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Cakewalk Sonar 8 5Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 Producer - Audio Production Software (Education
Cakewalk 10-CWSP8.00-90C Sonar 8.5 Sonar 8.5 Producer - Audio Production Software (Educational Discount) Audio MIDI Audio for Picture Record/Edit Unlimited Tracks Surround Capable Anytime Record Multi-Track Audio - Snap Dedicated Instrument Tracks Multiple Virtual Instruments Active Controller Technology Support for VST Direct - X Re - Wire Windows XP/Vista/7 Audio Recording Software SONAR 8.5 Producer from Cakewalk is fully-featured software for music production designed to cover every step of ... Read more

Brand: Cakewalk
Part Numbers: 10-CWSP8.00-90C, 10CWSP8.0090C
UPC: 0787537018103, 787537018103, 999999999993
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Created by musicians, for musicians
Cakewalk is a company of musicians with a mission
to help other musicians. We dont just work here; we all use SONAR on a daily basis to make our own music. We do it for you, we do it for us. Over the years weve worked to make SONAR the leading choice to compose, record, edit, mix, and master your music. When it came time to design the new features in SONAR 8.5 we decided to focus on what we felt would be the absolute best enhancements to help us all be more creative and produce better sounding music. Weve added new beat creation and arrangement tools, a new drum instrument loaded with stellar sounding kits, enhanced audio quantizing, new multi-stage effects plug-ins, and so much more. For this brochure, we thought it would be fun to introduce some of the real musicians who use SONAR on a daily basis. Theyll tell you about their favorite features, and you can learn about what SONAR offers to make you more creative, regardless of what genre of music you produce. Weve also included a special section from our friends at Intel, so you can learn how their latest technologies will benefit you as a musician. Were excited about the new version 8.5, and were sure you will be too. SONAR 8.5the musicians digital audio workstation. Read on


SONAR 8.5 is the digital audio workstation that offers oneof-a-kind music creation tools to help you right from the start of the production process. Whether you are searching for new ideas or looking to add musical parts to existing songs, SONAR 8.5 can help you breakthrough those creative blocks.


SONAR 8.5 provides the most comprehensive recording features of any DAW on the market today. Its designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional whether recording a solo performance, a band, or even an orchestra.
SONAR 8.5 offers precision editing tools you wont find in any other DAW. Whether youre working with audio or MIDI, its easy to make pinpoint edits and fix issues you didnt think were possible.


SONAR 8.5 puts you in complete control of your creative environment. Active Controller Technology gives you hands on control of your mix, effects, and instruments. You have the luxury to choose the right Windows-compatible hardware and plug-ins to meet your needs. And customize almost every aspect of the user interface to make it yours.
SONAR 8.5 offers the perfect mixing environment for any professional engineer. SONARs industry-first, end-to-end, 64-bit double precision floating point mix engine allows you to mix with unmatched sonic clarity using a suite of versatile effects, powerful mixing tools, and endless routing possibilities.


SONAR 8.5 gives you the tools to polish your tracks to perfection with high-end 64-bit effects designed specifically for mastering. SONAR provides the flexibility to export your mix in popular formats for final delivery, archiving, or for collaboration with other studios. You can also burn CDs or publish tracks to the web right from within SONAR.
NEW! PX-64 Percussion Strip NEW! VX-64 Vocal Strip NEW! Session Drummer 3 with bonus content NEW! Matrix View LP-64 Linear Phase Equalizer for mastering P-64 Linear Phase Multiband Compressor for mastering L TS-64 Transient Shaper TL-64 Tube Leveler C-64 Vintage Channel V ative Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE N

PX-64 Percussion Strip

The PX-64 Percussion Strip 7-stage multi-effects processor simplifies the art of dialing in your drum sounds by combining and optimizing the essential effects you need: EQ, compressor, expander, transient shaper, delay, and dual-stage saturator. Whether youre dealing with a poorly micd kit, need to remove room noise, or just want to punch things up, the PX-64 Percussion Strip instantly provides amazing sounding results.

VX-64 Vocal Strip

Vocals can make or break a song. The VX-64 Vocal Strip is a 7-stage multi-effects processor designed to make your vocals shine. The VX-64 Vocal Strip features EQ, compander, de-esser, doubler, delay, and dual-stage saturatorall in one plug-in. Make even ordinary vocals sound golden using the built-in presets or manually adjust settings to further refine your tone.

