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Kenwood KNA-G510 Instruction Manual

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Kenwood KNA-G510Kenwood KNA G510 - Navigation system - external


The navigation system comes with built-in map data and nearly 6 million POIs. Touch screen control enabled with Kenwood compatible monitors.

Here you can find all about Kenwood KNA-G510, for example update and gps navigation system, compatibility, installation, wiring diagram, manual. You can also write a review.
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Kenwood KNA G510 Navigation in Subaru Outback


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Charumathi 4:01am on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
When using this unit with the Kenwood KVT-719DVD... This is an awesome nav unit, with all the quality and expectation that comes with the Garmin name. Installed in my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins I wanted all of the features this piece could offer me.
hakre 1:51am on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 
Good Device Overall good device. I would advise any customer to inquire about where to get the correct usb cord for upgrading the maps on the device.
Rod 3:51am on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
KNA-G510 with Kenwood KVT-614 I was planning to upgrade my stereo in my Jeep Grand Cherokee along with installing some component speakers and ran into...

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Monitors Connectable to the KNA-G510 and KNA-G520
Monitor models with KENWOOD navigation I/F are compatible with KNA-G510/KNA-G520. The following table is a list of compatible/non-compatible models.
List of Monitor Models Connectable to the KNA-G510

Connectable or not

DDX6019, DDX8017, DDX7017 LZ-702W, LZ-800W XXV-05V, KVT-915DVD KVT-815DVD, KVT-715DVD, KVT-745DVD DDX7015, DDX7045, DDX6017 KVT-911DVD, KVT-910DVD KVT-M700, VZ907 LZ-651W, LZ-700W


XM radio service is unavailiable due to lack of navigation source. The navigation system is operable.
List of Monitor Models Connectable to the KNA-G520
KVT-827DVD, KVT-727DVD, KVT-627DVD, KVT-M707 DDX6029, DDX8027, DDX6027 LZ-7500, LZ-702W, LZ-760R
XXV-05V, KVT-925DVD KVT-725DVD,KVT-725DVD-B DDX7025 KVT-920DVD KVT-M700, KVC-1000, VZ907 LZ-651W





Failure to avoid the following potentially hazardous situations could result in serious injury or re. Do not attempt to install or service the KNA-G510 by yourself. Installing or servicing the unit without training and experience in electronic equipment and automotive accessories may be dangerous and could expose you to the risk of electric shock or other hazards. When extending ignition, battery, or ground wires, use automotive-grade wires or other wires with AWG 18 (0.75 mm2 gauge) or greater to prevent wire deterioration and damage to the wire coating. If the unit starts to emit smoke or strange smells, turn off the power immediately and consult your Kenwood dealer. Keep small articles (like screws or batteries) out of the reach of children. If any such object is accidentally swallowed, consult a doctor immediately.


Failure to avoid the following potentially hazardous situations may result in injury or property damage. Make sure to ground the unit to the chassis of your vehicle. Secure all wiring with cable clamps or electrical tape. Insulate unconnected wires; do not allow any bare wiring to remain exposed. Do not let unconnected wires or terminals touch metal on the vehicle or anything else that can conduct electricity. Do not open the top or bottom covers of the unit. The KNA-G510 is not waterproof.
February 2006 Part Number 190-00493-01 Rev. A Printed in Taiwan

190-00493-01_0A.indd 1

2/10/2006 4:28:14 PM


Whats Included

GPS antenna

main unit

screws (4)

wiring harness
hook and loop fasteners (2)

Installing the main unit

Use the screws or the hook and loop fasteners (similar to Velcro) provided to mount the main unit in the vehicle. Select a location that allows you to access the units SD card slot.
Do not install the unit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity, dust, spills, or liquids. Use only the screws provided. If you use the wrong screws, you could damage the unit. Check for cables or other parts underneath the oor mat before cutting the oor mat.
Installing the GPS antenna
Do not paint the antenna. This will impair or disable signal reception. Remove any object or accumulated snow, etc., from the top of the antenna. It will reduce reception strength. Do not pull the cord when removing the antenna or adjusting its position. This can cause a short or snap the wires. The GPS antenna can be installed either inside or outside the vehicle. It should be placed horizontally for best GPS reception. The GPS antenna must have a clear view of the sky. If you install the antenna inside the vehicle, place it close to a window; GPS signals can pass through glass but not through metal. Refer to the image on the next page for recommended places to install the antenna. Place the GPS antenna on a metallic surface, such as the roof of your vehicle, for best reception.
Installing optional accessories
The optional XM Smart Antenna (such as the GXM 30) can be placed inside or outside the vehicle. Like the GPS antenna, it must have a clear view of the sky. If you use an extension cable with the XM antenna, wrap the two connectors with electrical tape. For information on installing the optional FM trafc receiver (such as the GTM 10), refer to the Installation Guide included with the trafc receiver.

