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Micro Component Audio system
CD/MP3-CD/WMA-CD/CD-R/RW Playback user manual
imagine the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product.
To receive more complete service, please register your product at

Safety Warnings

This symbol indicates dangerous voltage inside the product that presents a risk of electric shock or personal injury. This symbol indicates important instructions accompanying the product. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT
This Compact Disc player is classified as a CLASS 1 LASER product. Use of controls, adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. CAUTION : INVISIBLE LASER RADIATION WHEN OPEN AND INTERLOCKS DEFEATED, AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM.
WARNING : To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. CAUTION : TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, MATCH WIDE BLADE OF PLUG TO WIDE SLOT, FULLY INSERT. This apparatus shall always be connected to a AC outlet with a protective grounding connection. To disconnect the apparatus from the mains, the plug must be pulled out from the mains socket, therefore the mains plug shall be readily operable.
CAUTION Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus. The Mains plug is used as a disconnect device and shall stay readily operable at any time.


Check for the supplied accessories below.

FM Antenna

User's Manual

Remote Control

Thank you for buying this SAMSUNG micro-compact system.


Please take time to read these instructions. They will allow you to operate your system with ease and take full advantage of its features. 8 8
SAFETY WARNINGS...... INSTALLING YOUR MICRO-COMPACT SYSTEM Front Panel View...... Top Panel View...... Rear Panel View...... Remote Control...... Where to Install Your Micro-Compact System..... Connecting your System to the Power Supply..... Inserting Remote Control Batteries...... Connecting the Loudspeakers..... Connecting to an External Source..... Connecting the FM Aerial...... Demo/Dimmer function...... ECO function...... Setting the Clock......
CD/MP3/WMA-CD-PLAYER To play the CD/MP3/WMA-CD...... 9 Selecting a Track...... 9 Searching for a Specific Music Passage on a CD..... 9 Function to skip through 10 track at a time..... 10 Remain Function...... 10 Display Function...... 10 Repeating One or All Tracks on the Compact Discs.... 11 A-B Repeat Playback..... 11 Programming the Order of CD Playback..... 11 Checking or Changing Programmed CD Tracks.... 12 USB Playing USB...... 12 To use high speed search..... 13 To repeat...... 13 Remain Function...... 13 To skip next 10 tracks...... 13 To repeat section...... 13 Selecting a Track from USB Device..... 13 TUNER About RDS broadcasting...... 14 About RDS DISPLAY function..... 14 PTY(Program Type) indication and PTY-SEARCH function.... 15 Searching for and Storing the Radio Stations..... 16 Selecting a Stored Station..... 17 Improving Radio Reception..... 17 OTHER FUNCTIONS CD Ripping Function...... 18 Timer Function....... 19 Cancelling the Timer...... 19 Mute Function...... 20 Selecting EQ Mode...... 20 Treble Level Function..... 20 Bass Level Function...... 20 Power Sound Function...... 20 Power Bass Function..... 20 Setting the System to Switch off Automatically..... 21 Connecting Headphones..... 21 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE Safety Precautions...... 22 Cleaning Your Micro-Compact System..... 22 Precautions When Using Compact Discs.... 22 Before Contacting the After-Sales Service..... 23 Technical Specifications...... 24


