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Whirlpool Duet Electric DryerWhirlpool WED9150WW 6.7 Cu ft Axis Electric Dryer
Uses up to 35% less energy with Eco Normal cycle when paired with a Duet washer. A more precise set of heat and moisture detection sensor allows clothes to dry more efficiently. Dry Time = Wash Time with Accelercare drying system. Wrinkle Shield option tumbles the dryer every 5 minutes after the cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting into clean dry fabrics for up to 60 minutes.

Part Numbers: DSU RH 1011, WED9150WW
UPC: 0883049188188, 883049188188
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ClickClick 11:33pm on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
We purchased this dryer as a pair with the Duet Sport washer. Large capacity, moisture sensor, wrinkle guard. Small compact dryer with many options to dry your clothes. Energy efficent, compact, and quiet none
cloricus 9:38am on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
This dryer works very well, I have only had it a couple of weeks but it seems to work great. Energy Efficient, quiet, many options a bit pricy
dutchpetra 6:43am on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
"I purchased this set about 3 months ago. It worked great at first and I was amazed how clean everything came out. The drying time was great. "I just purchased this dryer on 4/8/08 and had it delivered/installed 4/23/08. After waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive.
trafis 6:23pm on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
This dryer really does a good job--attractive, lots of selections, and fast drying! As I mentioned above.
LoloCeresa 1:05pm on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 
"I purchased this dryer along with the Duet Sport washing machine. They make a great pair! Ideal capacity for two people." Perfect for two people.

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Duet Electronic Electric Dryer


51" (130.81 cm)
Electrical: This dryer requires a 3 or 4 wire, single phase, 120/240 volt, 60 Hz., AC only electrical supply (or 3 or 4 wire, 120/208 volt electrical supply, if specified on the serial/rating plate) on a separate 30-amp circuit, fused on both sides of the line. A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is recommended. Connect to an individual branch circuit. Do not have a fuse in the neutral or grounding circuit. Exhaust venting: Exhaust your dryer to the outside. Four inch diameter vent is required. Rigid or flexible metal exhaust vent must be used. Do not use plastic or metal foil vent. Exhaust outlet hood must be at least 12 inches from the ground or any object that may be in the path of the exhaust.

38" (96.52 cm)

*31" (80 cm)

27" (68.6 cm)

* Most installations require a minimum 5 (12.7 cm) clearance behind the dryer for the exhaust vent with elbow. See Installations Instructions, Venting Requirements.
RECESSED AREA AND CLOSET INSTALLATION For closet installation, with a door, the minimum ventilation openings in the top and bottom of the door are required. Louvered doors with equivalent air ventilation openings in the top and bottom are acceptable.
14" max.* (35.6 cm) 18" min.* (45.72 cm) 3"* (7.6 cm) 48 in.2* (310 cm 2)
14" max.* (35.6 cm) 18" min.* (45.72 cm)
Dimensions shown are for minimum spacing.
0" (0 cm) 38" min. (96.52 cm)

1"* (2.5 cm)

24 in.2* (155 cm 2) 1"* 5"** 31" (2.5 cm) (80 cm) (12.7 cm)

*Required spacing

3"* (7.6 cm)

1" (2.5 cm)

1" 1"* (2.5 cm) (2.5 cm)

31" (80 cm)

5"** (12.7 cm)
EXHAUST VENTING Recommended hood styles
A. Recessed area B. Side view - closet or confined area
A. Side view - closet or confined area B. Closet door with vents
Angled hood style is acceptable.

4" (10.2 cm)

**Side or bottom venting, 0" (0 cm) spacing is allowed.
*Required spacing **For side or bottom venting, 0" (0 cm) spacing is allowed.

Dryer on pedestal

7"* (17.8 cm) 7"* (17.8 cm)
4" (10.2 cm) 4" (10.2 cm)

2.5" (6.4 cm)

Dryer only
A. Louvered hood style B. Box hood style
Number of 90 turns or elbows 0 Type of vent Box or Louvered hoods 64 ft (20 m) 36 ft (11 m) 54 ft (16.5 m) 31 ft (9.4 m) 44 ft (13.4 m) 27 ft (8.2 m) 35 ft (10.7 m) 25 ft (7.6 m) 27 ft (8.2 m) 23 ft (7 m) Angled hoods
Recommended installation spacing for cabinet installation
For cabinet installation, with a door, the minimum ventilation openings in the top are required.

9"* (22.9 cm)

Rigid metal Flexible metal Rigid metal Flexible metal Rigid metal Flexible metal Rigid metal Flexible metal Rigid metal Flexible metal

58 ft (17.7 m) 28 ft (8.5 m) 48 ft (14.6 m) 23 ft (7 m) 38 ft (11.6 m) 19 ft (5.8 m) 29 ft (8.8 m) 17 ft (5.2 m) 21 ft (6.4 m) 15 ft (4.6 m)
1"* 27" 1" 1" 5"** 31 " (12.7 cm) (80.0 cm) (2.5 cm) (2.5 cm) (68.6 cm) (2.5 cm)
NOTE: Side and bottom exhaust installations have a 90 turn inside the dryer. To determine maximum exhaust length, add one 90 turn to the chart.
Select the route that will provide the straightest and most direct path outdoors. Plan the installation to use the fewest number of elbows and turns. Use the fewest 90 turns possible. Do not use vent runs longer than specified in vent length chart. Determine the number of elbows you will need.
Dimensions are for planning purposes only. For complete details, see Installation Instructions packed with product. Specifications subject to change without notice. Ref. W10110850A 08-31-07
Because Whirlpool Corporation policy includes a continuous commitment to improve our products, we reserve the right to change materials and specifications without notice.


Large Capacity Highest Efficiency Learn more at
Whirlpool Duet High-Efficiency Laundry Pair with 6th Sense Technology
Whirlpool brands Duet laundry pair provides intelligent fabric care to keep your clothes looking newer longer*.
Intuitive Detergent Dispensing
Precision Dispense Ultra, part of 6th Sense Technology, adds detergent as the washer fills, then monitors wash conditions throughout the cycle to add more if needed.

Helpful Laundry Apps

A built-in suite of laundry apps gives you practical answers to common laundry questions.

Adjusts to Your Load

6th Sense Technology employs 16 adaptive wash actions to deep clean fabrics gently, taking the guesswork out of getting the best clean for your clothes.

SilentSteel Dryer Drum

No more noisy metal buttons and zippers clanking inside the dryer. The SilentSteel Drum features a unique sound-dampening laminate to help absorb noise as it tumbles.
Advanced Moisture Sensing Ultra Quiet Operation
Quiet Spin 360 uses 6th Sense Technology to recognize off-balance loads and then self-adjust, keeping the wash basket centered. Built-in sensors monitor air temperatures and moisture levels during the drying cycle. When clothes are appropriately dry, it automatically shuts off.
Purchase your Duet pair today, and remember to:
Measure the dimensions of the doorways leading into your house and laundry room. Evaluate the electrical, gas and plumbing systems in your home, and contact licensed professionals for necessary upgrades or installations. Ask your retailer about promotions and offers on Duet laundry pairs that are currently available in your area. Contact your local municipality to determine the most ecologically responsible way to recycle your old appliances.






WASHER: 38 1/2 " X 30 1/2 " X 27" DRYER: 38 1/2 " X 31 1/2 " X 27"


For answers to any questions or to find additional information on Whirlpool Duet , please visit us online or call 1-866-698-2538.



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