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ambrotos 10:51pm on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
At first i was impressed with the suction of the LG Compressor VKC902HT but soon found that it cloggs up easily.

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Vacuum cleaner

Wood, carpet, laminate; weve got the right model for your floors Cylinders versus uprights




Letter from the editor
Welcome to the Which? guide to choosing a vacuum cleaner. The difference between a good vacuum cleaner and a poor one is vast; and this can make an enormous difference to your workload, especially when cleaning a large area. Weve tested 81 vacs so you can choose the right type upright or cylinder, bagged or bagless and model for your lifestyle. Whether its giving advice on taking photos or choosing the right dishwasher, Which? gives you all the facts you need to make the decision thats best for you. We test more products more rigorously and in greater depth than anyone else, so you can be sure that youre getting the best information available. And we cut through the techno-babble to give you clear, no-nonsense advice thats easy to understand. But the most important thing about us is that we are totally independent. Nobody pays us we take no advertising or freebies, and we buy all our products at full price, just like you. Were funded by consumers, for consumers. So we can tell it like it is and give you the straight facts good or bad. Neil Fowler Editor, Which?


03 How to buy
Unless youre a sucker for punishment, youll want to get the right model for your floors Find out about bags, turbo brushes and Hepa filters
11 All the models we tested
Our table of 81 vacs tested, with prices and scores The issues that sort the suction successes from the dirt-ridden disappointments The results of our survey into reliability for both upright and cylinder models

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Commonly asked questions on vacs from allergy advice to energy efficiency Our top-scoring vacuum cleaners, divided into cylinders and uprights
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Features explained

Theres more to cleaning a carpet than you may think. We explain the pros and cons of cylinder versus upright, and bagged versus bagless cleaners
If youre looking for a new vacuum cleaner, the number of options can seem bewildering. Prices range from about 50 to more than 400, and you can choose between upright or cylinder, bagged or bagless models plus specialist versions to help you cope with floorboards, pet hair or allergy problems. cylinders more difficult to handle than uprights. I REACH A long lead and hose are handy for cleaning stairs or if youre short of power sockets around the house youll be able to cover a larger area without having to unplug and find a nearer socket. Weve found that cords can range in length from 6 to 15 metres this can make a big difference if you have large rooms.

A long cord and hose are handy for cleaning stairs
effective than cylinders at removing pet hair they have motorised brush heads that are better at prising fur away from carpet fibres. Cylinders dont usually have motorised heads, but turbo brushes have rotating brushes that can help to loosen hair as the head passes over the carpet.

Bagged or bagless?

Neither is better at cleaning, so deciding to ditch the bag is largely a question of preference. One of the obvious advantages of a bagless cleaner is you dont have to buy replacement dust bags this saves pennies and earns you a few environmental brownie points. However, emptying the dust container can be messy and its easier to spill dust during the process a big problem for allergy sufferers.

Allergy sufferers

Allergens are substances that trigger the human immune system, causing an allergic reaction. Cat and dog allergen particles are often widely found in homes we check the amount of particles retained by each vacuum. Regular vacuuming can be part of a wider strategy to minimise reactions to dust mites or pet allergens. And several models are fitted with Hepa or S-class filters, which are designed to prevent allergens escaping. But simply having a Hepa filter isnt good enough if it doesnt fit correctly, it wont be effective at retaining allergens. For more information about allergies, including details of a product endorsement scheme, visit Allergy UK (


Its handy to be able to store accessories with the vacuum cleaner. These special nozzles and brushes are for cleaning upholstery and curtains or around the edges of skirting boards. With cylinders, they are often stored on board; most upright models have external accessory kits. I TURBO BRUSHES A turbo brush may collect more dust and pet hair, but in some cases standard nozzles can be just as effective. Dont buy a vacuum cleaner purely because it has a turbo brush. I PET HAIR Ridding the house of moulted pet hair can be a monumental task with the wrong cleaner, so choose one of the vacs weve rated highly for this task. Uprights tend to be more

What you should look for

I FILTERS Vac filters can clog up and need cleaning or changing at least once a year. Spare filters are often included in replacement packs of bags. I STORAGE Some cylinders now have a clip to attach the nozzle to the body so that the hose stays upright. This is because their long hoses make

Vacuum cleaners: upright versus cylinder
Type Type Upright Pros Better for removing pet hair; particularly good at cleaning large, clear surfaces. Cons Harder to use on stairs; noisier than cylinder vacuum cleaners.


