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Moog Prodigy + Roland VP 330 "Out Of Tune"


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swegmann 12:43pm on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 
I was having problems with old sound card (SB Audigy 2) that was installed on my older Dell Dimension 8400 once i switched to Vista no 5.1 sound.
SunWuKung 12:34am on Friday, October 15th, 2010 
Hi i have bought this card and i have an hp with windows 7 on it. The best card I ever bought and at such a price you bet you got the best deal!
Walking Bear 7:40am on Monday, August 16th, 2010 
"I got this card for under $50, due to it being on sale for $99 + $55 in reward certificates I had. And what a worthwhile purchase! "Best Buy does not sell the Toslink to Mini-Toslink cable needed to connect the card to a AV Reciever.
aluisiuz 1:40am on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 
I got this product to upgrade an older computer from the integrated sound it came with. The Audigy SE brought my tunes and my games to life.
Gellrich 11:14am on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
Easy install, nice upgrade from onboard in old Dell desktop. Using as a home media server, running Ubuntu. Found drivers and packages automatically.
Spuddyboy 2:05pm on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
Creative Labs old reliable sound card. This is the first sound card that creative made with great sound. The full featured package offers surround sound (5.1 to 7.1), special effects, SoundFont Management, EQ, mixer, a Smart Recorder Utility, WAV editor. creatives support is nonexistent. By the time they have support for windows 7 microsoft will have windows 8 on the market. Do some research.
Viper 1 8:07am on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
Great sound - crystal clear audio and flexibility Dolby and DTS Support not inexpensive i bought mine about 5 years ago and have used it on 2 different laptops. i bought mine about 5 years ago and have used it on 2 different laptops.
dev.null 6:12am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
The product was easy to install and works well. Easy To Install","Easy To Use","Quality Output","Reliable Performance Im not a total Easy To Install","Easy To Use","Quality Output","Reliable Performance No Power Switch
Info2003d 11:46pm on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 
This card really handles what I can throw at it very well. No ghosting, no sound delays, just good solid CLEAR sound. So.. Antec advertises this as SLI/CrossFire - but when you ask a question about it they say.. oh no, buy another one.
JinnaXXX 11:29am on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
Better late than never I had purchased the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional sound card and was fairly happy with it. Absolutely beautiful and crisp sound. One of the best sound cards I ever used , very professional and great value for money.

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Roland VP-70

from Roland information, printed in Japan RAM-718 '87 Sep. C-4 AVS A vast new realm of musical expression for vocalist and wind players A new Dimension in Performance
Full MIDI musical control is now available for wind players and vocalists. The world of electronic music composition and performance has grown tremendously in a very short time. MIDI has opened up powerful new venues of expression for the keyboardist, guitarist, and percussionist. Now, vocalists and wind players can finally enjoy the same advantages of control and expression. The VP-70 Voice/Instrument Processor, packaged in a slim 1U size rack-mount module, contains four pitch shifters as well as pitch-to-MIDI conversion circuitry. The VP-70 creates five note polyphony from a monophonic input, and permits control of MIDI sequencers and sound modules from a single microphone. A vocalist can sing lead and back-up, a wind player can play two parts, and a synthesizer can be controlled- all simultaneously. The Harmonize mode adds the musical expression of chords to a melody The VP-70 features a Harmonize mode as well as a Pitch Follow mode. Both modes allow the pitch shifters to be controlled in real time by the internal memory (128 patch memory), external MIDI keyboard, or a MIDI sequencer. The optional FC-100 Foot Controller can also be used to instantly switch the patch memory In Harmonize mode, operation of each of the four pitch shifters is determined by the amount of pitch shift designated by the user. The pitch shift can be set within a range of +1 octave. As shown in figure 1, C4 E4, and G4 are played on the keyboard when an F4 sound is input. In this mode however the keyboard functions on the amount of pitch shift in semitones based on C4. As shown in the figure, the designated pitch shift is +0, +3 degrees (third), and +5 degrees (perfect tifth). If a different sound input for these settings, a major chord will be output with the input sound as the root. Although a keyboard is used to illustrate this feature, the situation in the internal memory is identical for other inputs. Various harmonies such as minor and major7fh chords as well as octave effects can be programmed, and the settings can be changed in real-time.

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A more creative Vocoder with the Pitch Follow mode In the Pitch Follow mode, operation of the pitch shifters is designated by the key note of the output sound.(See Fig. 2.) The VP-70 transposes the keyboard intervals to produce a chord based of the input pitch.
As shown in Fig. 1, the keyboard plays C4, E4, and G4, but the output is F4, A4, and C3. Simply put, output is changed to the designated pitches, regardless of the input pitch, as long as it is within the ca. 1 octave pitch shift range. In the case of a vocalist, use of the VP-70 for control of a MIDI keyboard allows for a vocoder effec. Because the acoustic nuances of the vocalist are maintained, the VP-70 offers greater creative expression than a vocoder. For example, as the vocalist sings the melody in a slow tempo, the keyboard plays chords which form the background vocals. In other words, the melody line is transformed into chords. If the keyboard sound is also audible, the vocal section any keyboard chords are in unison, allowing one performer to create a world of rich sound. Horn players can also take advantage of this feature. Detune and Unison functions for rich chorus effects To simplify the explanation of the previous modes, we have only described the setting of the pitch shift in semitones. Actually, much finer detune settifigs are possible for both the Harmonize and Pitch modes. When the amount of pitch is controlled in the internal memory, a detune value can be set for each pitch shifter. When pitch shifters are used to create one sound, the detune function can be set to slightly shift the sound up and down for a rich, heavy chorus effect. Because a change in the detune value alters

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the nuance of the sound, expression of a wide range of sounds is possible. Another feature allows a MIDI keyboard to control the amount of pitch shift. The VP-70 is equipped with a Unison feature which allows even more effective use of detuning.
As shown in Fig. 3, the Unison function and the Detune change width create the automatic performance of a four note unison effect when a single key is pressed, and a two note unison effect when two keys are pressed. When three or more keys are pressed, the VP-70 is programmed to cancel the unison function and to allow the normal pitch shift function to operate. The sound of this chorus effect is more natura because it avoids the frequency modulation of standard chorus effects. It is ideal for vocals and horns because the original sound is not changed in any way, and it is also effective in giving richness to guitar and keyboard sounds. Voice to MIDI function: control a MiDI sound source any signal The revolutionary Voice to MIDI function allows monophonic control of a MIDI instrument by a vocalist's voice or wind instrument. The pitch and level of the sound input to the VP-70 are converted into MIDI messages for note, pitch bend volume, and after-touch. Signals are then sent to the sound source. Of course, this function can be used with the normal pitch shift functions.

If the connection shown in Fig. 4 is made, vocal or horn solo lines can be played as an ensemble, playing the sounds of the MIDI sound source. This offers completely new and unlimited musical applications.

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Tuning Function, Out Mode, etc. - a wide range of functions for complete musical expression The VP-70 offers the following features for expressive musical performance: *A Tuning function (shown in the photo below)
for controlling the pitch between the input signal and the VP-70. *Three output modes for effective use of stereo effects. *Mono Mode for pitch control of the VP-70 by the GM-70 guitar to MIDI converter or MC-500. The Data Transfer function allows patch memory data to be controlled by a MIDI sequencer (or other device). The VP-70 new effects for musicians who are seeking expressive sound possibilities. For vocalists and wind players, the VP-70 opens the door to bold new musical horizons. SAMPLE APPLICATIONS:



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