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Sony CDX-GT310About Sony CDX-GT310
Here you can find all about Sony CDX-GT310 like wiring and other informations. For example: faceplate, installation, manual.

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main(int,char*) 6:23pm on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 
I would recommend the mex bt2500 to anyone, never had problems with it and its very easy to use. In my opinion I think this is a great deck an...
Radgie 6:24pm on Saturday, September 4th, 2010 
Did not get all of the parts Jack of all trades master of none did not send the connecting plug. They say I can use the one in the car.. good product (recommended) i just instal it on my car today....the sound is kicking better than the original toyota manufacture that i have...
healthyworldmarket 6:07am on Friday, September 3rd, 2010 
Sony MEX 2500 bluetooth. Easy to fit,everythings in the box, excellent sound and that great Bluetooth handsfree,works a treat.
youmoney0 8:56am on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
I would recommend the mex bt2500 to anyone, n... Good product, very affordable.  High quality sound and easy to use None. None. None
iceman84 1:33pm on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 
Bluetooth music streaming and hands free make this stereo. No need to burn discs, just stream from your mobile phone! Easy to install was able to fit this myself had to buy a connecter lead at £12.00 but was worth the hassle.
vijaysule 3:05pm on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
Had this for a year now. Love it. Bluetooth works perfectly through K850i for calls and playing music. Mic picks up sound perfectly. This cd deck is great! Good price for good equipment. Included remote is great. This is definately a must have. Great wattage is sure to please.
bjohnson 6:40pm on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 
first class product at a very good price so far none ! all good,cheapest around and great system none
Gerynar 4:48pm on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
Great sound for a car radio Husband bought me this for my birthday (typical gadget man!) the sound is so much better than my old radio. Car stereo Sony - MEX-BT2500 - in-car head unit - Bluetooth I have recently bought and fitted this product after a recommendation from a ... Car stereo Sony - MEX-BT2500 - in-car head unit - Bluetooth I have recently bought and fitted this product after a recommendation from a friend and h...
emsian 7:34pm on Monday, April 12th, 2010 
Just two days ago, I went through the hassle of dealing with Best Buy service, only to find myself listening to a horrible sounding head-unit.
maltodextrin99 10:39am on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 
The streaming bluetooth audio is the main reason I bought this unit. Great for the money and i recomend buying it. Great sound, blutooth is excelent and the mic works great. Easy to install.

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CDX-GT310 Sony CD Receiver Product Information


Front panel Aux In 18FM/12AM presets Detachable faceplate CD/CD-R/CD-RW/WMA/MP3 playback Best Tuning memory iPod control and SAT radio ready EQ3 stage 2 Gun-metallic finish CD text Wireless remote control included Repeat , Shuffle play Specifications:
Power requirement 12 volt DC Dimensions: 7.25W x 2.125H x 6.375D Weight 2 lbs. 10 oz. Maximum output power 52W x 4 @ 4 ohms RMS 23.2W x 4 @ 4 ohms, 5% THD 45 degree install Drive-S with 120dB S/N ratio 8fs, 1-Bit D/A converter

Parts & Accessories


Manual Harness

Part Number
2-698-302-21 1-776-207-82
This model replaces the CDXGT200 for model year 2007


Sony CDX-GT310 Wiring Harness



Wire Color


What I Think It Is

+12V (Battery) Not Used Not Used Not Used


Grey / Black Purple / Black Green / Black White / Black Black Red Blue Blue / White Grey Purple Green White
Right Front / Right Rear / Left Rear / Left Front / Ground +12V (Ignition) Power Antenna Amplifier In Right Front / + Right Rear / + Left Rear / + Left Front / Not connected Not Connected Spliced to vehicle's ground wire

GMDA Wiring Harness

Green Green / Black Purple Purple / Black White / Black White Grey / Black Grey Black
Left Rear / + Left Rear / Right Rear / + Right Rear / Left Front / Left Front / + Right Front / Right Front / + Ground Not Used

Orange Blue Red Yellow

Dimmer Power Antenna Turn On +12V (Ignition) +12V (Battery)
Not Connected (no equivalent on HU) Not Connected (no power antenna on vehicle)
On the vehicle's mating adaptor, the top left section does have a number of wires. I've got no clue what these might be or whether they might be the cause of my problems. See below.
Vehicle's In-Dash Wiring Harness
Black Blue Brown Brown Blue Tan Green Green Black Brown Grey Orange Dark Green Orange Dark Green Dark Green
Left Rear / + Left Rear / Right Rear / + Right Rear / Left Front / Left Front / + Right Front / Right Front / + Ground ?????? Dimmer Power Antenna Turn On +12V (Ignition) +12V (Battery) ?????? ?????? Not Used
Blue Black / White Purple

?????? ?????? ??????

Top Row In Diagram Above
Bottom Row In Diagram Above



DMC-TZ4 Observer TT MWG 731 SCX-5315F PEG-SJ33 L52610 L1960TR-BF SG-HM42 1LE031SX 300W401 GR-DF450us-gr-df450 20-4124 PMD222 TL-R402M Faceplate Jaguar VCT-SP1BP DV824 Of Link GR-D200 BTD142 ECM-HST1 WD-14570RD Suunto T3 45PRO Bassman 100 - 1977 T1100 MFP CL-29Z50 CBR 2 FE-280 1400 HKS CQ-DP151W Micro STR-DE505 LRH-780 RSX-1550 1200MP WTC1296F IA5854 Minolta 7235 UE40B7020WW Hcb-30 016 E DR6050 BGW 150 Bissell 7901 PV800 HT300 E 240v FS 1550 Lafinion 72 MS5500 32LG60UD System 125 Like GT-S8500 FSM-50S S5100 SRC3036 Sony W220 WI 142 Chronograph LE32A437t2D HR7740 Manual Booklet 3G Tl92420 28PW6005 DSC-H10 B Epica Ferrari E71-1 HTR-5250 Vista-10SE HR2898 Universal System-2004 XL500 ZR800 Lego 4496 SC-6780 P4G800-V Makita 4329 WZR-HP-g300NH Spectra 2 Installation Nokia 2630 RL38sbsw SR-S584DP HFC21 Function LT4218C MHC-NX1 Empires DSC-T300 CM-32P Reader SS13E Renault R19 MX700 HT-7100DH 22LG3100


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