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BeneditoCarneiro 6:23am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
Very good at cutting tough, tangled grass Does get quite heavy after a while, but this is only a problem for females

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Power Trim 500 XT

Original Instructions
AT I O N FORM IN TA N T ce M P O R fore use I e referen Read b n for future & retai
For all customer enquiries or for replacement parts, contact:

Carton Contents

Switch Handle

Steady Handle

Instruction Manual
Electric Cable with moulded on plug SafetyGuard
Trimmer Head Plant and Tree Guard
IMPORTANT ! Please check the contents of the carton are correct BEFORE assembling your new Flymo product. IF ANY PARTS ARE MISSING CONTACT:Husqvarna UK Ltd. Customer Service Department direct Telephone : Fax : 01325 302530


If not used properly this trimmer can be dangerous! This trimmer can cause serious injury to the operator and others, the warnings and safety instructions must be followed to ensure reasonable safety and efficiency in using this trimmer. The operator is responsible for following the warning and safety instructions in this manual and on the trimmer. Explanation of Symbols on the product Warning The use of eye protection is recommended to protect against objects thrown by the cutting parts. Do not operate in the rain or leave the product outdoors while it is raining. Switch off! Remove plug from mains before adjusting, cleaning or if cable is entangled or damaged. Warning: The cutting line continues to rotate after the machine has been switched off. 1. The British Standards Institute recommend the use of a Residual Current Device (R.C.D.) with a tripping current of not more than 30mA. Even with a R.C.D. installed 100% safety cannot be guaranteed and safe working practice must be followed at all times. Check your R.C.D. every time you use it. 2. Before use, examine cable for damage. If there are signs of damage or ageing, it must be replaced by the manufacturers service agent or a similar qualified person to avoid hazard. 3. Do not use the trimmer if the electric cables are damaged or worn. 4. Immediately disconnect from the mains electricity supply if the cable is cut, or the insulation is damaged. Do not touch the electric cable until the electrical supply has been disconnected. Do not repair a cut or damaged cable. Replace it with a new one. 5. Your extension cable must be uncoiled, coiled cables can overheat and reduce the efficiency of your trimmer. 6. Keep the cable clear of the cutting area and obstacles at all times.
Read the user instructions carefully to make sure you understand all the controls and what they do.
Keep bystanders away. Do not operate whilst people especially children or pets are in the area.
General 1. This product is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the product by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product. Local regulations may restrict the age of the operator. 2. Only use the trimmer in the manner and for the functions described in these instructions. 3. Never operate the trimmer when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine. 4. The operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property. Electrical AVOID ACCIDENTAL STARTING. REMOVE PLUG FROM MAINS AND KEEP FEET AWAY FROM THE SWITCH LEVER WHEN:- CLEANING AROUND THE INSIDE OF THE SAFETY GUARD, REMOVING OR REFITTING SPOOL CAP , MANUALL FEEDING OR REPLACING NYLON LINE. Y

7. Do not pull cable around sharp objects. 8. Always switch off at the mains before disconnecting any plug, cable connector or extension cable. 9. Never pull on the cable to disconnect any of the plugs. 10.Switch off, remove plug from mains and examine electric supply cable for damage or ageing before winding cable for storage. Do not repair a damaged cable, replace it with a new one. Use only Flymo replacement cable. 11. Always wind cable carefully, avoiding kinking. 12.Never carry the product by the cable. 13.Use only on AC mains supply voltage shown on the product rating label. 14.Our products are double insulated to EN60335. Under no circumstance should an earth be connected to any part of the trimmer. Preparation 1. While using your product always wear substantial footwear and long trousers. 2. Before using the machine and after any impact, check for signs of wear or damage and repair as necessary. 3. Inspect the area to be cut before each use. Remove all objects such as stones, broken glass, nails, wire, string etc, which can be thrown or become entangled in the trimmer head. 4. Before use, inspect the area for wildlife, especially hedgehogs. 5. Check that the cutting head is fitted correctly. Use 1. Use the trimmer only in daylight or good artificial light. 2. Avoid operating your trimmer in wet grass, where feasible. 3. Take care in wet grass, you may lose your footing. 4. On slopes, be extra careful of your footing and wear non-slip footwear. 5. Do not walk backwards when trimming, you could trip. Walk never run. 6. Keep cutting head below waist level. 7. Switch off before pushing the trimmer over surfaces other than grass. 8. Never operate the trimmer with damaged guards or without guards in place. 9. Never fit metal cutting elements. 10.Keep hands and feet away from the cutting means at all times and especially when switching on the motor. 11. Never pick up or carry a trimmer by the cable. 12.Do not lean over the trimmer guard - objects may be thrown by the cutting line. 13.Beware of cut-off pieces of nylon line ejected during use. 14.Remove the plug from the mains : - before leaving the trimmer unattended for any period; - before clearing a blockage; - before checking, cleaning or working on the appliance; - if you hit an object. Do not use your trimmer until you are sure that the entire trimmer is in a safe operating condition; - if the trimmer starts to vibrate abnormally. Check immediately. Excessive vibration can cause injury. Maintenance and storage 1. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the trimmer is in safe working condition. 2. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. 3. Only use the replacement cutting line specified for this product. 4. Only use replacement parts and accessories recommended by Husqvarna UK Ltd. 5. After any maintenance in dealing with the cutting line, always return the product to its normal operating position before switching on. 6. Clean unit with a dry cloth. Never use metal objects to clean the unit. 7. Inspect and maintain the trimmer regularly. Any repairs must be carried out by an authorised repairer. 8. Store in a cool dry place and out of reach of children. Do not store outdoors.