Matrix View

Enter the world of non-linear music composition and experience a whole new approach to creating music. The Matrix view allows you to load audio or MIDI tracks, loops, and one-shots to improvise compositions on the fly. Instantly create remixes, sketch out different arrangements for any song, and even perform live with just your MIDI keyboard or pad controller.

Step Sequencer 2.0

Create drum tracks, beats, bass, and synth lines with clicks of the mouse. Save time with a convenient auto-populate feature for common rhythmic patterns. Dont settle for robotic, stepsequenced partsthe exclusive Per-step Probability feature lets you add automatic variations. Make your sequences even more exciting with nuances like flam, swing, and time-offset.

Session Drummer 3

Quickly and easily create original, mix-ready drum parts for your productions with Session Drummer 3. Get your groove on with hundreds of patterns ranging from vintage rock to electronica and 20 complete drum kits including genuine Roland 707, 808, and 909 kits. Content providers include Ocean Way Studios, Steven Slate, Sonic Reality, and Groove Monkee.
Lexicon Pantheon Reverb imension Pro 1.2 virtual synthesizer D Hollywood Edge Sound FX library for Dimension Pro TruePianos Amber VSTi Beatscape looping instrument Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer Surround mixing in over 30 formats Sonitus Surround Compressor urroundBridge technology to use stereo FX in surround S


POW-r dithering




SONAR 8.5 gives you everything youyou need to create the SONAR 8.5 gives you everything need to create the hottest sounds in hip hop and R n B. Production and arrangement hottest sounds in hip hop and R n B. Production and tools like the Roland V-Vocal 1.5, Step-Sequencer 2.0, Matrix arrangement tools like the per-track Arpeggiator, View, per-track Arpeggiator, and AudioSnap 2.0 make it easy AudioSnap 2.0, and Matrix View make it easy to put to put togetherquality tracks fast whilebeats. And SONAR together radio radio-ready tracks and the expansive synths and bumpin basses from Z3TA+ and Rapture LE, and Roland drum soundsTR-707, 808, and 909 and bumpin authentic Roland TR-707, 808, and SONAR 8.5 the best basses from Dimension Pro make 909 drum sounds.
Matrix View Go beyond the MPC
A cell-based non-linear arrangement view where you can drag and drop any audio or MIDI file and start creating immediately. Connect to your MIDI keyboard or pad controller, capture your Matrix View performance
Step Sequencer 2.0 Beat creation on steroids
There is no faster way to build beats, bass, and synth lines than a Step Sequencer, and SONARs is the best in the business. With features like auto-populate, flam, perrow articulations, and per-step probability, your tracks are guaranteed to sound fresh.
features wide selection of sounds Rapture screaming selectionaof screaming synths from includingLE, authentic
choice in a DAW for hip hop and R n B.
Roland V-Vocal Perfect vocals and more
Dial in the robotic vocal sounds heard on todays chart-topping hip hop and R n B tracks, or throttle it back and get a more subtle tuned-vocal effect. V-Vocal goes beyond pitch control: adjust vibrato, timing, phrasing, and much more.
in SONAR and bring it to the club or the studio and let your creativity flow.
Kick it old school with Session Drummer 3 featuring the authentic sounds and patterns from genuine Roland TR-707, 808, and 909 drum machines Tear up the dance floor and assault the neighborhood with the fattest, cutting edge bass sounds from Z3TA+ and Rapture LE synthesizers
SONAR is on another level compared to other systems. Were SONAR is on another level compared in SONAR 8.5. The control and really digging the step sequencer to other systems. Were really digging the step sequencer in SONARlike no other DAW. It has us functionality of the features are 8.5. The control and functionality of the features is like no other DAW. It has us building our tracks faster building our tracks faster and bigger than ever, and we are also and bigger than ever, and we are also able to capture that old school able to capture that old school feel whenever we want.

feel whenever we want.

