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Blackberry 6710Lexerd - Rim Blackberry 6710 TrueVue Crystal Clear PDA Screen Protector Dual Pack Bundle

Brand: Lexerd
UPC: 0894685125727, 894685125727

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maximead 3:22pm on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 
Nokia 6710 Navigator Good service from Amazon. The Nokia 6710 Navigator lives up to the reputation of Nokia, and the Navigator range.
DJViking 6:57am on Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 
DONT waste your $$ Stopped working after 2 weeks. Couldnt hear anything out of one ear plug. What a waste.
edwards 2:52pm on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 
QWERTY keyboard, corporate e-mail access, speaker/mic, trackwheel Dual band, monochrome display, limited memory.
hansman 12:43am on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 
Both cellular and e-mail capability in the same unit No voicememos, control on time backlight stays on, touchscreen, easy way to flag messages best e-mail appliance now combined with great cellular phone RIM applications are inferior to palm
coldwinston 11:58pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Good Product. Cheap and best Nice product. Works ... Am an Indian software Engineer having to call my team in India for long every single day.
lohari 2:46am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
I carry a blackberry 7200 series, and it is every bit a PDA, and a cell phone. It is full color, sends and recives email.
remdelyon 4:18am on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
excellent phone, only one flaw so far a great upgrade from my previous Nokia 6210 navigator phone, with bigger brighter screen.

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BlackBerry 6710 Wireless Handheld

For GSM/GPRS Networks

BlackBerry is the leading wireless solution that keeps mobile professionals connected to their important information and communications while on the go. It is an award-winning platform that provides users around the world with wireless access to a full suite of business applications, including email, phone, web, SMS and organizer applications.
Easy-To-Use Wireless Handheld
BlackBerry handhelds provide an intuitive user experience. Simply click on an email address, telephone number or URL inside a message to automatically begin composing the new email, make the call or link to the web page. You can easily navigate through icons, menus and options with the roll and click trackwheel and quickly compose messages or enter data using the familiar QWERTY keyboard.
BlackBerry gives you the power to manage your email on the go. BlackBerry is a wireless extension of your email mailbox that allows you to read, compose, forward, reply, file or delete messages at your convenience. Your email is delivered automatically - you don't need to send a request for new email and you're notified when new email arrives. You can also control which messages you receive on your wireless handheld by setting email filters that monitor key words and message fields.
The BlackBerry 6710 includes: o Integrated speaker/microphone o Roaming capabilities between North America and Europe o QWERTY keyboard o Thumb-operated trackwheel o Removable/rechargeable battery o Included travel charger o Multiple software applications

Phone and SMS

The BlackBerry 6710 includes an integrated phone that supports GSM services*. You have the option of either using the integrated speaker and microphone to quickly answer a call or the included hands-free headset. Using the headset, you can easily access other applications (ex. calendar, address book, etc.) while on a call. Plus, SMS (Short Messaging Service) allows you to quickly exchange short text messages with other SMS-enabled devices using the BlackBerry handheld's QWERTY keyboard.
Your BlackBerry handheld allows you to send and receive messages while on the go using the following types of accounts*: o Existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) email account o New handheld email account o Existing enterprise email account**


The BlackBerry 6710 incorporates Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), providing the ability to support a variety of applications. J2ME is optimized for wireless devices and provides an industry standard programming environment for custom and commercial application development and deployment.


BlackBerry provides a personal organizer to maximize your productivity. You can access your calendar, address book and task list that you depend on every day.


An increasing variety of optional Internet services* are available that allow for wireless access to information on the web. You can retrieve a wide range of information including news, travel, business and entertainment updates.


BlackBerry Wireless Corporate Data Access Puts Investors Ahead of the Competition
Essex Investment Management Company, a Boston-based investment firm, operates in an industry where making the right stock call can mean millions of dollars to their customers and their company. Their challenge: give Essex sales people first-hand access to critical information that fuels company growth, while also finding a data access solution that is secure, simple for the user, integrates into their existing IT infrastructure and meets budget mandates. Essex were pleasantly surprised to discover that their existing Intranet was already compatible with one data access solution and the integration could be done in-house. The reason? BlackBerry enabled with the Mobile Data Service (MDS) feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Today, Essex enjoys numerous benefits with BlackBerry: Improved customer service that differentiates them in the financial market More effective sales teams armed with customized information Reduced purchasing costs Reduced IT costs Highly efficient management of their corporate data access solution

Solution Overview


Industry Situation

Essex sales teams traveling to clients for less than three days needed secure, real-time access to core company data, without having to carry cumbersome, expensive laptops. Essex Investment Management Company, LLC is a Boston-based investment management firm that specializes in growth equity investments on behalf of institutional and private clients. Essex placed BlackBerry 6710 handhelds, powered by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with Mobile Data Service (MDS), in the hands of every salesperson. MDS gave sales people secure access to internal Web pages customized with customer and company content. This new level of information access improved customer responsiveness and differentiated Essex in the market. BlackBerry replaced Essex's dependence on laptops with a more cost-effective, convenient wireless solution. Additionally, seamless integration of BlackBerry with the Essex IT infrastructure meant the company avoided the investment in highly customized solutions.