IMPORTANT Use only 1.00mm2 size cable up to 40 metres length maximum. Maximum rating: 1.00mm2 size cable, 10 amps 250 volts AC. YOUR PRODUCT IS SUPPLIED WITH AN ELECTRIC MAINS CABLE WIRED DIRECTL INTO THE PRODUCT Y. 1.Flymo Mains Cables and Extension Cables are available from your local Approved Service Centre. 2.Do not wire an extension cable directly to your product yourself. Please contact your local Approved Service Centre for further information on the connectors and kits available. 3.Only use extension cables specifically designed for outdoor use. CONNECTORS Flymo connectors are suitable for use with 2 core cable only. Under no circumstances should these connectors be used for earthed products. All Flymo connectors and cables are of splashproof construction. They are not waterproof and must not be left outside permanently nor should they be submerged or immersed in water. Do not let cable lay or trail through pools of water or splashed with water from hose pipes. MAINS PLUG REPLACEMENT If the plug supplied is cut off it should be destroyed. There is an electric shock hazard if a cut off plug is inserted into a 13 amp socket. 1.No earth required. Flymo products are double insulated to EN60335 and under no circumstances should an earth be connected to any part of the product. 2.Ensure the mains voltage suits your product. 3.IMPORTANT! The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: BLUE NEUTRAL BROWN LIVE The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected to the T erminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured BLACK. The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected to the T erminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured RED. 4.It is important that the outer sheath is clamped correctly into the 3-pin plug. 5.If in doubt consult your local Service Repairer or qualified electrician before the machine is used. 6.A 5 Amp fuse must be fitted to the Mains Plug. 7.The normal plug fuse and household fuse only protect the electrical equipment and are not a safeguard against electrocution. If your product is hard wired i.e. non-detachable mains electric cable, a conversion kit and extension cable is available from all Approved Service Centres which can be found in your local Yellow Pages.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly of Switch Handle to Tube (A1) Ensure that the internal cable is not twisted. 1. Insert the tube into the switch handle. 2. Push until it clicks into position. ENSURE THAT THE TUBE IS FULLY LOCATED BY ATTEMPTING TO REMOVE IT. Assembly of Trimmer Head to Tube (A2) Ensure that the internal cable is not twisted. 1. Insert the tube into the trimmer head. 2. Push until it clicks into position. ENSURE THAT THE TUBE IS FULLY LOCATED BY ATTEMPTING TO REMOVE IT.
Assembly Instructions cont
Safety Guard Assembly (B1) & (B2) 1. Locate the safety guard over the cutting head. Ensure the nylon line is fed through the hole in the safety guard as illustrated in fig B1. 2. Push into location and turn safety guard in the direction illustrated in Fig B2, until a click is heard and the safety guard is securely locked in position. ENSURE THE SAFETY GUARD IS SECURELY IN PLACE BY ATTEMPTING TO TWIST GUARD. Steady Handle Assembly (C) 1. Depress the two buttons on the sides of the switch handle. 2. Locate the steady handle over the buttons and release the buttons. 3. Adjust the steady handle to the most comfortable operating position by depressing the buttons and moving the handle.

Height Adjustment (D) 1. Turn height adjuster (D1) in the direction indicated to un-lock (D2). 2. Adjust the length of the tube to the most comfortable operating position. 3. Turn height adjuster in the opposite direction to lock (D3). ENSURE THAT THE TUBE IS FULLY SECURED. Cable Restraint (E1) & (E2) (optional) 1. Form loop in mains cable and push the loop through the slot as illustrated in picture (E1). 2. To secure, position loop over the hook and pull the cable back through the slot as illustrated in picture (E2).

Double Auto Feed System

line cutter
How the automatic line feed works (F) 1. When initially switching on the trimmer, a small length of line is fed out. 2. A clattering noise will be heard when the two nylon lines hit the line cutter. DO NOT BE ALARMED this is quite normal. After approximately 5 seconds the line will be cut to the correct length and the noise will reduce as the motor reaches full speed. Make sure the motor is up to full speed before trimming or edging. 3. If the noise of the nylon line being cut cannot be heard, more line will need to be fed out. 4. To feed more line, it is first necessary to to allow the motor to stop completely, then re-start, allowing the motor to reach full speed. 5. Repeat step 4. until you hear the lines hitting against the cutter. (Do not repeat this procedure more than 6 times) 6. If problems are experienced with the automatic line feed refer to Fault Finding Chart.

