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Clarion DXZ835MPAbout Clarion DXZ835MP
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The Ultimate Multimedia Experience
If you want an impressive high-resolution screen that folds out of the dash as smooth as you please, Clarion is your choice. Be surrounded by theatre-quality, 5.1-ch audio while watching the latest DVDs. Clarion technology provides the best possible listening pleasure. See and feel the excitement.
Multimedia Technical Highlights

Video Performance

High-Resolution LCD Screen
All Clarion LCD screens provide brightness and sharpness beyond the industry standards. High pixel counts with lowreflecting screen coating permits even tiny letters to be easily seen. The wide viewing angle is another Clarion advantage. See the difference for yourself. With VRX935VD and VRX835, you can select your favourite wallpapers and motion patterns for the display panel based on your cars interior, the music being played, fashion of the day or simply according to your mood.
Various Wall Papers and Motion Patterns
Surround Sound Technologies
5.1 Channel Dolby Digital/dts Surround Dolby Pro Logic II
Clarion is one of the first to bring this innovation to the road. While 5.1-ch sound reproduction is totally dependent on software, Dolby Digital and dts provide true surround sound excitement in your vehicle. 3 channels in front (left, right and centre) and 2 in rear (right and left) provide the spaciousness that is incomparable to a 2 channel system. The additional.1, which means a subwoofer, finishes off the complete system. So take the show on the road, let Clarion bring full 5.1 channel performance into your car. this means you simply would need 5.1-ch encoded (Dolby Digital or dts) discs, which are not likely to be available from most music sources (CD, MP3 and FM Radio), since they are in stereo (i.e. 2 channel). Dolby Pro Logic II can create a 5.1-ch sound effect from any stereo source. Dolby Pro Logic II also has a phantom mode that let you create a phantom centre speaker so that you can enjoy a pseudo 5.1-ch sound field from the four standard speakers in your car.

Design and Interface

Fully Motorised Screen
VRX935VD, VRX835 and TB731P series feature a large 7inch monitor with a fully motorised mechanism that opens and closes at a touch of a button. Once the monitor panel is opened, you can move it either forward or backward to one of three positions adapting to the shape of your cars dashboard. The tilt angle can also be adjusted to one of five positions for maximum visibility, minimise reflections and glare. The monitor will remem-


CeNET Technology
CeNET is an advanced network system for your vehicle. This system allows you to connect and control all CeNET capable products including DVD Changer, CD Changer, and even TV Tuner. Thanks to CeNET, all DVD/CD titles, TV tuner stations, can be displayed on main units and be controlled. This technology offers a true Plug & Play capability. You can add CeNET components anytime with ease of installation. CeNET also utilises Balanced Line signal transfer, often seen to in professional audio studio equipment; make a No Noise transfer of music signal possible.
ber the setting when used next time.

3 Zone Entertainment

Let you divide your in-car entertainment into 3 discrete zones, so the people up front can be listening to the radio while those on the back seat watch a movie on DVD. A perfect solution for long drives; no more are we there yet?
Source Commander A/V Switcher and Wireless Headphones to get the entertainment precisely delivered to the passenger who wants it.

Touch Panel Operation

In VRX935VD and VRX835, you can enjoy touch screen

Loop-Back Capability

The VRX935VD, VRX835 and DXZ835MP have a Loop-Back function that let you run the audio signal out of the source unit into the DVH920 surround processor. The signal can be fed back into the source unit to be amplified by its high-quality, high-powered 4 x 53 W (VRX835 : 4 x 48 W) channel internal amplifier and sent to the speakers. By connecting a centre channel output to our new centre speaker SRK5 or SRK602 and powered subwoofer SRV202 or SRV303, you can make full 5.1-ch system without any external amplifier.
Sub Display for Closed Position

Partial DCP

The control button section can be detached with a release button for your protection against theft. On the VRX935VD, the screen
control of all major functions such as radio, DVD/CD Changer, TV and even 5.1-ch surround sound setting (only available in VRX935VD). The settings can be adjusted by simply touching the unique Honeycomb Shaped Touch Buttons on the screen! Its so easy.who said high tech has to be difficult.

Additional Video Input & Output
Get more than entertainment from your Clarion video system. With extra video inputs, you can add a DVD player, VCR or Rear View Camera. Clarion offers a comprehensive line of multimedia components, Rear View Camera, Overhead Monitors and Headrest Monitors. Clarion also offers a
Multimedia main units have LCD panels on top of the screen housing, showing song information when the screen is retracted, keeping you in control of your music.
automatically closes when you detach the face panel and opens again when the faceplate is placed back on.
The Cutting-Edge Technologies to Please Your Ears
Clarion main units are designed to achieve only one thingto let you hear your music the way you want to hear it. From 24-bit D/A converters to MP3 and WMA playback capabilities, these units pack the power and features to do the job. Turn up the bass. Blast the treble. Clarion products will exceed your expectations.
Main Unit Technical Highlights
selected, rear channel RCA line level outputs become dedicated subwoofer outputs, directly controlled by the Front Panel Subwoofer Control lever.
Front Panel Subwoofer Control
Main units (DXZ835MP/ DXZ735MP/DXZ535/DXZ435) have a dedicated Subwoofer Level Control lever on the front panel. This allows instant subwoofer adjustment and more control over your system. Included with the Subwoofer Control is a built-in low pass crossover with selectable frequencies at 50Hz, 80Hz or 120Hz. When the crossover is
Retractable Rotary Volume Control
Much more ergonomic and intuitive than buttons, this control lets you adjust the volume with analogue type flexibility. It helps you keep your eyes on the road while keeping your ears entertained.