Easily take an acapella vocal and lock it to your productions, match beats, or even pinch the feel from one beat and play it with your own sounds using AudioSnap 2.0 Create tight staccato parts, stabs, and sweeping synth lines using the integrated per-track Arpeggiator Punch up your beats and get truly unique sounds with the PX-64 Percussion Strip, TS-64 Transient Shaper, and the Alias Factor Bit Decimator
DJ Johnny Juice (Pictured with Chuck D.) DJ Johnny Juice Public Enemy


Thunderous drums, huge guitar sounds, memorable vocals
Guitar Rig 3 LE Plug in your guitar and rock out
Whether you are in the studio or working a late night at home, you can access amazing guitar sounds for your rock productions right inside of SONAR. Guitar Rig 3 LE allows you to plug-in to the award-winning guitar amp modeler from Native Instruments. It includes 3 amps & cabinets, 11 effects, tuner, metronome, and over 50 presets.
VX-64 Vocal Strip Clean, clear vocals front and center
A clear, in your face vocal is the heart and soul of every great rock song. The VX-64 Vocal Strip makes it easy to sculpt your vocal tracks to perfection with 64 go-to presets, or create your own preset using seven stages of effects including tube saturation, compressor/expander, de-esser, doubler, and more.
all key ingredients to any good song. SONAR 8.5 delivers the goods with instruments, effects, and tools designed to bring the rock. Whether you are a band looking to cement your signature sound or a songwriter looking to back your tracks with the sound of a full band, there is no better choice than SONAR.
Session Drummer 3 Your own personal drummer
Drum sounds can make or break a recording. Session Drummer 3 puts production ready drums at your finger tips. Simple to use, it includes an extensive collection of drum kits and patterns from heavyweights like Steven Slate, Ocean Way Studios, Groove Monkee, and Sonic Reality.
With unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI, you can record your whole band, mic each component of a drum kit, and even record an entire orchestra Get the perfect take or solo using SONARs intuitive comping tools or use Track Layers to add massive guitar sounds, double vocals, and more Use the Media Browser to easily preview and build backing tracks from your library of audio and MIDI groove clips and patterns Use Loop Recording to capture the perfect part, try out different parts for your project, and play them back laterall hands free Make your vocals shine with powerful vocal processing/editing tools and effects like Roland V-Vocal 1.5, AudioSnap 2.0, VX-64, and more
No limit on tracks! Its a luxury like brushing your teeth, you dont realize you need it till its not there. Other DAWS limit you to 32 tracks and that isnt even enough for my neighbors Dead Kennedys rip off band. And the Rapture and Dimension Pro synths literally blew our minds. Were never gonna get bored with SONAR, we love it. Hollywood Undead


Remixing is a highly-skilled art form that requires the right tools inside the right DAW. SONAR 8.5 introduces cutting edge new features for remixers like the Matrix View and an integrated per-track arpeggiator that will breathe new life into your songs. Version 8.5 also improves on old favorites like AudioSnap and the Step Sequencer for instant access to powerful remixing tools that will propel your remixes to the dancefloor faster than ever.
AudioSnap 2.0: A Remixers Dream Come True
AudioSnap 2.0 is the tool that every remixer needs. With just one mouse-click, you can transform a track
Per-Track Arpeggiator: Instant Excitement
Get exciting variations on all of your tracks with SONAR 8.5s classic per-track arpeggiator. Perfect for creating new parts from any chord progression or adding hypnotic depth and dimension to your house, trance, or breakbeat tracks. Includes hundreds of presets including original arp patterns from classic synths.
Matrix View: Create Remixes on the Fly
The all new Matrix View is the perfect canvas for you to create remixes on the fly in the studio or on the stage. Load and trigger samples, one-hits, audio clips and MIDI patterns and let your creativity flow. Best of all, the Matrix View can be used with any pad or MIDI keyboard controller for realtime beat juggling and dynamic live performances.
to fit the tempo of your project, or vice-versa. You can even take multiple tracks from vastly different sources and lock them together into one tight groove. Plus, with the Radius Mix Advance Mode, you wont compromise the integrity of your audio.
Stay in the flow with Active Controller Technologyload any synth or effect and SONAR will remap your MIDI controller knobs, sliders, and buttons to keep you focused on the music
The new features in SONAR 8.5, such as 32-bit plug-ins in x64 environments, new freeze/archive buttons per track, MIDI arpeggiator, Ocean Way drums, bit decimator, mod filter and FX soloing are inspiring a new level of efficiency and creativeness to my remixes and scores. Justin Lassen, Producer/Composer/Remixer Madonna, Garbage, The Killers, Lady GaGa, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park
Find new inspirations with thousands of soundsSONAR 8.5 comes loaded with top-tier virtual instruments including highly respected Dimension Pro, Z3TA+, and Rapture LE Match your effects to the beat with tempo syncing effects like Tempo Delay and Modfilter, perfect for pinging repeats and filter sweeps Crush your drums, glitch your tracks, and get vintage 8-bit synth and video game sounds with the Alias Factor bit decimator Quickly preview any audio or MIDI file or sample with the Media Browser, and make any audio loop your own with per slice control over pitch, gain, and pan

