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Bandai TamagotchiAbout Bandai Tamagotchi
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Tamagotchi Tama Town Figures by Bandai Toy Fair 2010 Preview


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tatsudoshi 7:15pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
its totally wicked and cool!!!!! "Tamagotchi is a tiny pet from cyberspace who needs your love to survive and grow. Tamas Simply Rock! I have had a tama for several months now.

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Ages 8 and up. Asst. #26610
Visit for complete instructions.
CAUTION: Keep batteries away from children. Batteries may be harmful if swallowed. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Batteries not included. NOTE: Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly.


Food Toilet
Connect to your Tama-Go. Play games and shop. Included character unlocks 1 game: Cradles
Changing Batteries. 1. Using a screwdriver, remove the back of the Tamagotchi; place 2xAAA batteries into Tamagotchi. Replace back and insert screw. 2. To set the date and time, press button (B), day and time screen will appear. Set the date, month, hour and minute by using button (A) to select and button (B) to execute. 3. Set your birthday month/date. Your Tamagotchi might celebrate your birthday. 4. Enter your name (up to 8 letters) by using button (A) to select and button (B) to execute. 5. After returning to the main screen, you will nd an egg that will become your Tama character. Product may take up to 5 seconds to reset.


How to Play:
Button (A) Move Left Button (B) Drop Button (C) Move Right


IR communication

Gotchi Figure

Slide Gotchi Character into the Tama-Go.




Button (A) Button (B)
1. Press button (A) and button (B) together to pause/resume.

Button (C)

A - Select

B - Execute

C - Cancel
*Additional Figures are sold separately.


Your Tama Characters information gender, age, weight, generation, hungry, happy, train, friendship, # of your Gotchi character and Gotchi points.
Takes you to Games, Shop, Park, PC, and Dating Place.
1. Press reset button on back. 2. Follow How to wake your Tamagotchi. Product may take up to 5 seconds to reset.

Earn Gotchi Points!

Shoot The Bugs!
Button (A) To change direction Button (B) To shoot

Long Jumper

Button (B) To Keep jumping to the next box
Choose a meal or snack to feed your Tama Character.

Toilet/Flush: Medicine:

You can get a password to login/logout to/from
How to login and logout: 1. Enter the amount of money you want to bring in. 2. Use the login password to login to 3. Enter the logout password to logout from When you cancel after obtaining a login password, you will lose points you were bringing to website.
1. Press button (B) to view current time. 2. Press and hold button (A) and (C) together until date begins to ash. Use button (A) to select and button (B) to choose/set.caution: You can check your birthday but you cannot change your birthday.
When your Tama Character makes a mess, you must clean it up! When your Tama Character is sick, give her/him medicine to make her/him better.

IR Communication: Album:

1. Press button (B) and button (C) together 2. Press button (A) to low and (B) to high
Tama-Go can play games with other Tama-Gos & Tamagotchi Music Star & V5. Your Tamagotchi friends are registered when you connect through IR communication.

You can go to the park and meet other Gotchi Characters.


Choose Time Out or Praise to train your Tama Character. When your Tama Character is bad, send it to Time Out.
You can go buy food for your Tama Character or remodel their room. (Requires Gotchi Points)
Use only new batteries of the required size and recommended type. Do not mix old and new batteries, dierent types of batteries. Please respect the correct polarity, (+) and (-). Do not throw batteries into the re. Replace all batteries of the same type/brand at the same time.
The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited. Remove exhausted batteries from the toy. Batteries should be replaced by adults. Remove batteries when not in use or discharged. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Dispose of batteries properly.


Will be lit when your Tama Character needs your help. Select this to communicate with your Tama Character.

Dating Place

When your Tama Character becomes an adult, you can go to the Dating Place to get married.
Color, style and decoration may vary. Distributed by Bandai America Incorporated, 5551 Katella Avenue, Cypress, California 90630. TM & 2010 Bandai. TAMAGOTCHI, TAMAGOTCHI CONNECTION, TAMATOWN, Tama-Go and all related logos, names and distinctive likenesses are the exclusive property of Bandai. Bandai, WiZ 2004-2010. All Rights Reserved.


