or visit us on the Web at:
Xerox DocuColor 5000 Digital Press Specifications


2400 x 2400 dpi Line Screens: - 600 Clustered Dot - 300 Clustered Dot - 200 Rotated Line Screen
Paper Capacity and Handling
- 200 Clustered Dot - 150 Clustered Dot - Stochastic Base configuration = 4,000 (2 trays, 2,000 sheets each)* With optional Secondary Feeder Module = +4,000 (2 trays, 2,000 sheets each)* Maximum size = 12.6 in. x 19.2 in.; Minimum size = 7.2 in. x 7.2 in. (all trays) Two-sided printing: automatic up to 220 g/m2/80 lb. cover; manual up to 300 g/m2/110 lb. cover

Technology Advancements

Paper-tray enhancements Custom paper set-up Advanced registration technology for tighter control Traction Drive Motor to reduce banding Stochastic Screennew halftone screens User-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) RoHS compliant for European market


4,000-sheet Secondary Feeder Module (SFM) 3,750-sheet High-Capacity Stacker (HCS) 2,250-sheet Stacker Stapler Xerox FreeFlow 665E Scanner Advanced inline finishing options Xerox Productivity Plus Xerox FreeFlow suite of products
Productivity/Print Speeds
g/m300 g/mppm 25 ppm color (A3, 11 in. x 17 in.) g/m300 g/mppm 25 ppm color (SRA3, 12 in. x 18 in.) g/m300 g/mppm Up to 3,000 full process color A4 (letter) 4/0 impressions per hour Up to 1,500 A3/SRA3 (tabloid) 4/0 impressions per hour 50 ppm color (A4, 8.5 in. x 11 in.)

Choice of Color Servers

Xerox FreeFlow DocuSP Color Server Creo Spire Color Server EFI Fiery Color Server


Base configuration: 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30A (sole use) User interface: A power source separate from the digital press is required for the processor and for the monitor - Processor: Voltage: 110-220 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz 5.0-2.5 Amp - Monitor: Voltage: 100-240 VAC Frequency: 50/60 Hz 2.0 Amp maximum Electrical requirements for Digital Press with SFM: - 200-240 VAC 30 Amp (sole use) for 50 or 60 Hz single phase (Western Hemisphere) - 200-240 VAC 30 Amp supply 5 kVA for 50/60 Hz single phase (Europe) Additional electrical required for color servers and feeding/finishing devices

Paper Format/Sizes

Maximum sheet size: 12.6 in. x 19.2 in. (320 mm x 488 mm) Minimum sheet size 7.2 in. x 7.2 in. (182 mm x 182 mm) Maximum Imageable Area: 12.4 in. x 18.9 in. (316 x 480 mm)
Paper Flexibility/Weights
Coated (gloss, matte, dull, silk); uncoated; specialty stocks; labels; synthetics; transparencies; Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless Paper Mixed-stock jobs supported Media weight: 16 lb. bond/60 g/m2 up to 110 lb. cover/300 g/m2


Base printing system (without color server and/or feeding/finishing devices) - 100 in. (W) x 29.8 in. (D) x 57.5 in. (H) including UI - 2540 mm (W) x 757 mm (D) x 1461 mm (H) - Weight: 1650 lbs. (750 kg)
Designed for growth. Whether you are a printer who prints for another business or a print shop that services in-house departments, if you want to grow your business, its critical that your customers perceive the value add you offer.
Your customers must view you as a partner or consultant, someone who adds value by bringing ideas on how best to communicate the messages they are trying to convey. You dont want to be thought of as a necessary cost in producing the end product or as a commodity. Rather, you want to be appreciated as an expert in leveraging the best of digital-printing capabilities. By building your expertise and knowledge of your customers businesses and the types of applications being produced by their competitors, your customers will look to you for advice on how the end product can communicate most effectively.
2006 XEROX CORPORATION. All rights reserved. XEROX, DocuColor, DocuCard, DocuSP, FreeFlow, and ProfitAccelerator are trademarks of or licensed to Xerox Corporation. EFI and Fiery are trademarks of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. Creo, and Spire are trademarks of Creo Inc. Product appearance, build status, and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. 04/06. 610P726060



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