64-bit plug-ins means pristine, accurate mixes
SONAR 8.5 includes a collection of 64-bit plug-ins giving you the upper-hand in creating clean accurate mixes. You can even take advantage of these amazing plugins without a 64-bit system.
While its true that SONAR made a name for itself in home and project studios around the world, in recent years it has quickly gained converts in top A-list studios, including the world famous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. These independent minds are choosing SONAR as their go-to DAW because of its unmatched raw power, fast and efficient workflow, and industry leading audio quality.

Configurable Console

Engineers and producers need precise control over the entire mix and SONAR 8.5 delivers with a state-of-the-art mixing environment. Completely configurable and flexible, SONARs Console View boasts integrated EQ on each track, unlimited sends and busses, and over 50 FX to dial up the perfect mix. And when you need the hands on feel of hardware, you can always add a control surface like the V-Studio VS-700C or other surfaces.
7 stage channel strip maximizes your vocals potential
7 stage channel strip to sculpt drums and percussion

TL-64 Tube Leveler

Warm up any audio source with pure tube tone

TS-64 Transient Shaper

Perfect for coloring the sound of any transient audio
Get the clearest, most defined mix possible with the industry-leading, end-to-end 64-bit mix engineplus the extended dynamic range means your stereo field wont collapse when you pile on tracks Create complex mix setups on the fly with SONARs flexible Universal Bus Architectureyou can add unlimited sends, busses, and routing options when you need them, without the need to restart Conveniently incorporate your favorite outboard compressors, EQs, and other processors right in SONARjust like a plug-in and with Automatic Delay Compensation to keep everything tight Polish and finalize your mix without adversely coloring your sound using SONARs LP-64 EQ and LP-64 Multiband, 64-bit linear phase mastering plug-ins Collaborate with other studios by sending broadcast wave files, export your final master at the highest quality possible (64-bit/384 kHz), and do it all with faster than realtime rendering

Until recently I thought the only way to catch a great vocal sound was with outboard gear. Then my ears were turned around by the new VX-64 Vocal Strip.the warmth and articulation sounds like a top of the line vocal mic pre amp. James Lott, Producer/Engineer Sun Studios, Memphis, TN


Creating music for film has never been easier and more convenient. With SONAR 8.5 you have the tools and resources you need right at your fingertips. From the Video Thumbnail View to help you reference your audio cues, Track Folders to help keep these enormous projects well organized, to an arsenal of virtual instruments ready to give your film score an authentic Hollywood sound.

Video Thumbnail Track

Keep your cues in sync with SONARs Video Thumbnail Track. Import any major video format and get a simplified, linear overview of your work making it easy to set up or reference different markers and cues in your video project an invaluable tool that will save you untold amounts of time and frustration.

Surround Sound

Give your audio-for-film projects the big time sound they deserve. SONAR 8.5 lets you mix in over 30 different surround formats, while SurroundBridge gives you access to your stereo effects in a surround environment.

Dimension Pro

Boasting over 1500 patches and an immense 7 GB sound library, Dimension Pro is the go-to synth that lays the bedrock for countless film, TV, and video game scores. Providing a wide array of traditional sounds from keys, basses, winds and orchestral; to ethnic world instruments; to synthesized textures that practically make a cue just by pressing one key, when you load Dimension Pro you are guaranteed to find what you need.
Turn hundreds of tracks of chaos into a well organized project with SONARs Track Folders Get the ultimate attention to detail with per-clip effectscustom craft a sound on an individual clip without affecting the entire track, saving you hours of automation Add cinematic sound effects and foley to your scores with the Hollywood Edge Sound FX Library for Dimension Pro
I use SONAR for everything from composition, audio tracking to score preparation, final mixing, and now score editing. Following each update over the years has greatly enhanced my creativity. Sean Murray, Film and Video Game Composer Call of Duty: World at War, True Crime: Streets of L.A.
Confidently push your projects to the limit with SONAR 8.5optimized for multi-threading, giving you higher track counts and lower latency Quickly time align hits, sound effects, dialog and more by dragging transients to match on screen action with AudioSnap 2.0