How to use

WARNING The use of eye protection is recommended. Do not lean over the trimmer whilst trimming or edging, objects may be thrown by the cutting line. Do not allow cutting head to rest on the ground. Do not overload your trimmer. Overloading can be avoided by making sure the motor speed does not drop unduly. DISCONNECT FROM THE MAINS ELECTRICITY SUPPLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY MAINTENANCE OR ADJUSTMENT. BEFORE USE Make sure that both lines are fed out. Make sure motor is up to full speed before trimming or edging. How to trim 1. Hold as illustrated in Fig G. 2. To start, squeeze the switch lever. 3. Cut with nylon line at an angle using the tip. See Fig H1. 4. Swing trimmer in and out of the cutting area taking small cuts (H2) 5. Line is fed out automatically every time the trimmer head stops rotating and returns to operating speed. Extra line can be fed out manually as described in Manual line feed 6. To stop your trimmer release the switch lever.

Using the Plant & Tree Guard The Plant and Tree Guard (K1) allows the trimming of grass close to plants and trees without damaging them with the cutting line. 1. Flip the guard down as illustrated in Fig J1. 2. Use the trimmer around trees (J2) and near plants.


How to edge 1. To convert to edging mode, press button (K1) and twist head (K2). An audible "click" will confirm that the head is locked. Ensure the Plant and Tree Guard is flipped upwards (K3) 2. Ensure the product is in the correct position for edging as illustrated in Fig L 3. Hold as illustrated in Fig H. 4. To start, squeeze the switch lever. 5. Rest edger on wheel for extra stability and line up the edge of the lawn with the two indicators on the guard (M1). Edge in direction indicated in Fig M. 6. To stop your trimmer release the switch lever. 7. To return to trimming mode, press button and twist head back the opposite way. An audible "click" will confirm that the head is locked.
Using the Shrubbing position 1. By pressing the lever (N1) with your foot, the handle can be lowered into three different positions to enable the use of the product under shrubs and low obstacles (P).
To manually feed the nylon line (Q) 1. If required line can be fed out manually. 2. To operate, press and release manual line feed button, whilst gently pulling on one of the lines until the line reaches the line cutter. 3. When the required amount of line is fed out, gently pull on the second line (there is no need to press the manual line feed button again). 4. If the line extends past the line cutter, too much line has been fed out. 5. If too much line is fed out, remove the spool cap and click spool anti-clockwise until the line is at the desired length. Always return the product to its normal operating position before switching on.

Manual line feed Q

manual line feed button

Cutting Head

To remove spool cap 1. Press and hold in the two cap release latches. (R). 2. Pull cap away from the spoolholder. (R). When refitting the spool cap 1. Keep all areas of the cap and spoolholder clean. Failure to do so may prevent the cap being securely located in the spoolholder. 2. Replace the cap, pressing firmly DOWN towards the spoolholder to ensure cap is fully located. 3. Check that the cap is correctly fitted by trying to remove it without depressing the two latches. To replace nylon line. For your convenience it is recommended you buy spool and line complete. Nylon line only is also available. Both are available from Husqvarna UK Ltd. stockists. To fit spool and line complete: 1. Remove the cap. 2. Remove old spool. 3. Place spool into spoolholder. 4. Release one line from cleat (T1). 5. Secure line into slot (S1). 6. Repeat for second line. Ensure spool is fully located by gently rotating it during fitment, whilst keeping the spoolholder steady. 7. Refit the cap. To fit nylon line only: Remember ! Your Flymo Trimmer is designed to use only nylon line with a maximum diameter of 1.5mm. Use only genuine Flymo nylon line. 1. IMPORTANT - Always wind the line onto the upper section of the spool first. Take approximately 5 metres of line. Insert 15mm of line into one of the holes in the upper section of the spool (T) and wind line in the direction of the arrows on the top of the spool. Leave approximately 100mm of line unwound and place into cleat as illustrated in figure T1. Repeat on lower section of spool. 2. Care should be taken to ensure that the line is neatly coiled on the spool. Failure to do so will impair the efficiency of the automatic line feed. 3. Then fit spool as described in To fit spool and line complete, section above.

Cap release latch

Spoolholder Slot
Always return the product to its normal operating position before switching on.

Maintenance V

WARNING Disconnect from the mains electricity supply, before attempting any maintenance or adjustment. Cutting head continues to rotate after the trimmer has been switched off. Keep fingers and hands clear of the line cutter on leading edge of guard.
Caring for your product After you have finished using your product follow the procedure below: AVOID ACCIDENTAL STARTING. REMOVE PLUG FROM MAINS AND KEEP FEET AWAY FROM THE SWITCH LEVER WHEN: CLEANING AROUND THE INSIDE OF THE SAFETY GUARD, REMOVING OR REFITTING SPOOL CAP, MANUALLY FEEDING OR REPLACING NYLON LINE. 1. Disconnect from the mains electricity supply. 2. Never clean your trimmer with water, cleaning fluids, or solvents, just remove debris with a suitable tool, a soft brush or dry cloth. 3. Using a soft brush, clean around the inside of the safety guard, the cutting head (V) and the motor housing air vents. (W 4. Inspect the trimmer carefully, especially the parts of the cutting head. 5. If your trimmer is damaged in any way contact your local approved service centre. Never use a damaged trimmer. 6. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Cable Storage 1. Your mains cable can be stored on the product as illustrated in Fig X1. 2. Wind cable carefully to avoid kinking. 3. To release the cable press the button and the hook will drop down (X2). 4. Push cable hook fully back into position.

Fault Finding Chart

WARNING Disconnect from the mains electricity supply before attempting any maintenance or adjustment.