Press Push Important Note

Front Panel View


Top Panel View


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Rear Panel View
1. AUX IN 2. FM Aerial Connector Terminal 3. Speaker Connector Terminals
4. Clamp-Wire (Fasten the speaker wires.)
1. POWER/ECO 2. TUNER 3. CD 4. TIMER/CLOCK 5. TIMER ON/OFF 6. CD RIPPING 7. TUNING MODE 8. MO/ST 9. DISPLAY 10. +10 11. Skip and Search 12. Fast-Rewind 13. STOP 14. POWER SOUND 15. VOLUME 16. TREB/BASS 17. REPEAT 18. TUNING 19. REPEAT A-B 20. P.BASS 21. MUTE 22. VOLUME + 23. TUNING 24. EQ 25. PLAY 26. Fast-Forwardy 27. PAUSE 28. RDS DISPLAY 29. RDS PTY 30. PROGRAM/SET 31. REMAIN 32. DEMO 33. SLEEP 34. USB 35. AUX 36. DIMMER 37. OPEN/CLOSE
Where to Install Your Micro-Compact System
ENG To take full advantage of your new micro-compact system, follow these installation instructions before connecting the unit. Install the system on a flat, stable surface. Never place this unit on carpeting. Never place this unit in an outdoor area. Maintain an open space of approximately 6 inches (15 cm) on the sides and rear of the system, for ventilation purposes. Make sure that you have enough room to open the compact disc compartment easily. Place the loudspeakers at a reasonable distance on either side of the system to ensure good stereo sound. Direct the loudspeakers towards the listening area. For optimum performance, make sure that both speakers are placed at an equal distance above the floor.
Inserting Remote Control Batteries
Insert or replace remote control batteries when you: Purchase the micro-compact system Find that the remote control is no longer operating correctly When replacing the batteries, use a new set of batteries and never mix alkaline and manganese batteries. Place your thumb on the position marked on the battery compartment cover (rear of the remote control) and pull the cover in the direction of the arrow. Insert two AAA, LR03 or equivalent batteries, taking care to respect the polarities: + on the battery against + in the battery compartment on the battery against in the battery compartment Replace the cover by sliding it back until it clicks into position.

If you will not be using the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent corrosion. The remote control can be used up to approximately 7 meters in a straight line. It can also be operated at a horizontal angle of up to 30 from the remote control sensor.
Connecting your System to the Power Supply
Before plugging your system into a main socket, you must check the voltage.
Connecting the Loudspeakers
The loudspeaker connector terminals are located on the rear of the system. There are two terminals on the system: left speaker (marked L) right speaker (marked R) To achieve the correct sound quality,insert those speaker connector cables to the speaker connector terminals of the system.
Plug the main lead into an appropriate socket. Press the system. (STANDBY/ON) button to switch your micro-compact
Connecting to an External Source
The auxiliary input can be used to take advantage of the sound quality of your micro-compact system when listening to other sources. Examples: A television A DVD player A VCR To connect to the external source, the source must have an audio output. In addition, you need an connection cable. Set the system to standby mode and disconnect it and the external source from the main socket. Connect the audio cable to the rear of the micro component system. Be sure to match connector colours.

Connecting the FM Aerial

ENG How to connect a COAXIAL TYPE aerial. Connect a 75 antenna to the FM antenna terminal. Plug the connector on the FM aerial supplied into the coaxial socket (75) marked FM on the rear of the system. Follow the instructions given on Page 16 to tune into a radio station, and determine the best position for the aerial. If reception is poor, you may need to install an outdoor aerial. To do so, connect an outdoor FM aerial to the FM socket on the rear of the system using a 75 coaxial cable (not supplied).
Plug the system back into the main socket and press POWER to switch it on. Select the AUX source by pressing AUX. Result: AUX is displayed. Switch the external source on. Adjust the volume and balance as required: Volume Equalizer Example: You can watch a film and take advantage of stereo sound provided that the original sound track is in stereo (as if you were in a cinema).

DEMO/DIMMER function

ENG All functions available on the system can be viewed on the display and the display's brightness can be switched between "on" and "off". Press the DEMO button. Result: All functions available on the system appear on the front panel display. Each of these are explained in detail in this guide. Please refer to the relevant section.