Start producing quickly with track templates that instantly load your favorite sounds Make beats and synth lines with the new Step Sequencer 2.0 Perform remixing and create arrangements on the fly with the Matrix view Get inspired with a suite of critically acclaimed virtual instruments, now easier to use with Instrument Tracks Build audio and MIDI tracks fast using Groove Clips, REX loops, and patterns with the new Media Browser Add hypnotic, rhythmic variations to your tracks with new per-track Arpeggiator Control all of your virtual instruments, tweak parameters, and link controls together from one central location with the Synth Rack Create radio-ready drums with Session Drummer 3
Capture all of your ideas with unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI Record at virtually any bit depth/sample rate up to 24bit/384 kHz Record an entire performance at once with support for multichannel audio interfaces Plug-in direct to access inspiring tones using Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 LE and 52 other audio effects Arm/unarm audio and MIDI tracks, punch in, punch out, and toggle between play and record on the fly Experience high track counts with low latency performance Record MIDI Tracks in perfect time with input quantize, or easily step record your parts Take multiple passes with a powerful loop recording mode which places each take on an individual track layer Play and record effect and soft synth output into audio tracks in realtime with live bounce
Perfect your vocal tracks with Roland V-Vocal processor Quantize audio, lock multiple tracks to the same groove, manipulate the timing of individual transients and more with AudioSnap 2.0 Assemble the perfect take with powerful comping and editing tools which make it easy to mute, partially mute, and crossfade clips together Quickly edit MIDI with state of the art Smart MIDI Tools Streamline your workflow and project organization with Track Folders Edit multiple tracks at once with group editing Freeze audio and instrument tracks for optimal performance Make detailed changes with clip based editing and effects Make audio loops unique with per-slice control of gain, pan, and pitch Make precision edits with Aim Assist and the MIDI Magnifier Quickly align MIDI notes with real-time Drag-Quantize
Retain every nuance of your mix with the industrys leading 64-bit audio engine Get hands on control of your mix, instruments, and effects with Active Controller Technology Get sophisticated mixes with flexible routing options, unlimited submixes and sends, internal sidechaining, and over 30 surround configurations Get superior drum sounds with the PX-64 Percussion Strip Sculpt incredible vocal tracks using the VX-64 Vocal Strip Emulate any acoustic environment with Perfect Space Convolution reverb Get amazing sounds on any track with the magic bullet VC-64 Vintage Channel Find and correct mix problems as they occur with Bus Waveform Preview Integrate DX & VST effects and external hardware with Automatic Plug-in Delay Compensation

Imagine having the full power of your desktop studio DAW anywhere you want it. Thats exactly what you get with the Core i7 Mobile processor. You get the full benefits of a Core i7 but now in a laptop. Its like the walls have come down and the world can now become your studio. If youre a musician on the go, there is no better choice than a Core i7-Mobile powered laptop. And best of all you can do it all now with just one machine.
Intel X25 SATA Solid-State Drive Fast, Quiet, and Safe Storage for your Audio Data
Solid state drives are an emerging type of hard drive with numerous benefits for audio production. SSDs are much faster than normal hard drives providing recording and playback of more simultaneous tracks. But probably most important, a solid state drive has no moving partsthat means quiet operation in your critical listening environment and your chances of losing your priceless audio data to mechanical failure are cut to virtually zero. FASTSolid State Drives are much faster than traditional hard drives. Accessing your data faster translates into simultaneous playback and recording of more tracks, and also faster load times and lower latencies when working with large banks of samples QUIETno moving parts means no hard drive access noise, and less cooling is required so theres less fan noise. At last, a quiet computer in your studio SAFESSD hard drives provides a new level of insurance for your audio productions. No moving parts cut the chances of mechanical drive failure to virtually zero, so youll never lose a take or your archives

Key benefits

Offers Hyper-threading Technologies on a quad core processor, which functionally gives you 8 independent virtual cores to process your productions With the Core i7, Intel effectively removed the frontside bus which reduces the bottlenecking when working at low latencies, commonly found with older chipsets
When film composer Shawn Clement and I teamed up to create a new version of my single Everything You Said to show off the combined power of SONAR and the Intel Core i7 processor, we were completely blown away with the results. We added a complete virtual orchestra, over 140 tracks, 24 virtual instruments, and 50+ effects all playing back live at 2 MS of latency. The crazy thing is, we could have kept going! The processor was only using 1/2 of its potentialthe creative possibilities are mindblowing. Cori Yarckin, Singer/Songwriter

The new I7 architecture gives you more than double the memory bandwidth, so you can quickly access the RAM in your machine when you need it most The Core i7s innovative new Turbo Boost technology will automatically overclock the processor to match your workload. When your project spikes, you can push your machine to its thermal limit To put it simplythe Core i7 will give you more when you are feeling creative: more tracks, more simultaneous effects, and more simultaneous instruments

THE REVIEWErs choice

SONAR isnt just a favorite among musicians, it also consistently receives rave reviews from the top editors in our industry. Heres a sampling of recent press:


EDITORs CHOICE: Overflowing with new goodies that will not only improve your workflow but offer inspiration as well. 10/10 Rating.