190-00493-01_0A.indd 2

2/10/2006 4:28:15 PM
Optional accessory: XM Smart Antenna or FM traffic receiver SD card GPS antenna
Best (roof of vehicle) Better (trunk of vehicle)
Good (inside car on dashboard)
Steps to install the KNA-G510
1. Remove the key from the vehicles ignition and disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Install the GPS antenna. Refer to the tips on the previous page. 3. Connect the wiring harness to your vehicle in the following order: ground, battery, ignition. 4. Connect the wiring harness to the main unit. 5. Install the main unit. Refer to the tips on the previous page. 6. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

To vehicle chassis 2A

To display unit (NAV I/F terminal)
Car fuse box (main fuse) Ignition key switch
To ignition (12 V) Car fuse box 2A



To battery (12 V)

Do not connect the yellow wire lead directly to the vehicle battery. Connecting directly to the battery may cause the wire insulation to fail and may pose a risk of short circuit and electric shock.


If your vehicles ignition does not have an ACC position, connect the ignition wires to a power source that can be turned on and off with the ignition key. If you connect the ignition wire to a power source with a constant voltage supply, as with battery wires, the vehicles battery may die.

Light green

To parking brake detection switch
Be sure to connect the parking brake wire to ensure safe navigation.

190-00493-01_0A.indd 3

2/10/2006 4:28:16 PM

Acquiring GPS Signals

The rst time you turn on the KNA-G510, you must wait while the system acquires satellite signals for the rst time. This process could take up to several minutes. Make sure your vehicle is outdoors in an open area away from tall buildings and trees for fastest acquisition. After the system acquires satellites for the rst time, it will acquire satellites quickly each time thereafter.

Changing the Fuses

If you need to replace a fuse on the red or yellow wires, make sure the wires are not touching to prevent a short circuit. Then replace the old fuse with a new 2 Amp fuse.
When replacing a fuse, use only a new fuse with the prescribed rating. Using a fuse with the wrong rating may cause your unit to malfunction. Disconnect the wiring harness before replacing a fuse to prevent short circuits. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.


Operating Temperature: -15C to 70C Storage Temperature: -40C to 85C Operating Voltage: 9.5 V to 25 V Current Consumption: 0.12 A typical at 13 V (Max 1.0 A at 13 V) ACC off Current: 70 uA typical at 13 V Dimensions: 1 3/16 H x 4 3/4 W x 4 5/8 L (30 mm x 120 mm x 117 mm) Weight: 0.41 lb (184 g) Map Storage: Internal non-removable memory (pre-loaded City Navigator map data) and optional removable SD card Connectors: System/power, GPS antenna, SD card slot, Mini-B for optional XM or FM trafc receivers


Receiver: 12 parallel channel GPS receiver Frequency: 1,575.42 MHz Acquisition Times: Warm: Approx. 15 seconds Cold: Approx. 45 seconds AutoLocate : Approx. 2 minutes Update Rate: 1/second, continuous GPS Accuracy: 15 meters (49 feet) RMS 95% typical with GPS DGPS (WAAS) Accuracy: < 3 meters (10 ft) 95% typical with DGPS (WAAS/EGNOS) corrections Antenna: external GPS antenna

190-00493-01_0A.indd 4



Le non-respect des recommandations suivantes pourrait causer des blessures graves ou des incendies. Ne tentez pas dinstaller ou de rparer le systme KNA-G510 vous-mme. Linstallation ou la rparation de lappareil sans formation ni exprience en matriel lectronique et en accessoires automobiles pourrait vous exposer des risques de choc lectrique ou dautres dangers. Lorsque vous avez besoin de cbles de rallonge pour les ls dallumage, de batterie ou de mise la terre, utilisez des cbles pour automobile de calibre AWG 18 (0,75 mm2) ou infrieur pour prvenir la surchauffe. Si lappareil emet de la fume ou une odeur bizarre, mettez immediatement lappareil hors tension et consultez un revendeur Kenwood. Tenez toujours les petits objets (comme les vis ou les batteries) hors de la portee des enfants. En cas dingestion de ces objets, contactez immediatement un medecin.


Technical specifications

Product TypeNavigation system
Intended forVehicle
Width4.7 in
Depth4.6 in
Height1.2 in
Weight6.5 oz
Form FactorExternal
GPS System
TypeGPS receiver
Receiver12 channel
VoiceNavigation instructions
Trip ComputerFast/short route
Maps IncludedCanada, USA (including Hawaii)
Included AccessoriesMounting kit, cable kit, GPS antenna
TypeSD Memory Card
Universal Product Identifiers
BrandKenwood Corporation
Part NumberKNA-G510
GTIN00019048178145, 00019048166852



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