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Sushubh 7:12am on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 
Saved me a small fortune In class last month we had a module in film editing using Final Cut Pro 5. The power of FCP was an eye-opening experience. Saved me a small fortune In class last month we had a module in film editing using Final Cut Pro 5. The power of FCP was an eye-opening experience.
Lowik 10:35pm on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 
Great bright light I have gone through two other brand lights and was about to give up finding a good one. This one is definitely a cut above.

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Software WHATS NEW

SONY Vegas Movie Studio +DVD 6


Vegas Movie Studio +DVD Platinum Edition 6
Four video tracks and key frame-based automation make it easier to layer and animate multiple elements
Vegas Movie Studio was for many years the most powerful, stable and easy-touse video-editing software aimed at home users. That changed with the arrival of Adobe Premiere Elements in late 2004. Movie Studio was the slicker of the two and its DVD authoring was far superior, but Premiere Elements had a clear lead in terms of editing power. Sonys response is Movie Studio 6. Rather than being developed from the previous version, Sony has cut a few advanced features out of its agship Vegas 6 editor. The result is a vast improvement over Movie Studio 4 (there was no version 5, presumably to synchronise version numbers with Vegas) with a mass of powerful new features. Movie Studio 4 included Start and End settings for effects, which allowed settings to change over time. In version 6, this is replaced by key frame automation, so users can dene settings at multiple points in a clip and morph between them with options such as Linear, Smooth and Hold. The video and audio track counts increase from three to four each, allowing for more complex montages. Four isnt as impressive as Premiere Elements unlimited tracks, but its plenty for most jobs. Its now easy to spot when video and audio has lost sync and easy to x it. Video and audio can be reversed, and a new Noise Texture tool generates attractive, amorphous abstract patterns. Theres support for ASIO sound cards, VST and DirectX audio plug-ins and multi-processor PCs. The interface can be rearranged to spread over two monitors, and the software can output previews as a Digital Video (DV) stream for monitoring on a TV via a DV camera. The only disappointment is that the button for quickly toggling full-resolution previews has disappeared; this was quite handy for most people with a single monitor. DVD Architect Studio, which comes bundled in the package, was already in a different league to the DVD authoring facilities included with other sub-100 video-editing programs, but version 3 leaves the competition for dust. It supports playlists for creating alternative orders of videos on a disc, ideal for adding a Play All option. End actions tell DVD players what to do at the end of a video clip or menu. You can even prohibit specic remote control buttons in a menu or video. All that separates it from authoring software that costs hundreds of pounds is the lack of support for subtitles, surround sound or multiple audio and video streams for alternate languages and camera angles. DVD Architect Studios new features make the software a bit more intimidating for new users than before. Basic tasks are still easy to achieve, but some features that were well sign-posted before are a little harder to nd. However, the new tutorials, which literally point out what needs clicking for various tasks, should keep beginners on track.
Platinum Edition adds advanced colour correction and support for High Denition Video


Platinum Edition is a new addition to the Vegas family. It is essentially Vegas Movie Studio with support for High Denition Video (HDV) cameras and footage. HDV offers a massive quality jump over MiniDV; within a couple of years, itll probably be the standard domestic camcorder format. The only problem is that HDV signicantly increases demands on the PC; previewing video with effects is jerky, even on a fast PC. There are other benets that make Platinum Edition a good choice. The best of these is the Colour Corrector effect, which is vastly more powerful than the standard versions various colour lters. Some extra transitions, sound effects and Acid XMC, Sonys entry-level music-making program, are also included. The Vegas range has always been a delight to use, and with this update Movie Studio no longer feels underpowered compared to Premiere Elements. The standard version is a superb package, but the Platinum Editions HDV support and advanced colour correction make it perfect for those with high aspirations. Ben Pitt

Lots of powerful new features affordable video production puts Movie Studio back on top for
DVD Architect Studio may be a little bewildering for inexperienced users


Windows 2000/XP, 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM, (2.8GHz, 512MB recommended for HDV), 200MB disk space. Product codes Movie Studio +DVD 6: SVMSDV6000; Platinum Edition: SPVMSDV6000 REPRINTED FROM DECEMBER 2005 COMPUTER SHOPPER

29/8/06 11:37:37

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio +DVD 6
Like Premiere Elements, Vegas Movie Studio +DVD is a cut down version of a professional editing package in this case Sony Vegas +DVD. The result is a program thats far more powerful and polished than most affordable videoediting software. Movie Studio 6 is developed directly from Vegas 6 rather than the previous version of Movie Studio, bringing with it a rash of superb new features. The highlight is full keyframe automation for creating evolving effects, which is far more versatile than the previous versions Start and End settings. Its now possible to reverse clips, and to preview video on a TV screen via a DV camera that supports DV in. Alternatively, if you have two monitors, you can drag the preview window to its own screen and enlarge it for fullsize previews. Theres an extra video and audio track, bringing the total of each to four. Movie Studios excellent audio capabilities are augmented by support for VST plug-in effects, which can be applied to individual clips as well as to audio tracks. Its often useful to break a video from its soundtrack during editing, but now its easy to spot when the video and audio has lost sync, as well as being easy to fix. DVD authoring comes from a bundled program called DVD Architect and it too has a raft of improvements. It now offers huge scope to customise not only the look of DVD menus, but also how they link together what happens at the end of video titles and even which DVD remote control buttons do what. Spending an extra 24 on Vegas Movie Studio +DVD Platinum Edition adds support for HDV. Previews of the native HDV footage are jerky, but the video can be converted to an intermediate HD format for easier editing, with no discernable loss of quality. The Platinum Edition also includes an advanced colour correction effect, a copy of Sonys entry-level music maker, Acid XMC, and a book about HD video.
REQUIRES Windows 2000/ XP, 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM, (2.8GHz, 512MB recommended for HDV), 200MB disk space CONTACT WEB SITE

75 inc VAT

Vegas Movie Studio handles complex tasks with precision, while its dragand-drop interface makes it easy for beginners to get stuck in.

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