SONAR is mature, stable, and powerfulput it at or near the top of your shopping list if youre planning to add serious music tools to your PC.
CERTIFIED HIT: SONARs focus on both the artist and the engineer is evident the performance, stability, and workflow enhancements pay off, making SONAR 8 my favorite release yet.


SONAR is a mature, well endowed DAWversion 8 noses SONAR ahead of the DAW game in every area.


One of the most compelling SONAR upgrades in years.


SONAR is still the lead sequencer on the PC by a long shot. 9/10 Rating.


As for justifying its cost, SONAR pays you back with reliability, predictability, and an arsenal of effects tools that would be tough to match anywhere else.


VALUE AWARD: SONAR 8 has a storming plug-in collection and a powerful and compelling feature set.


SONAR has matured into an efficient, versatile program with excellent workflow. Version 8.5 delivers more than it promises.


For the newcomer to high-end Windows audio programs, I can think of no better DAW.
Add pROFESSIONAL hardware solutions to your SONAR studio:
Audio and MIDI Interfaces
UA-101 Professional 10x10 USB 2.0 Audio Interface
The UA-101 is a half-rack, high-speed USB 2.0 audio interface designed to turn your PC into a powerful digital audio workstation.
UA-25EX 24-bit/96 kHz USB Audio Interface
The UA-25EX is a feature packed, professional-level 2x2 24bit/96 kHz USB Audio Interface.
FA-x 6 24-bit/192 kHz FireWire Audio Capture
The FA-66 is specially designed with premium audio components to improve your audio playback and recording quality.
V-Studio 700: Ultimate Music Production System
Introducing the next generation V-STUDIO, the V-STUDIO 700 provides the ultimate solution for creative music production through a complete offering of finely tuned and tightly-integrated hardware and software, including VS-700C Control Surface, VS-700R I/O, Roland Fantom Hardware Synthesizer, SONAR 8.5 Producer, and Rapture.
V-Studio 100 Portable Music Production Studio
V-Studio 100 is the portable music production studio that lets you create, record, produce, and perform music with or without a computer. V-Studio 100 is based on technology found in the flagship V-Studio 700 music production system and combines together an audio interface, control surface, digital mixer, and SD WAV recorder. Its compact, all-in-one design is perfect for your mobile recording needs and powerful enough to be the centerpiece of your home studio.
UA-4FX USB Audio Interface
The UA-4FX is a compact and portable 24-bit/96 kHz USB audio interface featuring genuine Roland COSM preamp emulation technology and high quality effects.

UA-1G Audio Interface

Stylish, sleek, and easy-to-use, the portable UA-1G allows musicians and hobbyists to record and playback high quality audio on their computers.
UM-3G 3x3 USB MIDI Interface
The UM-3G is portable, affordable, and expandable 3-In/3-Out USB MIDI Interface designed for easy connection of a computer to multiple MIDI devices.

Plus others

A-PRO Series MIDI controllers
If you're looking for a keyboard controller that you can use in the studio, on-stage, or anywhere you feel inspired, look no further than the A-PRO Series MIDI controllers. Combining the best of Roland engineering with Cakewalk's legendary ease-of-use, the A-PRO series has the features and feel you need to get the most out of your music performances and productions.

Sound Modules

Desktop Monitors
SD-50 Mobile Studio Canvas
The Mobile Studio Canvas includes the Roland SD-50 which combines a high quality sound module with an audio and MIDI

MA-7A Desktop Monitors

The MA-7A Stereo Reference Monitors are the ideal solution for musicians and computer users who demand the best audio quality possible in a very confined space.