Setting the Clock

Your system is equipped with a clock which allows you to turn your system on and off automatically. You should set the clock: When you first purchase the micro-compact system After a power failure After unplugging the unit For each step, you have a few seconds to set the required options. If you exceed this time, you must start again.
Press the DIMMER button. Result: The Dimmer function is selected and the display darkens. Press the DIMMER button once again to brighten the front panel display. A display brightness control can only be performed while the system power is on.
Switch the system on by pressing STANDBY/ON. Press TIMER/CLOCK twice. Result: CLOCK is displayed. Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The hour flashes. To. Increase the hours Decrease the hours When the correct hour is displayed, press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The minutes flash. To. Increase the minutes Decrease the minutes When the correct time is displayed, press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The clock starts and is displayed, even when the system is in standby mode. You can display the time, even when you are using another function, by pressing TIMER/CLOCK once. You can also use , buttons on the main unit to instead of TUNING button or in step 4, 6. Press the TUNING button Press the TUNING button

ECO function

You can save the power consumption while the unit is turned off (on standby)
In Standby mode, press and hold the POWER button for longer than 3 seconds. Result: ECO displays and the main set automatically switches itself into the power saving mode.

1 4,4,6

To play the CD/MP3/WMA-CD
You can play 12 cm or 8 cm compact disc without an adapter. You can play 12 cm or 8 cm compact discs without an adapter. This unit has been designed to playback the CDs: Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3/WMA,-CD. Continued use of irregular shape CDs (heart-shape, octagonal, etc.)can damage the unit.

Selecting a Track

ENG You can select the track you wish to listen to when a disc is playing. To play the previous track Press the within 3 seconds after the current track started playing. Press the twice 3 seconds after the current track started playing. To play the next track. Press the To play the current track 3 seconds after the current track started playing. Press the
Select the CD function by pressing PLAY/PAUSE(

) button.

Press the Open/Close( ) button. Result: The compartment opens. Place your disc in the compartment, with the label on the disc facingupwards. Close the compartment by pressing the Open/Close( again. ) button

File Compatibility

The unit will playback files created in MP3 format (Mpeg1.Layer3) with *.mp3 as their extension,and some WMA files with.WMA extension cant be playback. Playback will be impossible for the file of MP2 or 22KHz.
How many MP3 files can a CD-R or CD-RW disc record?
The maximum capacity of one CD-R or CD-RW disc is 680MB. Normally, one MP3 file has a capacity of 4MB, therefore approximately 170 files can be recorded on a single disc.

Remain Function

You can check the remaining time.
Regarding the playback of CD-R/RW
In the case of an original CD-R(Recordable) recorded in audio CD format, CD-RW(Rewritable) and editing by the user, playback is processed on the respective completed status. (The player may not be played back according to the characteristics of the CD or recorded status.) The CD-RW is comparably less reflexive than CD which causes more time delay to read.
Press the REMAIN button. If you press the REMAIN button, the remaining time is displayed.
To cancel this function, press the REMAIN button again.

Display Function

(This function is not available during playback of an MP3/WMA-CD.)
You may check the total tracks of the disc.
Press the DISPLAY button. Result: The total tracks numuber of the disc is displayed, and it will disappear after 3 seconds.
Repeating One or All Tracks on the Compact Discs
You can repeat indefinitely: A specific track on a compact disc. All tracks on the compact disc selected.
Programming the Order of CD Playback
(This function is not available of an MP3/WMA-CD.)

You can decide:

The order of the track desired to listen The track not desired to listen You can program up to 24 tracks. You must stop the compact disc player before selecting the tracks. ENG
Press REPEAT button. Each time you press the REPEAT button, the repeat mode will change as follows: MP3: RPT TRK RPT DIR RPT DISC RPT SHF RPT OFF. CD: RPT TRK RPT DISC RPT SHF RPT OFF. When you wish to stop the Repeat function, press REPEAT until RPT OFF is displayed. RPT TRK: Repeatedly plays the selected track. RPT DIR: Repeatedly plays all tracks in the selected folder. RPT DISC: Repeatedly plays the entire disc. RPT SHF: Plays tracks in random order.(Each track can be played one time.) RPT OFF: Cancels Repeat Playback.
If the CD function is selected, stop the player by pressing Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The following indications are displayed:

(01 = Program no., -- -- = Track no. on the disc)
Select the required track by pressing the or button: Press the button to move back through the tracks. Press the button to move forward through the tracks. Press PROGRAM/SET to confirm your selection. Result: The selection is stored and To select other tracks, repeat Steps 3 to 4. Press PLAY ( programmed. ) to listen to the track selection in the order is displayed.
When press button one time , compact disc player is stopped, and press button again to cancel the selection. If you open the compartment or turn off the power, the selection is cancelled.

A-B Repeat Playback

You can repeatedly play back a designated section of a CD/MP3/WMA-CD. Press the REPEAT A-B button at the beginning of desired part. 'RPT A-' shows. Press the REPEAT A-B button at the ending of desired part. 'RPT A-B' shows. To cancel REPEAT A-B function, press REPEAT A-B button again. 3 1, 3
Point B cannot be set until 5 seconds of playback has elapsed from point A.
Checking or Changing Programmed CD Tracks
ENG You can check or change your selection of tracks at any time.
Please be aware of the following before using USB.
Some external USB storage devices may not be compatible with this player. With external HDD, FAT format can be played, however,the NTFS format can not. With USB 2.0 HDD, connect to a separate power source. If its not connected to a separate power source, it may not work. If memory of an external USB storage device is segmented into several parts, MP3 files of only the first hard disk drive can be played. DRM applied files are not played. Digital Rights Management: Technology and service that protect the profit and rights of copyright owners by disallowing unauthorised use of digital contents. Even if the file name ends with.mp3, the file does not play if actual file format is MPEG layer 1 or 2. Do not use a USB hub as it will not be recognized. Up to 15 letters of MP3/WMA file name will be shown.
once if you have started listening to the selection.
Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The following indications are displayed:
(CH = Check, 01=Program No., -- -- = Track No. on the disc) If you have already programmed 24 tracks, CH is displayed instead of PR when you press PROGRAM/SET.
Press PROGRAM/SET once or more times until the track to be changed is displayed. Press or button to select a different track.

About 'RT' MODE

Displays the character transmitted from the broadcasting station. Press the RDS DISPLAY button to select the RT MODE. "RT" appears on the display. If the RT information is being received, the received information is shown on the display. If the RT information isn't received, the "NO RT" is shown on the display.

About CT(Clock Time)

Sets the time of RDS clock.
To select the CT time, set the RDS DISPLAY button to CT MODE. The CT information will take up to 2 minutes to be decoded therefore the clock isnt displayed immediately. If there is no received CT information, "NO CT" is displayed.
PTY(Program Type) indication and PTY-SEARCH function
ENG The PTY information is composed of an identification symbol, which helps the FM radio to recognize the program type of each FM station. The below 30 PTY information is shown on the display by pressing the RDS PTY button. To stop searching any time during the process, press TUNING MODE while searching. There is a time limit in doing the followings steps.If the setting is cancelled before you finish,start from step 1 again. When pressing the buttons on the primary remote control,make sure that you have selected the FM station using the primary remote control. About PTY-SEARCH
Receive the FM radio. See the radio receiving method on the page 16. The FM and frequency appear on the display. Press the RDS PTY button. The PTY MODE(NEWS, AFFAIRS, etc.) appears on the display. or Press the TUNING button to select the desired PTY MODE.