Tamagotchi Connection is an interactive virtual pet that will evolve differently depending on how well you take care of it. Play games with it, cure it when it is sick and it will develop into a good companion! Version 3 has some exciting features! 1. Using infra-red technology, your Tamagotchi can connect with others to make friends, play games and exchange gifts! Find a compatible friend and you can raise several generations of Tamagotchis. 2. Using Gotchi points, you can buy special foods and new items for your Tamagotchi. See "How to Take Care of Your Tamagotchi" for details. 3. AND. With a new series of passwords, you can visit Tamagotchi Town! Tamagotchi Town ( is the virtual world where Tamagotchis live and play. There, you can play games, shop for additional items, travel to foreign destinations, visit your parents, and earn gifts to keep in your Tamagotchi Connection!


When your Tamagotchi makes a mess, press button (A) to select the Toilet Icon and use button (B) to clean up.


Asst. #19400
Select the Health Meter Icon with button (A) to check the following information regarding your Tamagotchi: Level of Hunger/Happiness Level of Training Age Weight Name Gender Generation Gotchi Points User Name. LEVEL OF HUNGER/ HAPPINESS The number of hearts you have indicates your pets Hunger and Happiness (the more the better). LEVEL OF TRAINING The number of dots indicates your pets level of training (the higher the better). AGE/WEIGHT/NAME Every day your Tamagotchi lives, it becomes 1 year older. Keep it healthy and dont allow its weight to get too high. GENDER/GENERATION Check the gender of your Tamagotchi (boy or girl) and its current generation. If your Tamagotchi receives an egg on the screen, it will grow to become the next generation of your Tamagotchi. GOTCHI POINTS Check how many Gotchi points youve earned by playing games. Use these Gotchi points to shop. USER NAME Check your user name.
As your Tamagotchi grows through each stage of life, the number of games to play will increase to a total of six games. Press button (A) to select the Games Icon and press button (B) to choose a game to play. GET Catch the falling music notes and avoid the messes. Use buttons (A) and (C) to move left or right. BUMP GAME Bump other Tamagotchis. Press button (B) to select the scaling level of power before meeting your opponent. FLAG GAME Watch for the flags appearing on-screen. Using button (A) or (C), move left to right to follow the flags. Beware of the imitation flag! HEADING GAME Press button (A) or (C) to move your Tamagotchi left or right. Then, press button (B) to bounce the ball. MEMORY GAME Watch the sequence of arrows and then use the buttons to repeat back the pattern. Each round will become more difficult than the last. SPRINT GAME Press any button continuously to help your Tamagotchi race to the finish line.
1- Pull out the tab from the side of the casing and Tamagotchi will appear after a long beep. 2- To reset, press the Reset Button on the back of the casing with a pointed object like a pen. NOTE: Be careful not to apply too much pressure, especially with a sharp object. 3- To set the date and time, press button (B) and the time screen will appear. Set the month, date, hour and minute by using button (A) to scroll and button (B) to choose/set the correct number. NOTE: As some special events occur on specific dates, please set up the date carefully. 4- Set your birthday month/date. Tamagotchi might celebrate your birthday! 5- Choose a 5 letter user name by using button (A) to scroll through the alphabet and button (B) to choose letters. NOTE: After selecting a user name, you cannot change it. 6- After returning to the normal screen, you will discover if your Tamagotchi is a boy (dark) or a girl (light). 7- Choose a 5 letter name for your Tamagotchi by using button (A) to scroll through the alphabet and button (B) to choose letters. NOTE: After naming your Tamagotchi, you cannot change it.


Your Tamagotchi can evolve in different stages depending on how you care for it.