Sound Quality

24-bit D/A Converter
24-bit D/A converter delivers a sonic experience that is beyond CD quality. 16-bit audio signal from CD is re-quantified for an expanded dynamic range and clearer reproduction of subtle nuances that add richness and spaciousness to the sound.

Dual Action Design

You wont lose control while you load and eject discs. Thats because the front panel doesnt simply flip down out of the way, it comes out and slides down in a smooth, motorised motion, so you can continue to access its control buttons.

Z-Enhancer Plus

Provides ease of operation for correction of low and high frequencies with TWO PARAMETRIC settings. In addition, three preset EQ settings are available.

Multi colour Display

Our main units (DXZ835MP, DXZ735MP, DXZ535, DMZ637MP) have adjustable multiple colour displays, which can be customised according to your liking. Not only the display colours, but also the illumination of control buttons change to match the display! You can select from 728 colour steps (DXZ835MP, DMZ637MP) or 80 colour. On DXZ835MP you can even changes the LCD background to positive or negative.
AC-Processor II in the DXZ935
Dolby Pro Logic II Let you enjoy 5.1-ch surround sound with 2 channel sources including DVD, CD and FM. Pseudo 5.1-ch surround using 4 speakers is also available. Time Alignment Control Let you easily adjust the time delay among the speakers to best suit your vehicle type. Simply choose from available options, such as sedan, minivan, etc. VSE (Virtual Space Enhancer) Let you digitally correct irregular reflection, polarisation and other acoustic problems that may accompany your cars interior. Parametric EQ Let you adjust the equalisation of each frequency band independently for front and rear speakers.


Three types of sound quality patterns are pre-programmed for easy selection. Select from bass only, treble only or both.

Magna Bass EX

Boost the bass range at low volume. Magna Bass EX reduces the bass boost effect automatically at higher volumes. The volume dependent control lets you enjoy the bass effect without on/off function.

Brilliantly Modern

The DMZ637MP is an exciting new face on the automotive scene. Featuring a sleek edged illuminated acrylic front panel that exudes a sense of cool urban styling, with a 728 variable colour display, it adds a brilliant new dimension to your dash. Looks, as crystalline as its sound. Expressive, both in terms of visual presence and audio performance. And offering the multi-media versatility that will keep you entertained throughout every track of your journey.

Message Information

Clarion main units, you can display your own customised messages up to 30-characters. Messages are displayed when the unit is turned on or off.

Beat EQ

Audio Features

WMA / MP3 Decoder

WMA (Windows Media Audio) encoding has a higher compres-

MP3 Decoder

The MP3 decoder enables direct playback of CD-R/RW containing MP3 files so you can enjoy continuous playback of up to about 12 hours on a single disc.

CD-R/CD-RW Playback

Clarion CD Players with this feature mark let you play a variety of CDs. You can burn music on CDR or CD-RW and listen to them on Clarion main units with high fidelity sound to please your ears.
passengers. The front zone is the main units regular front and rear channel, while the rear zone is a dedicated RCA line level output for use with wireless headphones. For instance, front zone can be either the built-in AM/FM Tuner, CD player or while the rear zone can


be the audio from any device connected to the CeNET, such as DVD changer, CD changer, TV tuner or AUX input. By pressing a front panel button, the zones can be reversed in an instant.
Let you optimise the sound characteristics of your music to suit your vehicles interior with three parametric settings for low, mid and high frequency ranges. This technology provides a level of control not possible with conventional Bass and Treble controls.
sion rate than that of comparable MP3 compression, permitting more music to be recorded on a CD-R or CDRW without a loss of fidelity. Clarions MP3/WMA Players support ID3/WMA Tags and display Album Title, Track Title, and Artist Name. Furthermore, DXZ835MP and DXZ735MP can playback the Play List that you set up in your PC. (Support file extension:.m3u,.asx)

High-Power Output

With powerful amplification at the main unit, you can enjoy a high-powered audio experience even without external amplifiers.

Main Unit Dual Zone

You can select separate audio zones for front and rear seat





Spare 6-CD Magazine For CDC655Tz, CDC635

Spare DCP

Spare 6-CD Magazine For CDC1235, CDC1255z


Spare 6-CD Magazine For DCZ625, DC625, DCZ625V, VCZ625


3 Colour CD Magazines For CDC1235, CDC1255z



RCA Transfer Cable

Steering Remote Control For VRX935VD, VRX835, VRX610P, DXZ835MP, DXZ735MP, DXZ535, DX435, DMZ637MP, ADZ625, ADX6655z, ADX5655z, AXZ610.


Remote Control For DB335


Mini 8-pin (DIN) to RCA Transfer Cable


ZCP -100 ZCA-404
4-Way Diversity Antenna Whip and Window Type 4-Way Diversity Antenna


Window-Type 2-Way Diversity Antenna Cable length: 4 m


Antenna Booster



CCA-520 DCA-001,002

Optical Cable to Connect HX-D1 and DCZ625 DCA 001: 5 m / DCA 002: 1.5 m CeNET Extension Cable: 2.5 m


CeNET Branch Cable: 1 m


CeNET Extension Cable: 0.6 m


Alternator Noise Filter Cuts alternator-induced engine noise. For max. 10 A alternators.


Alternator Noise Filter Cuts alternator-induced engine noise. For max. 30 A alternators.


Power-Driven Parts Noise Filter Eliminates noise caused by electric motors such as wipers, washer or heater.


Electric Switching Noise Filter Eliminates electric switching noise produced by electric fuel injection systems or when turn indicators or stop lights operate.


Ignition Noise Reduction Filter Eliminates buzzing or crackling produced by the car ignition.



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