Display NEWS

Program Type News including an announced opinion and report Several matters including a current incident, documentary, discussion and analysis. Information including weights and measures, returns and forecast, matters interesting the customer, medical information, etc. Sports Education Drama-Radio serial, etc. Culture-National or local culture including the religious problem, social science, language, theatre,etc. Natural science and technology Others-Speech, amusing program (quiz, game), interview, comedy and satirical play, etc. Pop music Rock music M.O.R- Comfortable music, occasionally vocal or piece Light classical music- Classical music and instrumental and chorus music Heavy classical music-Orchestra music, symphony, chamber music and opera Other music - Jazz, R&B country music Weather Finance Childrens programmes Social affairs Religion Phone in Travel Leisure Jazz Music Country Music National Music Oldies Music Folk Music Documentary Alarm Test


If the station is transmitting no PTY information, 'NO PTY' lights on the display. When the PTY MODE is selected(The PTY MODE is shown on the display), press the PTY KEY once again to convert into PTYSEARCH MODE and auto-search the station sequentially. If the PTY MODE received in the course of auto-search agrees with the selected PTY MODE, the auto-search stops and the PTYSEARCH is finished.
If the PTY MODE which agrees with the PTY MODE selected in the course of auto-search, isn't received, it is returned to the first frequency at beginning the PTY SEARCH and the auto-search and PTY SEARCH are suspended.
Searching for and Storing the Radio Stations
ENG You can store up to: 15 FM stations
Switch the system on by pressing STANDBY/ON. Select the TUNER function by pressing TUNER. To search for a station. Preset Automatically Manually Press TUNING MODE button Once or more times until PRESET is displayed. Once or more times until AUTO is displayed. Once or more times until MANUAL is displayed.
Select the station to be stored by: Pressing TUNING or on the remote control. To scroll through the frequencies faster when searching manually, hold down the or buttons. The automatic search procedure may stop on a frequency that does not correspond to a radio station. If this happens, use the manual search mode.
Adjust the volume by: Press the VOLUME button on the main unit or Pressing the VOLUME + or buttons on the remote control Select the FM stereo or mono mode by pressing MO/ST. If you do not want to store the radio station found, revert to Step 3 and search for another station. Otherwise: a Press PROGRAM/SET. b Press or or on the main unit or press TUNING on the remote control to assign a program number.
c Press PROGRAM/SET to store the radio station.
To store any other radio frequencies required, repeat Steps 3 to 7.

In Tuner mode

In manual tuning mode, you can use , button on the main unit to manual search a radio station. During Tuner auto searching, press button on the main unit or TUNING MODE button on the remote control to stop auto searching. In Preset tuning mode, you can use , button on the main unit to search a stored radio station.
Selecting a Stored Station
You can listen to a stored radio station as follows:
Improving Radio Reception
You can improve the quality of radio reception by: Rotating the FM aerial Testing the positions of the FM aerials before fixing them permanently If reception from a specific FM radio station is poor, press MO/ST. to switch from stereo mode to mono. The quality of the sound will be improved. ENG

Switch the system on by pressing STANDBY/ON. Press TIMER/CLOCK until TIMER is displayed.


Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: ON TIME is displayed for a few seconds, followed by any switch-on time already set; you can set the timer switch-on time. Set the timer switch-on time. or buttons. a Press the TUNING b Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The minutes flash. or buttons. c Press the TUNING d Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: OFF TIME is displayed for a few seconds, followed by any switch-off time already set, you can now set the timer switch-off time. Set the timer switch-off time. or buttons. a Press the TUNING b Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The minutes flash. c Press the TUNING or buttons. d Press PROGRAM/SET. Result: VOL XX is displayed, where XX corresponds to the volume already set. Press TUNING or to adjust the volume level and press PROGRAM/SET. Result: The source to be selected is displayed. Press the TUNING or buttons to select the source to be played when the system switches on. If you select. TUNER (radio) You must also. a Press PROGRAM/SET. b Select a preset station by press or the TUNING buttons. Load disc. connect usb.