Is the automatic line feed working? Is the line fed out and visible? Has line been removed from cleat?


No No No No Yes Yes ? Yes
Manually feed out line. SEE MANUAL LINE FEED Remove cap and spool, free line and re-fit spool and cap. SEE CUTTING HEAD The line may be jammed on the spool. Rewind line to remove crossed loops. Check that line is in correct section of spool. Allow the motor to reach full speed before use. SEE MANUAL LINE FEED Contact your local approved Service Centre or Husqvarna UK Ltd. Customer Service. Only use tip of nylon line to trim. SEE How to trim and edge Rewind the line on the spool, if symptoms still persist, change spool and line.

Is the manual line feed working?
Has the motor reached full speed before use? Has too much line been fed out? Is the line cutter missing from the safety guard? Are you using the trimmer correctly? Is the line jamming on the spool?


Contact Husqvarna UK Ltd. Customer Service Telephone : 01325 300303
Guarantee & Guarantee Policy
If any part is found to be defective due to faulty manufacture within the guarantee period, Husqvarna UK Ltd., through its Authorised Service Repairers will effect the repair or replacement to the customer free of charge providing: (a) The fault is reported directly to the Authorised Repairer. (b) Proof of purchase is provided. (c) The fault is not caused by misuse, neglect or faulty adjustment by the user. (d) The failure has not occurred through fair wear and tear. (e) The machine has not been serviced or repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by Husqvarna UK Ltd. (f) The machine has not been used for hire. (g) The machine is owned by the original purchaser. (h) The machine has not been used commercially. * This guarantee is additional to, and in no way diminishes the customers statutory rights. Failures due to the following are not covered, therefore it is important that you read the instructions contained in this Operator's Manual and understand how to operate and maintain your machine: Failures not covered by guarantee * Replacing Nylon Line. * Failures as a result of not reporting an initial fault. * Failures as a result of sudden impact. * Failures as a result of not using the product in accordance with the instructions and recommendations contained in this Operator's Manual. * Machines used for hire are not covered by this guarantee. * The following items listed are considered as wearing parts and their life is dependent on regular maintenance and are, therefore not normally subject to a valid warranty claim: Nylon Line, Spool and Line, Electric Mains Cable * Caution! Husqvarna UK Ltd. does not accept liability under the warranty for defects caused in whole or part, directly or indirectly by the fitting of replacement parts or additional parts that are not either manufactured or approved by Husqvarna UK Ltd., or by the machine having been modified in any way.
Environmental Information
Awareness of the environment must be considered when disposing of end-of-life product. If necessary, contact your local authority for disposal information. The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local council office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

EC Declaration of Conformity
Husqvarna UK Ltd., Aycliffe Industrial Park Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 6UP, England Declare under our sole responsibility that the product(s); Category..Electric Lawn Trimmer Type(s)..PTXT25 Identification of Series.See Product Rating Label Year of Construction..See Product Rating Label Conforms to the essential requirements & provisions of the following EC Directives: 98/37/EC (until 31.12.09), 2006/42/EC (from 01.01.10), 2004/108/EC, 2000/14/EC based on the following EU harmonized standards applied: EN60335-1, EN60335-2-91, EN786, EN50366, EN55014-1, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 The maximum A weighted sound pressure level LpA at the operators position, recorded on a sample of the above product(s) corresponds to the Level given in the table. The maximum hand / arm vibration weighted value measured according to EN ISO 5349 on a sample of the above product(s) corresponds to the Value given in the table. 2000/14/EC: The Measured Sound Power LWA & Guaranteed Sound Power LWA values are according to the tabulated figures. Conformity Assessment Procedure.. Annex VI Notified Body.. Intertek, Cleeve Road Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7SB, England Newton Aycliffe 26/11/2008 M.Bowden Research & Development Director Husqvarna UK Ltd.
Type Width of Cut (cm) Speed of Rotation of Cutting Device (rpm) Power (W) Measured Sound Power LWA (dB(A)) Guaranteed Sound Power LWA (dB(A)) Level (dB(A)) Value (m/s2) Weight (Kg)

PTXT10,77 1.74 3.6

Our policy of continuous improvement means that the specification of products may be altered from time to time without prior notice. Husqvarna UK Ltd. Aycliffe Industrial Park NEWTON AYCLIFFE Co.Durham DL5 6UP ENGLAND Telephone - (00) 302302 Fax - (00) 310339