Connection (IR) Health Meter Food Tamagotchi needs something Toilet Games/Activity


Tamagotchi is in a bad mood
Discipline Medicine Lights Friend List
When Tamagotchi needs something, it calls you with a beep and the Attention icon is highlighted. Check what it needs with the Health Meter and play, feed or discipline it.


SECRET CODE ABBAACBA Go to to find more secret codes.
Press button (A) to select the Food Icon. Choose from a variety of meals or snacks. Use Gotchi points to buy additional food items and store up to 15 of your Tamagotchis favorite meals or snacks. But, be careful to feed your Tamagotchi only when its hungry. Overfeeding it might make it become sick or overweight
Press button (A) to select Item and press button (B) to choose an item you want your Tamagotchi to play with. NOTE: Not all characters can play with all items. 1. Press button (A) to select the IR Icon. Choose the version your friend has by pressing button (A) and then (B) to select. 2. Choose Game, Present or Visit. B 3. Stand By will appear on the screen. 4. Position both toys together with the IR sensors at the top facing tops each other. 5. Press button (B) to begin IR communication. GAMES Play 4 randomly chosen games with your friend. PRESENT Wrap and send a gift to your friend! See Friend List for more details. VISIT Spend time with your friend and share secrets. DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS Your relationships improve and develop as you make more connections with your Tamagotchi. After several connections, you and your favorite partner may become good companions. If so, an egg will appear on each screen. Care for your new egg to raise the next generation of Tamagotchi.


You can purchase special items or food with the Gotchi points you earn. From the Games/Activity menu, press button (B) to select Shop. Scroll through the items available and press button (B) to buy an item. Purchase up to 15 foods to keep in your Meals or Snacks lists and a maximum of 30 items in your Item list. TRAVEL Occasionally, the Shop Keeper will offer travel tickets to your favorite destinations. With enough Gotchi points, you can fly to places around the globe. Afterward, visit the Travel Agency @ Tamagotchi Town ( to pick up your souvenir. Did you find a secret code? At the shop counter screen, press button (A). Then, press button (A) quickly three times. When the shop owners face appears surprised, punch in the secret code to reveal a new item. HINT: There are seven secret codes, each revealing something different! Collect all 7 secret codes to earn a special 8th item!

When the Skull Icon or Tooth Icon appears, your Tamagotchi is sick. Use button (A) to select the Health Icon and button (B) to nurse it back to health. Sometimes it may take more than one dose of medicine!


When your Tamagotchi goes to sleep, turn off the lights. Use button (A) to select the Light Icon and button (B) to choose Off.


POINTS Keep track of your Gotchi points here. And, when youre ready to visit the King of Tamagotchi Town, use this menu to make a donation. After viewing your points summary, press button (B). Confirm your donation by selecting YES. Enter several donations of at least 5,000, 12,000 or 30,000 points and press button (B). Choose YES. The King will thank you for a donation and provide you with a password necessary to visit him at Tamagotchi Town (


When to reset? The first time you activate your Tamagotchi. When the image/screen freezes or does not move after several minutes. When you change the battery. After pressing the RESET button, choose either DOWNLOAD or RESET. If you select DOWNLOAD, your Tamagotchi will begin from the last major event (waking up, growing, IR communication). If you select RESET, your Tamagotchi will start over and your memory will be erased (Gotchi points, items, Friends list).


see the Tothe maincurrent time, press button (B) while at screen. (B) to To change the time, press buttonbuttonsview the current time. Press and hold (A) and (C) together until the date begins to flash. Use button (A) to scroll and button (B) to choose/set.


Press and hold buttons (A) and (C) together. Select sound ON or OFF.
Use button (A) to select the Friend List Icon and button (B) to view your list of friends and presents. FRIENDS Use button (B) to select a Friend. Press button (B) again to check your level of friendship. Your friendship level improves with the more connections you make with other Tamagotchi. Friendship levels are shown below:
FAMILY View your Tamagotchi heritage. Press button (B) to select the History Icon to view your previous Tamagotchis. Select the Parent Icon to view your parents and grandparents. Use the password provided to visit them in Tamagotchi Town.


