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Microtek Scanmaker V310About Microtek Scanmaker V310
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monicolt 4:10am on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
Scanner is great, support is just awful The Microtek 4800 scanner is a great buy, as long as it installs perfectly the first time. I have Windows XP,...
braulio_ 8:50pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
I have been slowly switching over to digital photography over the last several years and about a year ago. 5:44am on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
scans are very good from pictures, quick to make e-mails you have to print out instructions or try and fail to learn cheap stopped working
sand_ee 4:17pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
NEVER EVER BUY A MICROTEK PRODUCT, CRAP!!!!  NONE NONE NONE POOR QUALITY, SUPPROT Priced well, Good scan quality, easy to use Horrible drivers make it difficult to use and poor reliability Not what I expected  rather good working with Slow starting with XP when detecting in starting up
yann 9:50pm on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Works great for me in Windows 2000 and xp Wish there is a power button on this model

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Scanning basics:

Place original on glass Face down Top toward you Place originals in document feeder up to 50 pages *** DO NOT AUTO FEED PHOTOS *** Face up Top toward rear wall
One Touch Controls: located on front of scanner
cancel a scan setup options

perform scan

copy a color photograph

scan text for editing

NOTE: previous users settings are retained. Your MUST use setup button to customize your scan.
Select the C/S button to set options for scanning Choose Scan or OCR tab Make selections desired Click OK Press the or button to initiate scan
NOTE: scanned files are saved to a my images folder unless you specify a different location. There is an alias on the desktop to navigate to that folder. If scanning more than one document / image and want all scans retained in one file, check the box at the bottom: Save multiple images as a single file.
Automatic Document Feeder: DO NOT place photos in ADF.
Place originals in feeder, face up, top toward rear wall Select the C/S button to set options for scanning Make desired selections Press the or button to initiate scan
Standard Control Panel: Use ScanWizard 5
Open the ScanWizard 5 application (from the Start menu or from Programs) Use the tool buttons on the right side of the dialogue box to select options
Original: Select the type of original you will be scanning
Scan Type: Select the type of scan true color, web color, grey, black & white
Purpose: Select how image will be utilized for resolution purposes
Scale Output: Select size desired
Adjust: adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.
Scan to: locate folder where you want to store your images.
NOTE: scanned files are saved to a my images folder unless you specify a different location. There is an alias on the desktop to navigate to that folder.
Click Save and scanning will begin
Advanced Control Panel: Use ScanWizard 5
Select the Advanced Control button: top right of dialogue box button farthest left (the blue box with red arrow and green bottom corner) You will receive a notice that ScanWizard is ready to switch select OK
You will then have the more advanced features available to you much like the scanners in the Graphics Room in B8.
Scanning a text document for editing using OCR (optical character reader) software:
Place original on glass or stack pages in automatic document feeder Choose OCR tab Make selections desired Click OK Press the button to initiate scan
Open the My Images shortcut on the desktop to retrieve your files from the OCR folder
Open ScanWizard 5 software Select ORIGINAL button Choose Text Document Select PURPOSE button Choose OCR Click and HOLD the SCAN TO button Select OCR Provide File Name / Location Select type of output file, i.e., rtf If scanning more than one document / image and want all scans retained in one file, check the box at the bottom: Save multiple images as a single file. Select Save Scanning will begin


November 2005

Microtek ScanMaker 3880 / 3880 Photo
Entry Level Scanner with Three One-Touch Buttons
The ScanMaker 3880 from Microtek is the prefect entry level model for all who need scanning at home, in the office or for school. Three convenient buttons make scanning a simple onetouch process. Select Scan, Copy or E-mail and the scanner will do the rest. With the optional transparency adapter LightLid 35 the ScanMaker 3880 is the ideal device for digitizing transparencies or mounted slides. In the version ScanMaker 3880 Photo the LightLid 35 is included. The extensive software package contains the scanning software ScanWizard5 and besides others the OCR software ABBY Fine Reader Sprint and the imaging software Ulead PhotoExplorer and Ulead PhotoExpress. The scanner features 1200 x 2400dpi resolution and a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface.

ScanMaker 3880

LightLid 35
Specification 48 bit colour depth 1200 dpi resolution 216 x 297 mm scanarea Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface Optional transparency adapter LightLid 35 Version ScanMaker 3880 Photo: LightLid 35 included Three One-touch buttons Software package: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microtek ScanWizard 5, ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint, Ulead Photo Explorer, Ulead PhotoExpress, Kodak Digital Science Color Management
Umax Systems GmbH Formerweg 9 D-47877 Willich Tel. +49-2154-9187-325 Fax +49-2154-9187-399 Email:

About Umax

Umax Systems GmbH, located in Willich, Germany, was found in 1993 as European headquarters and is the logistical and marketing center for the European market with a network of over 40 distributors and subsidiaries in France, UK, Czech, Poland and Russia. Umax Systems GmbH achieved a turnover of over 35 Millionen Euro in 2004 and has 56 employees in Europe. The main focus lies on consumer electronic products for home entertainment, like 5.1 surround sound speakers, DVD player, DVD recorder, portable DVD player, LCD TV and DVB-T receiver under Yamada brand. At CeBIT 2005 also the second brand name "Chili" was introduced. For B2B and office use Umax and Avision set up a joint venture for exclusive European distribution of Avision document scanners, digital copiers and multi function scanners. Since February 2004 Umax is also exclusively distributing Microtek scanners in Europe. From beginner up to professional scanners Umax coordinates and executes logistics, sales, marketing and services. In October 2005 Umax won Artec as new cooperation partner. Using its strong and vast distribution net, the logistic and marketing capacities, Umax distributes exclusively Artec products in Europe.
Contact UMAX Systems GmbH European Headquater Formerweg 9 D-47877 Willich Tel. +49-2154-9187-0 Fax +49-2154-9187-399 Produktmanager Britta Brocke Tel.: +49-02154-9187-325



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