A EC Declaration of Conformity The undersigned, authorised by E.C.O.P.I., declares that the following product: Pw500/Pw700, manufactured by E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, is in accordance with the European Directives 98/37/CEE (Machinery Directive), 73/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive), 93/68/CEE (CE Marking Directive) & 89/336/CEE (Directive on electromagnetic compatibility). Directive 2000/14/CEE (Annex VI). B Dclaration de conformit Europenne Le soussign, dment mandat par E.C.O.P.I., dclare que le produit suivant: Pw500/Pw700, fabriqu par E.C.O.P.I. Via Como 72 Valmadrera, Lecco, Italia, est conforme aux Directives Europennes 98/37/CEE (Directive Scurit Machine), 73/23/EEC (Directive Basse Tension), 93/68/CEE (Directive Marquage CE) & 89/336/CEE (Directive EMC). Directive 2000/14/CEE (Annexe VI). C CE Konformittserklrung Der Unterzeichnete, bevollmchtigt durch E.C.O.P.I., erklrt, da folgendes Gert: Pw500/Pw700, hergestellt durch E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, den Europischen Richtlinien 98/37/CEE (Maschinenrichtlinie), 73/23/EEC (Niederspannungsdirektive), 93/68/CEE (CE Kennzeichnungsrichtlinie) & 89/336/CEE (EMV Richtlinie) entspricht. Richtlinie 2000/14/CEE (Anhang VI). D Dichiarazione di Conformit CE Il sottoscritto, autorizzato dalla E.C.O.P.I., dichiara che il seguente prodotto: Pw500/Pw700, costruito dalla E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italia, conforme alle Direttive Europee: 98/37/CEE (Direttiva Macchine), 73/23/EEC (Direttiva Bassa Tensione), 93/68/CEE (Direttiva Marcatura CEE) & 89/336/CEE (Direttiva Compatibilit Elettromagnetica). Direttiva 2000/14/CEE (Allegato VI). E Declaracion de cumplimiento de la directriz de la UE El abajo firmante, autorizado por E.C.O.P.I., afirma que el siguiente producto: Pw500/Pw700, fabricado por E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, cumple con las directivas Europeas 98/37/CEE (Directiva sobre Maquinaria), 73/23/EEC (Directiva sobre Bajo Voltaje), 93/68/CEE (Directiva sobre Marcas de la CE) & 89/336/CEE (Directiva sobre Compatibilidad Electro Magnetica). Directiva 2000/14/CEE (Anexo VI). F EG Conformiteitsverklaring Ondergetekende, gemachtigd door E.C.O.P.I., verklaart dat het volgende produkt: Pw500/Pw700, geproduceerd door E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy voldoet aan de Europese Richtlijnen 98/37/CEE (Machinerie Richtlijn), 73/23/EEC (Matala jnnite-direktiivi), 93/68/CEE (EG Markering Richtlijn) & 89/336/CEE (Richtlijn aangaande elektromagnetische compatibiliteit). Richtlijn 2000/14/CEE (Annex VI). L EG-frskran om verensstmmelse Undertecknad, auktoriserad av E.C.O.P.I., frskrar att fljande produkt: Pw500/Pw700, tillverkade av E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, r i verensstmmelse med fljande europeiska direktiv 98/37/CEE (Maskindirektiv), 73/23/EEC (Lgspnningsdirektiv), 93/68/CEE (CE-mrknings-direktiv) & 89/336/CEE (Elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet). Direktiv 2000/14/CEE (Annex VI). : EU Overensstemmelse-erklring Undertegnede, bemyndiget af E.C.O.P.I., erklrer herved, at flgende produkt: Pw500/Pw700, E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, er i overensstemmelse med de eurpiske direktiver 98/37/CEE (Maskineri direktiv), 73/23/EEC (Direktiv for lavspnding), 93/68/CEE (CE mrkningsdirektiv) & 89/336/CEE (EMC-direktiv). Direktiv 2000/14/CEE (Annex VI). / EU Julistus Vastaavuudesta Allekirjoittanut, E.C.O.P.I. in valtuttaamana, vakuuttaa ett seuraava tuote: Pw500/Pw700, ja jotka on valmistanut E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, on Euroopan direktiivien 98/37/CEE (Koneisto-direktiivi), 73/23/EEC (Matala jnnite-direktiivi), 93/68/CEE (CE Merkint-direktiivi) & 89/336/CEE (Elektromagneettinen Yhteensopivuus-direktiivi) mukainen. Direktiivi 2000/14/CEE (Liite VI). ; EF Erklring om Overensstemmelse Undertegnede , autorisert av E.C.O.P.I., erklrer at flgende produkt: Pw500/Pw700, produsert av E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, er i overensstemmelse med flgende europeiske direktiver: 98/37/CEE (Maskindirektiv), 73/23/EEC (Direktiv for lavspenning), 93/68/CEE (CE-merkingsdirektiv) & 89/336/CEE (Direktiv om elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet). Direktiv 2000/14/CEE (Annex VI). G Declarao de Conformidade CE O abaixo assinado, autorizado por E.C.O.P.I., declara que o seguinte produto: Pw500/Pw700, fabricada por E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, esto de acordo com as Directivas Europeias 98/37/CEE Directiva de Maquinaria), 73/23/EEC (Directiva sobre Baixas Tenses), 93/68/CEE (Directiva de Marcao CE) e 89/336/CEE (Directiva de Compatibilidade Electromagntica). Directiva 2000/14/CEE (Apndice VI). @ E EE O , e E.C.O.P.I., : Pw500/Pw700, E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy, E E , 73/23/CEE O T ( ), 98/37/CEE ( M E ), 93/68/CEE ( CE E ) & 89/336/CEE ( H E ). Kv v 2000/14/CEE (VI). EC nyilatkozat Alulrott, a E.C.O.P.I. ltal meghatalmazott ezennel kijelenti, hogy a kvetkez termkek: Pw500/Pw700, amelyet a E.C.O.P.I. 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy gyrt, megfelelnek a 98/37/CEE eurpai irnyelvnek (gpi berendezsek irnyelv), a 73/23/ EEC, a 93/68/CEE eurpai irnyelvnek (CE-irnyelv) s a 89/336/CEE (az elektromgneses kompatibilitsra vonatkoz irnyelv). Direktva 2000/14/CEE (Mellklet VI). } Deklaracja zgodnoci z przepisami Unii Europejskiej Producent E.C.O.P.I. deklaruje, e nastpujde produkty: Wykaszarki spalinowe Pw500/Pw700 s zgodne z europejskimi normani 98/37/CCE (Zalecenie odnonie Maszyn Unii Europejskiej) 93/68/CEE (Zalecenie odnonie markowania) & 89/336/CCE (Zalecenie odnonie elektromagnetycznej kompatybilnoci), 73/23/CEE (Low Voltage Directive) (Zalecenie odnonie niskiego napicia). Dyrektywa 2000/14/CEE (Aneks VI).