Cancelling the Timer
After having set the timer, it will start automatically as shown by the TIMER indication on the display. If you no longer wish to use the timer, you must cancel it. You can stop the timer at any time (system on or in standby mode). To.
Cancel the timer Restart the timer

CD (compact disc) USB

Press PROGRAM/SET to confirm the timer. Press STANDBY/ON to set the system to standby mode. Result: is displayed to the top of the time, indicating that the timer has been set. The system will switch on and off automatically at the required times. If the timer switch on and off times are identical, the word ERROR is displayed. You may use , buttons on the main unit to instead of the or buttons to adjust in step 4, 5, 6, 7. TUNING


Once. Result: Twice. Result: is no longer displayed. is displayed again.

Mute Function

ENG You can turn the sound off temporarily on your system. Example: You wish to answer a telephone call.

Bass Level Function

BASS function stresses low tones providing thudding sound effects.
Press TREB/BASS button until BASS 00 is displayed. Press button to select from BASS -04 to BASS 04. You can select the level of low tones you desire.

Press MUTE. To switch the sound back on , press MUTE again or the VOLUME buttons.

Power Sound Function

Selecting EQ Mode
Your micro-compact system is equipped with a preset equalizer that allows you to choose the most appropriate balance between treble and bass frequencies, according to the type of music you are listening to.
Your compact system is equipped with the function of PowerSound. The function of Power Sound amplifies bass and improves highkey or bass twice as much for you to appreciate powerful realsound.
Press EQ button until the required option is selected. Select. PASS POP ROCK CLASSIC JAZZ S.BASS
To obtain a. Normal balance (linear) Balance suitable for pop music Balance suitable for rock music Balance suitable for classic music Balance suitable for jazz Balance suitable for super bass
Press the P.SOUND button. Result: P.SOUND is displayed. To cancel this function, press P.SOUND again, OFF is displayed for a few seconds.

Treble Level Function

Treble Control function stresses high tones providing thudding soundeffects.

Power Bass Function

Your micro-compact system has a bass amplification function
called SBS (Super Bass Sound). This function makes the sound more powerful and real. or Press the P.BASS button. Result: P. BASS is displayed. To cancel this function, press P.BASS again, OFF is displayed for a few seconds.
PressTREB/BASS button until TREB 00 is displayed. Press button to select from TREB -04 to TREB 04. You can select the level of high tones you desire.
Setting the System to Switch off Automatically
While listening to music, you can set the system to switch off automatically. Example: You wish to go to sleep to music.

Connecting Headphones

You can connect a set of headphones to your micro-compact system so that you can listen to music or radio programmers without disturbing other people in the room. The headphones must have a 3.5 jack or an appropriate adapter. Connect the headphones to the PHONES jack on the main unit. Result: The loudspeakers are no longer used to output the sound. Prolonged use of headphones at a high volume may damage your hearing. ENG
Press SLEEP. Result: playback starts and the following indications are displayed: 90 MIN Press SLEEP once or more times to indicate how long the system should continue playing before it switches off:
At any time, you can: Check the remaining time by pressing SLEEP Change the remaining time by repeating Steps 1 and 2
To cancel SLEEP function, press SLEEP once or more times until SLEEPOFF is display.

Safety Precautions

ENG The following diagrams illustrate the precautions to be taken when using or moving your micro-compact system.
Cleaning Your Micro-Compact System

To obtain the best possible results from your micro-compact system, you must clean the following elements regularly: The outer casing The compact disc player The cassette players (heads, rollers and drive capstans) Always unplug the system from the wall outlet: Before cleaning it If you are not going to be using it for a long time Outer Casing Clean the outer casing regularly using a soft cloth and a light detergent. Do not use abrasive powders, liquids or aerosol cleaners. Never let any liquids get into the system.
Ambient operating conditions: Ambient temperature 5C-35C Humidity 10-75%
Do not expose the unit to direct sun radiation or other heat sources. This could lead to overheating and malfunction of the unit.