MA-15D Desktop Monitors

The MA-15D Digital Stereo Monitors offer a wide-range spectrum and crystal-clear audio reproduction. Perfect as studio reference monitors or as a second set of monitors for surround sound.
A-300PRO: 32-Key USB Controller
A-500PRO: 49-Key USB Controller
A-800PRO: 61-Key USB Controller
interface, and SONAR 8.5 LE recording software.
For more information visit
SONAR Home Studio 7 User Interface Number of Tracks Included Virtual Instruments Included Audio Effects Maximum Audio Quality Internal Audio Engine Creative Tools Editing Capabilities Mixing Environment Mastering capabilities Upgrades start at Estimated Street price Simple 12 24-bit/96kHz 32-bit Good Intermediate Basic None $59 $99
SONAR Home Studio 7 XL SONAR 8.5 Studio Simple 14 24-bit/96kHz 32-bit Good + More Plug-ins Intermediate Basic Basic $79 $159 Professional Unlimited 24-bit/384kHz 64-bit Better Advanced Advanced Intermediate $79 $299
SONAR 8.5 Producer Professional Unlimited 24-bit/384kHz 64-bit Best Advanced Advanced including surround Advanced $99 $499
Cakewalk is a registered trademark and SONAR, Dimension, Rapture, Z3TA+ and the Cakewalk logo are trademarks of Cakewalk, Inc. QuickTime is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used under license. ASIO and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies AG. ReWire is a trademark of Propellerhead Software, AB. Guitar Rig is a trademark of Native Instruments, GMBH. Lexicon Pantheon is a trademark of Lexicon Pro, a Harman International Company. iZotope Radius copyright 20052006 iZotope, Inc. Sonic Reality is a registered trademark of Sonic Reality. Groove Monkee is a registered trademark of Groove Monkee. Steven Slate Drums is a trademark of Yellow Matter Entertainment. Other trademarks mentioned are held by their respective owners. Intel, the Intel logo and Intel Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
For more information, visit a Cakewalk dealer near you or visit
888.CAKEWALK +1 (617) 423-9004 outside the U.S.



MIDI Keyboard Controller MIDI Keyboard Controller
for MicrosoftWindows 7 Windows Vista/ WindowsXP

for Mac OSX

The A-500S is a 49 key, full-sized, simple MIDI keyboard controller designed by Cakewalk and Roland. It provides real keyboard feel and response in an ergonomic and portable design.

A-500S Side Panel

A-500S Highlights
49-note, velocity-sensitive, standard keyboard Quality feel & response for serious players Match your playing style with 12 velocity curves & fixed
velocity mode Sure grip, rubber-coated Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever Rotary encoder and 3 digit 7-segment LED Display Octave buttons Expand playability by adding Sustain and Expression Pedals (available separately) Side panel connections for streamlined routing MIDI Out port with low latency FPT transmission Choose your power: USB Bus/AA Battery/AC Adaptor (Optional) Includes Production Plus Pack: 3 instruments and SONAR 8.5 LE recording software
6x6 24-bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture 6x6 24-bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture b


If youre looking to take your music productions to the next level, the FA-66 is your perfect solution. The FA-66 has been specially designed with premium audio components to improve your audio playback and recording quality in Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Reason, SONAR and other music production titles on Mac and PC.

FA-66 Rear Panel

FA-66 Highlights
Simultaneous 6-input / 6-output performance at 24-bit / 96 kHz Simultaneous 4-input / 4-output performance at 24-bit / 192 kHz Two premium XLR/ TRS
combo inputs with professional mic preamps and independent sensitivity control Hi-Z input for Electric Guitar or Bass recording, Built-in Analog Limiter
Digital I/O (Optical type, conforms to IEC60958) with Digital Sync indicator, MIDI I/O Responsive Low Latency Driver Performance with WDM, ASIO 2.0
and Core Audio Support Plug and play on Mac OS X with Apple Standard Driver support Zero-Latency, Direct Monitoring FireWire Bus Powered, no AC adaptor required, ideal for mobile use Compact and rugged solid-metal construction Includes Production Plus Pack: 3 instruments and SONAR 8.5 LE recording software FireWire 800 cable included
A-800PRO / A-500PRO / A-300PRO Mobile Studio Canvas A-500S, FA-66
All specifications and appearances are subject to change. All trademarks used in this catalog are the property of their respective companies. Printed in Japan Dec. 2009 RAM-4536 CW-ISI-SS CBDD1

A-PRO Series

MIDI Keyboard Controllers MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Mobile Studio Canvas