Company Profile



In 2000, Essex implemented a BlackBerry pilot program with members of the IT staff, followed by a rollout of BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds to the company's frontline administrators, analysts and portfolio managers. When any Essex employee traveled, BlackBerry served as a corporate email solution, while laptops were mandatory for accessing attachments and prospectus's from the company's research database. But the system was inelegant since it relied on the availability of dial-up on laptops - causing portfolio managers to complain about both the weight of laptops and the loss of precious time serving their customers. Essex decided that a wireless solution with corporate data access was right for employees traveling for less than three days; longer trips still required laptops to enable updates to core research. The solution needed to have reliable customer support, scalability, advanced functionality, and had to meet FCC security guidelines. Their search for a wireless alternative came to an end with the BlackBerry 6710 equipped with the MDS feature. "When Research In Motion (RIM) came out with the BlackBerry 6710, it was the answer to all our needs - and then some," says Randal Wilson, IT Assistant Vice President at Essex. "The Mobile Data Service enhanced everything that we could possibly want. It gave us the ability to get our internal data to the end user which is extremely important in today's financial sector."
BlackBerry is the Right Call for Users and Management
Essex's primary concern was the ability of BlackBerry to deliver current corporate data that could be easily accessed by the end user. In their case, busy portfolio managers and analysts who can't spend the time learning complicated technology. They also wanted to be sure BlackBerry allowed cross-platform access to customer portfolios and investment prospectus's managed through a variety of applications, such as Lotus Notes. Essex discovered that the MDS feature on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server meant information could be pulled from the company's Intranet and reformatted for easy reading on the BlackBerry handheld. All the user had to do was login to a specified Web page and they would be sent the most up-to-date customer information or market data. "When our sales people go to a client, they now get real-time data and have the ability to show customers their portfolios on-the spot," says Wilson. "That is a huge differentiator for our company. Our customers are intensely watching their investments to maximize any and every opportunity. They want to know if they're meeting their benchmarks and now we have the ability to show them every bit of information we have." Selling the users is only half the battle with new technology. The management team at Essex also needed to see clear return on investment. The IT group made the case that the BlackBerry with MDS would save the hard costs associated with the purchase of new laptops. Going forward, all portfolio managers and analysts would receive the BlackBerry 6710, which could be used on business trips up to three days. Their existing laptops would be placed in a pool, which employees could sign out for longer trips. Management was sold once they discovered that the company would not need to buy any more laptops. They were equally impressed at the value of BlackBerry at one-sixth the price of a new laptop.

BlackBerry and MDS Leverages the Company's Existing Network
BlackBerry and MDS also answered key IT concerns. In their search for a data access solution, the company considered hiring a third party developer to create a custom wireless application. But BlackBerry enabled them to use their existing hardware, which was already compatible with seamless integration of corporate data access. BlackBerry enabled with MDS provides http connectivity between the wireless network and an enterprise's Intranet. "Before MDS came out, we were going to need to build another engine for access to data. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to use our Intranet," says Wilson. "A lot of the companies we spoke to wanted to build their own interface. But with MDS, as long as you have an Intranet, built on HTML, the MDS piece functions seamlessly. We just used our internal IT expert to integrate MDS within our existing Intranet."
Seamless Implementation: An Invaluable Asset
Determining what the sales people were going to see on their BlackBerry handhelds once they logged in was the first step in implementation. Many users wanted to see everything on a 3 x 5 screen that they would see on desktop access to the same internal Web page. Essex determined that BlackBerry users would see a scaled down version of the corporate data Web page. They would forgo the use of graphics, even though BlackBerry can accommodate images, to keep data transfer charges at a minimum. The format was changed to suit the smaller screen. Wilson says one of the keys to their success was the advanced functionality offered through BlackBerry. Essex created what could be called their version of corporate data "speed dial." The user logged into information specifically customized to their needs without having to search through several screens. The IT group managed what data the end users received through the content specified on the login. They then considered whether the information would be accessible through push or pull technology. Although they dreamt of pushing all information out to their traveling representatives, the reality of sending large volumes of information negated that option. Essex was also mindful of the higher usage costs involved in transmitting data and determined that their BlackBerry-enabled representatives would pull information, as needed, from the corporate database. "I cannot stress enough that the implementation was extremely simple to do," says Wilson. "A lot of the set up is done directly through the BlackBerry handheld, which asks you what you want to see on your HTML browser. Encryption is taken care of. Everything is on the internal side of our firewall. It's all built."

The Benefits are Clear

Throughout the process, Wilson says the experience of integrating BlackBerry and corporate data access was seamless, problem-free and the support from RIM has been professional and knowledgeable. While the ROI associated with BlackBerry enabled with MDS remains anecdotal at this point, Wilson can point to numerous benefits:
The ability to instantly access corporate data improves customer service and differentiates Essex in a
competitive financial market customized to their needs
Sales teams perform more effectively, making decisions and recommendations with the most current information Purchasing costs have been reduced: all sales people carry the BlackBerry 6710 - more costly laptops are held in
a sign-out pool for group use
Essex saved substantial investment costs and avoided the refit of their IT infrastructure Deployment and management of corporate data access is
delivered at higher efficiency by IT staff
"BlackBerry has created what I would consider our biggest asset to date - corporate data access via MDS," Wilson concludes. "The implementation and functionality have been outstanding. For our firm, we were able to offer our users something unique: our own data wirelessly."
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