Compact Disc Player

Before playing a compact disc, clean it with a special CD cleaning agent. Do not use the same cleaning agents as for vinyl LP records. Carefully wipe the disc from the centre outward. Regularly clean the player with a special cleaning disc (available from your local dealer).
Do not place potted plants or vases on top of the unit. Moisture entering the unit could lead to dangerous electric shock and can cause equipment damage. In such events immediately disconnect the main plug from the socket.
During thunderstorms, disconnect the main plug from the socket. Main voltage peaks due to lightning could damage the unit.
If you will not be using the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries to prevent corrosion. Although your system is very hard-wearing, it should not be used in an excessively dusty environment or subjected to shocks or extreme heat (close to heating appliances or in direct sunlight, etc.). If the unit emits an unpleasant odor when in use, unplug it from the main supply and contact the after-sales service.
Precautions When Using Compact Discs


Remove the batteries from the remote control, if not used for any extended period. Leaking batteries can cause serious damage to the remote control.
When using headphones, take care not to listen at excessive volumes. Extended use of headphones at high volumes will lead to hearing damage.
Handle your compact discs with care. Always hold them by the edges to avoid leaving fingerprints on the shiny surface. When you have finished playing a compact disc, always put it back in its case. Do not fix paper or adhesive tape to the discs and do not write on the label. Clean them with a special-purpose cloth. Store your compact discs in a clean place, out of direct sunlight, where they will not be exposed to high temperatures. Always use compact discs marked.


Do not place heavy items on the main lead. Main cable damage can lead to damage of the equipment (fire hazard) and can cause electric shock.
Do not remove any equipment panels. The inside of the unit contains live components, which cause electric shock.

Before Contacting the After-Sales Service
It always takes a little time to become familiar with a new appliance. If you have any of the problems listed below, try the solutions given. They may save you the time and inconvenience of an unnecessary service call. If the above guidelines do not allow you to solve the problem, take a note of: The model and serial numbers, normally printed on the rear of the system Your warranty details A clear description of the problem Then contact your local dealer or SAMSUNG after-sales service.
Problem The system does not work
Checks/Explanation The main lead is not correctly plugged into a wall socket or the wall socket is not switched on. The remote control batteries need replacing or the polarity has not been respected. The STANDBY/ON button has not been pressed. The volume has been completely turned down. The correct function (TUNER, CD, USB, AUX) has not been selected. You have connected a set of earphones. The loudspeaker wires have been disconnected. The MUTE button has been pressed. The timer has been stopped by pressing TIMER ON/OFF. Press the STOP button for 5 seconds in power OFF(standby), then it is returned the original position (RESET)
G E N There is no sound E R A L The Timer does not work In case it does not work, even the action is taken as above. CD The compact disc player / does not start playing MP3 I CD
The CD function has not been selected. The disc has been inserted face down or is either dirty or scratched. The laser sensor is dirty or dusty. The system has not been installed on a flat, horizontal surface. Condensation has formed in the player; leave the system in a warm, airy room for at least one hour.
R Reception is poor or no radio A stations are received at all D I O
The TUNER function has not been selected. The radio frequency has not been correctly selected. The aerial has been disconnected or is not facing the right way. Turn it until you find the best orientation. You are in a building that blocks radio waves; you must use an outside aerial.

Technical Specifications

SAMSUNG strives to improve its products at all times. Both the design specifications and these user instructions are thus subject to change without notice. RADIO FM Signal/noise ratio Usable sensitivity Total harmonic distortion

62 dB 10 dB 0.4 %

COMPACT DISC PLAYER Capacity Frequency range Signal/noise ratio Distortion Channel separation Disc sizes
1 disc 20 Hz - 20 KHz ( 1 dB) 90 dB (at 1 KHz) with filter 0.1 % (at 1 KHz) 75 dB Diameter: 120 or 80 mm. Thickness: 1.2 mm
AMPLIFIER Output power Front Speaker (4 ) Channel separation Signal/noise ratio
60 Watts/CH RMS,IEC (total harmonic distortion: 10 %) 60 dB 70 dB



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