Requires 1 CR-2032 3V battery. Using a small screwdriver, turn the screw counter clockwise to loosen. Remove back as shown, and remove the old battery. Insert the new battery as shown. NOTE: Make sure you use a new battery. NOTE: You will NOT need to change the batteries before using your Tamagotchi for the first time.


To place Tamagotchi in PAUSE mode: hold button press Press andwill appear on(A), thenbelow button (B). PAUSE screen your Tamagotchi character. While in PAUSE mode, the clock will continue to run, but Tamagotchis growth stops until taken out of pause mode. To take Tamagotchi out of PAUSE mode: Press and hold button (A), then press button (B). PAUSE will disappear from the screen and your Tamagotchi will begin to move again.


If your Tamagotchi grows old and hasnt found a partner, a Matchmaker may appear to suggest a partner for you! Finding a life partner is necessary to raise future generations of Tamagotchi. If you are unable to find a suitable partner, your Tamagotchi will continue to grow old until it passes away. Once a partner is found, a new egg representing the next generation will appear. For the first 24 hours, your Tamagotchi will take care of all the needs of the new Tamagotchi unless it becomes sick. Nurse it back to health with a dose or two of medicine. Once the parent leaves, youll be asked to name your new Tamagotchi. Continue to feed and care for it. Develop good relationships with other Tamagotchis to continue raising several generations of Tamagotchi.
Acquaintance> Buddy>


Good friend> Best friend>


Use passwords to visit Tamagotchi Town (www.! Play games, travel around the world, and visit your parents or the Tamagotchi King. Afterward, enter your individual password here to claim an item.
Sometimes your Tamagotchi can be very naughty or may just need a pat on the back! Use button (A) to select the Discipline Icon and button (B) to choose either Time Out (when naughty) or Praise to cheer up your Tamagotchi.


After receiving an item from one of your adventures at Tamagotchi Town, view them here.


When to discipline? When it calls/beeps even when its not hungry. When it refuses food even when it is hungry. Did you discipline your Tamagotchi well? Your Tamagotchi may send an unexpected present to your friend. This could be because your Training level is not high enough. Select Time Out to discipline it.
If you attempt to connect with more than 50 friends, SORRY! LIST FULL will appear. You must delete one of your friends if you wish to add more. Press button (A) to scroll through your friends. Press button (B) to choose a friend to delete. Confirm your selection by choosing YES. PRESENT Before you can send a present to your friend, you must wrap it. Press button (A) to select Present. Use button (A) and (B) to select either Food or an Item. Press button (B) to select an item to send to your friend. Confirm and wrap your selection by choosing YES. You can also unwrap the present by the same command.
CAUTION: Keep batteries away from children. Batteries may be harmful if swallowed.
Input this PASSWORD in Tamagotchi Connection : Corner Shop for the Nintendo DS and discover a surprise!
CAUTION: PLEASE READ BEFORE PLAYING WITH TOY Do not: 1) aim toy at anyone, 2) hit anyone with toy, 3) poke anyone with toy, 4) swing toy at anyone, 5) step on toy. Be careful not to pinch fingers with hinged parts of toy.


Not for Children under 3 years.
Your Tamagotchi will pass away if you dont take good care of it. To start again, press and hold buttons (A) and (C) together until a new egg appears. It will hatch after a few minutes.


CAUTION: Keep batteries away from children. Batteries may be harmful if swallowed. Requires 1 CR-2032 (3V) battery. Battery included. NOTE: Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc)or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly.
Conforms to safety standard ASTM F963-96a. Color, style and decoration may vary. Distributed by Bandai America Incorporated, 5551 Katella Avenue, Cypress, California 90630. TM & 2006 Bandai. TAMAGOTCHI, TAMAGOTCHI CONNECTION and all related logos, names and distinctive likenesses thereof are the exclusive property of Bandai. Bandai, WiZ 2004-2006. All rights reserved.



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