More reliable than upright vacuum cleaners; good under furniture and on stairs.
Poor at removing pet hair unless motorised brush heads are provided; more difficult to store.
Which? table of all tested
Price () Score Price () Score




BISSELL LiftOff Spinpower 3760-E BISSELL Lift-off TM /3750-E BOSCH BSG61822 Pro Parquet Plus BOSCH BSG71266GB Pro Energy BOSCH BSG71800 Formula BOSCH BX32430GB DIRT DEVIL DD9900 DIRT DEVIL DDCYL5 DOMOTEC DVU00015 DYSON DC 03 DYSON DC07 DYSON DC08 Origin 41 35
HOOVER TFC6283001 HOOVER The One Touch KARCHER VC6100 KARCHER VC6300 LG Allergy Care Compressor LG VFA282FTW

200 150

How we test
We spread special test dust over a carpet and grind it in. We then strap each vac into a rig, which pulls and pushes the vac back and forth as it sucks up the dust. We repeat this test, measuring how effective suction is when bags or canisters are empty, and then when they contain 100g and finally 400g of dust. Each model covers a distance of 288m in this test. The rig repeats this test for similar tests on smooth and creviced wood. Then a tester combs cat and dog hairs into carpet and we time how quickly vacs can collect it the better vacs take a minute or less. We also use specialist machinery to assess how much dust and fine particles are retained, and we test for ease of use and energy consumption. Finally, we test noise by placing the cleaners in specially configured sound chambers, surrounding them with microphones to measure decibel levels.

DYSON DC08 Telescope Wrap Animal 199 DYSON DC11 all floors telescope DYSON DC11 Allergy DYSON DC14 All Floors DYSON DC14 Origin DYSON DC15 Ball Animal DYSON DC15 The Ball All Floors DYSON DC18 Slim All Floors DYSON DC18 Slim Allergy DYSON DC19 DYSON DC20 Stowaway Allergy DYSON DC21 Motorhead ELECTROLUX Cyclone XL ZCX6203 ELECTROLUX Loopie Z2957AZ ELECTROLUX Twin Clean Z8240 ELECTROLUX Z2250A Powerlite ELECTROLUX Z2952A Envirovac ELECTROLUX Z4492 ELECTROLUX Z4703BZ Vitesse ELECTROLUX Z7310 Cyclone Ultra 80

Watts that noise?

More power doesnt always mean better cleaning
Upping the wattage on a cleaner has become a common sales tactic, the idea being that more power, by implication, leads to better cleaning. But this isnt necessarily so and high wattage can mean more noise. For example, the Bosch BX32430GB has a high wattage and, at 86 decibels, is loud. The quiet Samsung SC9540, registered less than 74 decibels. It has a far lower wattage but it cleans as well as, and in some cases better than, the Bosch. A difference of ten decibels or so may not sound like much, but sound isnt measured on a linear scale a reduction of just three decibels for a cleaner would halve its intensity. Uprights tend to be noisier than cylinders Our expert panel also gives each cleaner a noise rating, as some frequencies are more irritating than others.
PHILIPS FC9208/01 Bagless Marathon 167 RUSSELL HOBBS 13759 SAMSUNG SC9540 SEBO Automatic X4 extra SEBO Felix 1 Premium SEBO K1 Pet VAX Turboforce V-006 VAX V-008U Performance VAX VS-19 Swift 192 60
ELECTROLUX Z8801AZ Power of Red Reach 163 ELECTROLUX ZAM6106 Airmax HOOVER Dust Manager DM4493 HOOVER Dust Manager TC5223 HOOVER Freespace TFC6207 Pets HOOVER PS7205001 HOOVER Purepower U3530 HOOVER Purepower U149 76
VAX VZL-704 Performance Z Complete 90
Which? Dont Buys shown in blue. All prices correct at time of publication. 11



B2520 PRO ICF-CD855V Transmitter BCO255 Kd-adv38 Finepix A303 Vivicam 3345 Vortex F1D084 Wagon 12 USB Alcohawk Slim WM-EX20 EWW16781W Route 66 Kodak Z885 E4100-1-W DLE5977S Turbotec NV-SD400 CFD-RS60CP HDR-CX12 CRX-M5 CAR 300 TA-6510 TRX-1 2550 Euro PX-3194 DW710 Shooter Gpsmap 292 D27300T 7 B Deskjet 980C LS-T246ABL TCH-M550R Futaba 7C TH-37PX80EA KDL-32S2500 KDL-40W5820 HT-S7200 WA15R3 DTB-B460F Vega X3 PD116 Kxtga810EX TCH-M900 Thomson RR65 AVH-P4050DVD MM-B430 Escape-2005 W1900 ICD-B200 S-H510V IP-95 SC-DX200 2-1-0 RME ADI2 TLP 681 STR-DE895 DHT-500SD R-956 DEH-P4650MP Wd-52825 BMR100 Pagepro 1100 KD-G511 Urc-2585 GA-880GA-ud3H 0645 Samsung PL65 47LG60 NX6115 5920G FE-180 50 ST KX-TCD735 BT-LH2600W Andromeda A6 HDR-XR100E P50542 Majesty 125 GR-700 Lexmark Z52 FL7000 Office SP100 SHP 2076 7130E DR-MV1SEU VP-DC161W X2600 IC-M422 Automatic TU-HD1 CCD-TRV41E Light 2 SGH-U900 Soul Photo 1200 TW-4100E


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