The Mobile Studio Canvas is the new solution package for music production from Cakewalk. It includes the Roland SD-50 Sound Module and Cakewalks SONAR 8.5 LE DAW Software.
Sound Module Sound Module with DAW Software i ith ft f with DAW Software
If youre looking for keyboard controllers that you can use in the studio, on-stage, or anywhere you feel inspired, look no further than the A-PRO. Combining the best of Roland engineering with Cakewalks legendary ease-of-use, the A-PRO series has the features and feel you need to get the most out of your music performances and productions.
A-300PRO (32 keys) A-500PRO (49 keys) A-800PRO (61 keys)

Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE

(Windows Only) (Mac + Windows)

Roland SD-50

The A-PRO Series keyboards are perfect for use with a wide variety of software on Mac or PC including Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Pro Tools, and SONAR.
Velocity-sensitive keys (available in 32, 49, and 61 key models) Inspiring feel & response for serious players 45 assignable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, transport & more 8 Dynamic Pads for finger drumming & MIDI triggering Sure-grip Pitch Bend/Modulation Stick Expand playability with Sustain & Expression Pedals
SONAR LE Easy tools to record, edit, and mix songs for Windows customers getting started with recording. 32 audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks, 6

Cakewalk Sound Center Expandable virtual instrument providing over 100 high quality sounds and an easy to use interface. The perfect instrument to start your productions.

(Mac + Windows)

Compact, portable USB Bus powered Audio & MIDI solution,
USB memory drive for quick playback of MP3/WAV/AIFF/MIDI files Enhanced Transport Controls for file playback including the ability
Studio Instruments Drums A great solution for creating pro-sounding drum tracks or just jamming along. Make beats with patterns by professional drummers or create your own.
Rapture LE Amazing synthesizer featuring 198 professionallycreated leads, basses, and pads that cut through and stand out in your electronic, pop, and hip hop productions.
perfect for laptop and mobile use 128 polyphony, 1,125 GM2/GS/SD-50 Solo Tones and 32 drum sets Features SD-50 Solo Tones including Shakuhachi, Trombone, and Violin 2-in/2-out, 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio interface with XLR/ inputs/Phantom Power/Hi-Z input, 1 x 1 MIDI interface, and V-LINK support Built-in hardware DSP FX for Reverb, Chorus, and Mastering
to change keys, tempos, A/B Loop, Repeat, Center Cancel (for Karaoke) and more Powered by AC Adaptor, USB bus power, or batteries Compatible with Windows and Mac computers Includes SONAR 8.5 LE recording software (Windows only)

(available separately)

USB Bus Powered no AC adaptor required (AC adaptor is an optional) Durable Roland-quality manufacturing & craftsmanship Ready to play with 3 included virtual instruments Works with any DAW on Mac or PC Supports Windows 7 & Mac OS X Snow Leopard

A-PRO Series Side Panel

SD-50 Rear Panel

SD-50 Side Panel


Technical specifications

Full description

Cakewalk 10-CWSP8.00-90C Sonar 8.5 Sonar 8.5 Producer - Audio Production Software (Educational Discount) Audio MIDI Audio for Picture Record/Edit Unlimited Tracks Surround Capable Anytime Record Multi-Track Audio - Snap Dedicated Instrument Tracks Multiple Virtual Instruments Active Controller Technology Support for VST Direct - X Re - Wire Windows XP/Vista/7 Audio Recording Software SONAR 8.5 Producer from Cakewalk is fully-featured software for music production designed to cover every step of the production cycle from composing with virtual instruments to recording and mixing both in stereo and surround. The Producer version includes all the features of the Studio version but adds surround capabilities and a host of virtual instruments. Optimization and workflow enhancements include the ability to disconnect and reconnect again MIDI interfaces and control surfaces while SONAR is running without the need to restart SONAR. The software now provides native REX loop support via the Track View updated Media Browser and new Matrix View. Windows 7 is also now recommended as a platform for SONAR 8.5. The Roland V-Vocal editor lets you achieve perfect vocals tracks and is integrated inside SONAR. It includes pitch correction phrasing dynamics vibrato and Pitch to MIDI conversion. A host of other features guarantee that any professional project can be fully and quickly completed within the 64-bit double precision environment of SONAR 8.5 Producer Edition. PRO AUDIO-Computer Audio 787537018103 Sonar 8.5 Producer Audio Production Software (Educational Discount) Audio M I D I Audio for Picture Record/Edit Unlimited Tracks Surround Capable Anytime Record Multi



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