g Operators Manual f Manuel dinstructions C Bedienungsanleitung h Gebruiksaanwijzing i Manuale distruzioni e Manual de Propietario p Manual de Instrues s garhandbok q Brugsanvisning { Eierens Hndbok v Omistajanksikirja k OHIE XPHE Hasznlati tmutat

Fig. 2-1

} Instrukcja obsugi

Przeczytaj uwanie

Fig. 2-2
Valmadrera, 01.10.01 Pino Todero (Direttore Tecnico), E.C.O.P.I., 23868 Valmadrera (LC), Via Como 72, Italy

Fig. 2-3 Fig. 2-4

From the Electrolux Group. The worlds No. 1 choice.
The Electrolux Group is the worlds largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. USD 14 billion in more than 150 countries around the world.

REV 11-01

PN 248722

Fig. 4-2 Fig. 4-3

230-240 V ~AC, 50Hz, class II, double insulation No load speed PW(min-1) No load speed PW(min-1) Guaranteed sound power level LWA 96 (dBA) Measured sound power level LWA 95 (dBA) Recorded sound pressure level 87 (dBA) Vibration levels 3,49 (m/s2)


230-240 V-vxelstrm, 50 Hz, klass II, dubbel isolering Tomgngsvarv PW(min-1) Tomgngsvarv PW(min-1) Garanterad ljudeffektsniv LWA 96 (dBA) Uppmtt ljudeffektsniv LWA 95 (dBA) Ljudniv 87 (dBA) Vibrationsniver 3,49 (m/s2)


BELGIQUE/BELGI Flymo Belgique/Belgi Tel.: 0311, Fax: 0391 ESK REPUBLIKA Electrolux, spol. s.r.o, oz Electrolux Outdoor Products, Dobronick 635, Praha 4 Tel. 02/6111 240-9, Info-linka: 000/Internet: E-mail: DANMARK Electrolux Outdoor Products, Flymo/Partner A/S, Lundtoftegrdsvej 93A, DK 2800 Kgs.Lyngby Tel.: 45 877577, DEUTSCHLAND Flymo Deutschland Tel.: 7640, Fax: 764202 ESTONIA Electrolux Estonia Ltd (Electrolux Eesti AS) Tel.: (372) 6650010 FRANCE Flymo France SNC Tel.: 67 141, Fax: FINLAND SUOMI Flymo Finland Suomi Tel.: 00 39611, Fax: 612632 ITALIA Mc Culloch Italiana s.r.l. - Via Como 72, 23868 Valmadrera (LECCO) - ITALIA Tel.: 800 017829, Fax: IRELAND Flymo Ireland Tel.: 01 4565222, Fax: MAGYARORSZG Electrolux Lehel Kft Tel.: NORGE Flymo/Partner, div. av. Electrolux Motor a.s. Tel.: NEDERLAND Flymo Nederland Tel.: 0172-468322, Fax: 0172-468219 STERREICH HUSQVARNA zentralwerksttte; Industriezeile 36, 4020 LINZ, Tel.: 0732 770101-60, Fax: POLSKA Electrolux Poland Sp. z.o.o. Husqvarna, 01-612 Warszawa Myslowicka 10/2 Tel.:- (22) 8332949 SLOVENIJA SHANTEH d.o.o. Tel.:- (061) 68, Fax:- (061) 68 SLOVENSKA Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Borova Sihot 211, Lipt. Hradok Tel.: 14 19, Fax: 14 18, SCHWEIZ/SUISSE/SUIZZERA Flymo schweiz/Suisse/Suizzera Tel.: / 25, Fax: / 35 SVERIGE Electrolux Outdoor Products, Sverige Tel.: 036 - 00, Fax: 036 - 70 UNITED KINGDOM Electrolux Outdoor Products United Kingdom Tel.: 01325 300303, Fax: 01325 310339


A) B) C) 1) 2) Introduction General Safety Instructions Electrical Safety Product Description Safety Markings Assembly 3) 4) 5) 6) Product Adjustment Usage Routine Maintenance Unwanted Products


Thank you for purchasing a E.C.O.P.I. product. With proper operation and maintenance it will provide you with years of service. WARNING: - before using this machine every operator should familiarise themselves with the entire contents of this manual, paying particular attention to the safety instructions.
1) Familiarise yourself with all the controls on the trimmer before attempting to operate it. 2) Always switch the machine off and remove plug from mains before changing the cutter head, adjusting, cleaning or if the cable is entangled or damaged, or when leaving the product unattended. 3) Remember the head continues to rotate for a short period after it is switched off.


4) Always check the power supply cable for signs of damage or wear before connection. Do not use if damaged or worn. 5) If damage occurs during usage, do not touch the cable, but immediately switch the machine off and disconnect the plug from the mains socket. 6) Always keep the cutting head away from the supply cable during operation. 7) Never carry the trimmer by the power cable. 8) Never jerk the cable to separate the connector. 9) Keep the supply cable away from heat sources, oils and sharp edges.


10) Wear close fitting and protective clothing including long trousers. We recommend rubber gloves and rubber footwear for outdoor use. 11) Always wear safety glasses with a good fit or a face shield. 12) Never work barefoot or wearing open sandals.
13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) Use the trimmer only as described in this manual. Check the machine and cable for signs of damage regularly. Never use the machine if the guard is damaged or without the guard fitted in place. Do not switch the machine on when it is upside down. Only switch the machine on when your hands and feet are well away from the head. Ensure you maintain a firm footing at all times. Check the area to be worked in is clear of any debris such as small stones, sticks, etc. These may be projected by the revolving nylon line causing injury to yourself or others or damaging property. Do not use your trimmer in the rain or allow it (or the cable) to get wet. Only use the trimmer in good daylight conditions. Do not use the trimmer when tired or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Do not use the trimmer near other people, especially children or pets. If anyone approaches you, stop the trimmer. Never allow children to operate this trimmer. Store the trimmer out of reach of children. Never use wire or metal re-enforced line. Work in a line across slopes and take care when turning. Unplug and check the machine carefully in case of sudden change in vibration or noise pattern. 1

20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27)


1) Current The trimmer is suitable for AC supply only. 2) Voltage Ensure the rating marked on your machine is correct for your supply. 3) Plugs We recommend the use of PVC or rubber covered plugs and connectors. 4) Power Point The machine must be connected to a power point and not a light socket. 5) Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCB) For increased safety, we strongly recommend that the electrical power to the machine be supplied through a high sensitivity RCB. RCBs are designed to give additional personal protection against harmful electric shock should a fault occur. RCB devices to fit into household sockets can be obtained from good electrical stores. 6) Extension Cables (for models without wired-in cable) The electrical supply on your machine is fitted with a male connector to facilitate the use of an extension cable system. Ensure you use an extension cable fitted with the appropriate splashproof female connector and intended for outdoor usage. If in any doubt contact your dealer. This machine is double insulated and therefore needs only a 2-core cable. You can fit up to 40 metres of 1.0 mm2 (2-core) circular cables without affecting product performance. The male connector already attached to the supply cable inside your machine is designed to be non-rewirable. Please return to your dealer if any maintenance is needed to this.
We strongly recommend the use of a splashproof extension cable intended for outdoor use fitted with both a moulded plug and moulded connector. If an appliance or extension cord is fitted with a non-rewirable plug which does not fit standard socket outlets in the home, it should be cut off and an appropriate three pin plug fitted in accordance with the instructions below. WARNING: Never wire an extension cable with anything other than the correct female connector and a 13A BS1363A approved plug with a 13 amp fuse. Never wire a male connector to your extension cable and never wire an extension cable with a plug of any kind at both ends of the cable. This is very dangerous and results in the pins being live which may cause a fatal electric shock.


If you are competent to do this, proceed as follows. If in doubt, contact a qualified electrician. Cut off the plug and Fit a BS or ASTA approved plug Earth E dispose of it safely. A plug with bared wires is Fit a extremely hazardous, Connect blue recommended fuse. to N/Neutral potentially lethal, if engaged Connect in a live socket outlet. Brown Extension cables contain to L/Live 230 Volts only two wires which are coloured for easy Never use a light socket Make sure that the outer recognition and these colours or a letter sheath protrudes through will be marked at the connection points the clamp and is held firmly of most good quality plugs. Attach the Brown wire (Live) to the connection in the plug marked L/Live. Attach the Blue wire (Neutral) to the connection in the plug marked N/Neutral. WARNING: Do not make any connection to the earth terminal of the plug marked E or #. If the cable or plug is damaged you must unplug from the mains before checking. If a fuse cover is required, ensure it is fitted.


Each of the two wires leading into the female connector should be connected to either side of the terminal block. It does not matter which way round they are positioned. Before refitting the top cover of the mains plug, or outer casing of the female connector, make sure that the cable clamp is holding the outer sheath of the cable firmly. Wiring an extension cable directly into the machine should only be carried out by an Authorised Service Dealer. Should the cable on your machine become damaged or need replacing, please return your machine to your dealer. 2
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Supply cord retainer Rear handle Assist handle lock buttons Air vents Debris shield Cutting line head Edging guide / line protector Motor housing 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Adjustable shaft Shaft locking button Assist handle On/Off trigger Mains cable


The following symbols on your trimmer are intended to remind you of some of the most important safety precautions: 1. WARNING. This product is potentially dangerous. Take great care at all times to avoid injury. 2. Read the operators manual. 3. Disconnect the mains plug if the cord is damaged. 4. Wear eye protection at all times. 5. Approved ear defender. 6. Do not work near bystanders. 7. Do not use in rain or damp conditions. 8. LWA indicates the noise power level. Wear ear plugs or mufflers if necessary. 9. indicates that the product conforms to the relevant European Directives as required by law.


Fig. 2-1 1. Position the motor housing with string head carrier facing up. 2. Slide debris shield over motor housing as shown. Fig. 2-2 3. Align edging guide with mating grooves and push firmly in the direction shown until an audible snap is heard. NOTE: Be certain that edging guide is oriented as shown. Once edging guide, motor housing and debris shield are mated the connection is permanent and cannot be removed without a special tool.


Turn off the machine and disconnect the plug from power supply. Wait until nylonline has come to a complete stop. Pict. 2-3 Press both press-buttons 1 and lift off the cover 2. Pict. 2-4 Replace the empty spool 3 by inserting each line end through the eyelets as shown. Secure the spool with a slight turn to ensure correct position in the base plate. Then replace the cover ensuring both press-buttons lock in. NOTE: The complete spool and line must be replaced and line must be replaced and is available as an accessory.


Fig. 3-1 - Adjustment Assist Handle 1. Using thumb and forefinger push in both spring loaded lock buttons at the base of the assist handle in order to release the ratchet adjustment mechanism. 2. Adjust handle as necessary and release automatic lock buttons. Fig. 3-2 - Adjust Shaft Length 1. Grip shaft firmly. 2. Push red shaft release button forward and move handle forward or backward to desired length. NOTE: Shaft may be adjusted in trimming or edging mode. Fig. 3-3 - Edging Conversion 1. Grip shaft firmly. 2. Push red button forward and rotate handle assembly until an audible click is heard. 3


Fig. 4-1 - Cord Retainer WARNING: Hook the extension cord around the cord retainer to help prevent disconnection or cable connection stress during usage. Always hold the product off the ground when starting. Fig. 4-2 - Mower Trimming For normal trimming, swing the head from side to side without tilting the string head. Keep the string head at same level for an even finish. Fig. 4-3 - Close Trimming Tilt the stringhead to the left for close trimming. Using the left side of the stringhead will also tend to eject the grass or debris away from the operator. Fig. 4-4 - Scalping The further the stringhead is tilted, the closer the cut. Take extra care for flying debris when doing this. Fig. 4-5 - Edging The head can be twisted to the vertical position to edge around lawns, flower beds or pathways for a neater finish. Hold the machine to your left to ensure debris is projected away from you. WARNING: Only cut with the tip of the line. This is the most effective way to cut. Take special care not to allow line to curl around mesh fencing or to rub hard against abrasive surfaces such as walls. This will cause excessive line wear or line breakage. Fig. 4-6 - Do not use the trimmer to sweep debris. Fig. 4-7 - Do not attempt to feed line bumping the head on the ground.


After usage, disconnect from the mains supply and clean dirt and debris from the cutter line area. This will prolong motor life by maintaining adequate airflow to cool the motor and ensures the line head continues to snap on and off smoothly. Inspect the cutter line head for parts that may be chipped, cracked or damaged as these could fly away and cause serious injury. Replace damaged parts immediately. Use only genuine replacement parts. Any other maintenance work should be carried out by an authorised Service Agent only. Check the product and cable regularly for visible signs of damage or wear. Check that all fasteners and moving parts are secure. Consult an Authorised Service Dealer if in doubt.


If your trimmer will not start, check that all cables are connected and that the mains power is on. If it still does not work, check the fuse. If you have tried the above and your trimmer still does not work, take it to your nearest Authorised Service Dealer.
Should you find one day that your product needs replacement, or is of no further use to you, think of the protection of the environment. Service Centres will accept your old products and will dispose of them in an environmentally safe way.



Manual JX-8P NP-R20 T1235 FC8734 L52600 CIM302000TX 8 5 NS-1000M LM720 II Pulsar 590 S7330 Pqg21 DVD-HR775A NW-E503 Pantech DUO HP4500 BXR1220 C652DS Md 3722 KD-G310 DSC-W230 C9100 VCT-50AV Galaxy H2534Y3 DMR-EX75-ex85 TH-42PZ8ESA Blender SP-320 FYB562N S3370 Officejet 6000 XL500 VGN-S270 42PB120S4 Axorn 65 SCX-3200 LN-S4051D Z5 FD PSR-36 GA-5AX 1120C Satellite 1110 RMV201 FJ1093CV 32LH70 Essential AM-F70 TO PCB BT1098 Freestanding TL-WN350G RX-D26 IDF-0560 KX-P1080 Dimension E510 Mojito 125 Device Sansui 771 Monitor BSY600 Samsung F310 FK-502 Gr-dvl300 272 C T-R670 TV HD TH-42PV80PA WX-C800MD -TI-84 Plus MR814V3 BD7-raid CT-W620R Turbo FW-C355 Navigator 2004 Daytona MP26 39X60 T-405TX Manager KX-TG2214 ICF-2001D R 1100 AD519XP1 KDC-M6024 KA270K Optio S4I AR-205 C-70zoom VTH6920F KDC-5027 Travelmate-2450 Yamaha M-60 MHC-BX6AV B2330 Savi GO WS6673 Adaper 6650 Fold


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